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something should be done

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  • March 28, 2011
  • 09:20 PM

A few months ago my 1 in a half year old baby girl was having symptoms of weezing and a fever. When I would listen closely it sounded like it was coming from her throat. My husband and I were definately worried so we rushed her to the Jennie Stuart Medical Center ER. They did ex-rays and were worried about her lungs cause of the weezing, gave her albuteral treatments and sent her home with the diagnosis of Active Airway Disease. All throughout the night as a mother i still just had a bad feeling that something else was wrong. My baby girl had no changes except when I gave her baby motrin. The next day she was gasping for air and the albuteral we were giving her made it worse. I finally got her in to her regular doctor. As soon as the doctor come in he listened to her breathing. He said the same thing i said prior to the ER visit, that it was coming from her throat. He decided to do a strep culture on her. It come back positive. My baby girls throat was almost swollen shut. He also said the albuteral was making it worse and that it was a good thing i got her in when i did cause she definately needed antibiotics. Active Airway
Disease and strep are two totally different things. I don't understand why the ER never checked her throat. As a mother I use to have trust in doctors but now im not so sure. My daughter could have died if I would have just said well the ER has to be right. It scares me that the doctors at Jennie Stuart Medical Center arn't doing their jobs. I think everyone out their needs to know don't always trust a first opinion from a doctor. My baby girl was too little to tell me where it hurt. The doctors at Jennie Suart Medical Center should have checked my daughter throat like i asked. Im not a doctor but Im a mother and I thank God my motherly instincts kicked in.

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  • I am happy that your baby is doing better. What you say about some doctors is so true, and I am sure that a great number of people from this site will agree with you. Because of the negligent practices of the ER and the fact that your baby could have died, it sounds to me that this could be grounds for a lawsuit.
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  • That sounds slack to me not checking out her throat. As a mother myself, I say always pay attention to your motherly instincts. Sure you arent a doctor but mothers often are more aware of their own children then any doctor could be. (Doctors are often too in a rush to get to the next patient). My own daughter almost died (had to be resusitated with CPR as she stopped breathing) due to a haemorrage in her nose which blocked her airways when she was 6 weeