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suggest why it happend

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  • Posted By: sasitolety
  • May 30, 2007
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Request for medical opinion on the services rendered by these doctors.
Patient’s name: K. Mounika DOB: 26.02.1994 at 5.05PM

I would like to bring to your kind notice that my daughter baby K. Mounika Age 12 years died on 02.07.2006 at 05.20 AM, with her case early days on wards we find lack of doctor’s neglect and mislead was noticed . we want a clear opinion on her case as we face lots of doubts. There will be more like my daughter’s in our country who has suffered with cancer at an early stage with some chemotherapy medications and survives with out knowledge of any cardiac problems and informations. It’s a known case very well for Mr. B.N. Umamaheshwar Rao. Who treated for every general illness, since birth, and her children’s specialist Dr. R. Veeraiah MD(PAED)DGHPALS, from birth onwards till she became 2 years she was very well and active. The problem started at 1st week of April 1996 when her mother noticed a small swelling on lower1/3rd right lower limb (leg)and shown to the local doctor and was asked to see X-ray for right leg he unable to trace the truth, he felt it is a just fracture no need any medication give rest to her. Even though after 3 weeks the swelling does not disappeared she has taken her to the children’s specialist with X-ray and he found some abnormal growth and asked to seek the orthopedic surgeon for biopsy test. The orthopedic surgeon Dr. J. Satyaprasad MS(Surgery) performed minor Biopsy operation on 01.05.1996 at santhoshi poly clinic and sent biopsy tests to testing labs. There they found 1) malignant round cell tumor, ? Ewing’s , ? Neuroblastoma at med win hospital for second opinion they said with opinion ‘PAS +ve granules’ in the cytoplasm, features are suggestive of round cell sarcoma of myogenic nature & Ewing’s tumor. So Dr. Satyaprasad asked us to go to cancer hospital, we approach to NIMS for further evaluation and treatment and after their evaluation they found that Rhabdomyosarcoma Gr-III and started their treatment with Vincristin1MG, Doxorubbin -10mG, Endoxan -500mg or Adriamycin-15mg i.e. VAC/VAC-D cycle on 28.5.96 and ended their treatment on 16.01.97 for total of 9 cycle s VAC/VAC-D stable for one year but LDH count’s raising drastically, since August-97 bone scan +ve,Jan-98 & Feb-98 MRI +ve recurrent RMS, No decision was taken until on 12.06.1998 they said that we are on opinion that amputation of her right leg below the knee and insisted for written consent . we were unable to get forced to go for second opinion consult a pediatric oncologist at Apollo Hospital who worked previously at NIMS and was conversant with the case, and joined at Apollo Hospital on 29.06.1998 . Received VIE and continued Nine cycles of VIE and radiotherapy for 25 days and on 25.01.1999 Radionuclide ventriculography report shows LVEF-54% and on 05.08.1999 CT scan whole abdomen shows in left lumbar & Iliac region may be due to un opacified Bowel loops however remote possibility of serosals or omental deposits cannot be ruled out and some possible nods For which our cousin who is working in cancus USA In radiation oncology (Dr. Shankar P.Giri MD) 15 years of experience , we sent her case of even in NIMS er obtained basic knowledge about cancer and know he felt that due to Adrinomycin we can completely save her life with 5 days continue chemotherapy through central line this Adrinomycin continued up to December -1999 after her death we came to know that a medicine “ “ is used to administed before one hour to prevent any damage or possibility of cardio myopathy. We followed every regular intervals check –ups for the last 5 years (i.e. 2000 to 2005/06) and every six months /year only stomach problem persist and ultrasound and chest X-ray performed to know the evaluation and some regular medicine advised to control it for the movement. No Gastroenterology opinion or cardiac check up done to find the heart pumping or ejection factor. In April -06 she become puberty, from here we noticed that she lost her apitate and become thin with pain in abdomen we constantly consulted the family doctor (B.N. Umamaheshwar rao) entire may and june-06 until she went for second option to AIG on 21st june-2006. at first He started with general pain killers and some antibiotic with her and she visited for repeated complaints. He opted for ultrasound on parents repeated request, and the report says that fluid in the pelvis region certified by Dr. T. Satyanarayana. Our doctor B.N. Umamaheshwar Rao started with anti tuberculosis tablets says that she was suffering with T.B. in the pelvis and continued with days of medicines with severe reactions of vomiting and loss of appetite on request by us he stopped the anti tuberculosis, and referred for some blood tests, ultrasound & chest X-ray by Hema diagnostic centre run by Dr. he conformed on ultrasound that intestinal T.B. and fluid in pelvis and X- ray with clean report( But the chest X-ray clearly conforms that both the lungs are filled with fluid). Then Dr K. Umamaheshwar rao admitted her in his own clinic and treated her with antibiotics for jaundice upon the conformation of blood tests for three days and continued for 2 and half weeks for repeated blood tests and lastly upon parents request he gave a second thought for opinion on gastric trouble and asked us to contact with Asian Institute of Gastrology already a valuable time of more than one month wasted by Dr. B.N.Umamaheshwar rao.

When we came to Asian Institute of Gastrology they conducted some tests and their results shows high levels of count in L.F.T., 2D-Echo and ultra sound shows that heart enlargement with severe disfunction of left lung and irreversible damage to the liver, kidney and high traces of jaundice with ejection of blood to all parts of the body is much lower of 15% on 2D-Echo report by Dr. Prasad Reddy cardiac physician asked the parents to join in MICU at AIG immediately assured that with in 3 days after they can contact any cardiac centre for further treatment or else meet him after 10 days, even though the AIG is lack of cardiac doctor round the clock observation it is not suitable for a severe disfunction of lung and cardiac myopathy. He come only on evening at 6-8pm on request or demand or even emergency cases. Where little bit cardiac care done but not controlled Jaundice and other liver infections There the patient K. Mounika was treated for 1 week (22nd June to 28th June evening 4.00pm ) a break up of period 22nd June hospitalized and up to 25th June night 10.00 she was in MICU on 26th she is well and on 27th she developed facial fit and undergone CT of Brain and next day 28th CT contrast with injection , with this she got motions and developed astocites, unconscious showing with pain , fever on that night the night duty doctors simply enjoy the cry and shouting of the patient behavior and upon request they gave fever injection and on29th June they planed for discharge then Gastroenterology specialist came and asked her to shift into the MICU with no improvement in her condition as per their discharge sheet the parents asked for immediate discharge and willing to shift to any cardiac centre.

When the patient (K.mounika) brought to Kamineni Hospital (wockhard cardiac Heart Institute ) she was suffering with a high fiver, cardiac myopathy, severe disfunction of L.V and Lung, failure of Liver jaundice and several blockage/ swelling in right brain. Her fever came down on Friday morning again she continued with fits and with multiple organ failure. The doctors were hopeless on her condition and try each and every effort to save her life on 31st evening 5.00PM doctors decided to give her one antibiotic but her condition cannot able to show any improvement she last her last breath in the hospital bed on 2nd July 2006 at 5.20 a.m.

Even she was well in her health and her activities during her last 1 and ½ month, she was torched by these doctors with their treatment lots of pain physically and mentally.

Now we want to know the reasons of death as per over knowledge.
The doctor K. Umamaheshwar rao on profession an excellent surgeon and was running his own clinic besides his govt. job and giving some antibiotics without proper diagnosis on test basis and mainly responsible for severe damage to liver and not treating for jaundice in time.
The specialty hospital which is known for Gastroenterology and G.I/GU cannot control the loss of liver and jaundice , simply they wasted uncountable and valuable precious time to save the little heart complaint patient in time, though she was there in there hospital for 7 days. During the period she developed neurological problems of brain, blockage of blood supply which shows seriousness of heart function and immediate steps and close monitoring of cardiac doctor round the clock, irresponsible behavior and not giving correct information to parents.
Is there any law which prevent these type of surgeons not to do general practice for chronic/infectious other than their own profession of surgery. Such hospitals cannot entertain other severe chronic cases in near future.
How may cancer doctors are giving clear information of chemotherapy reactions and necessary tests they need to take.
The following medications given by these doctors how many really helpful in improving her condition and any adverse and damage to her condition.

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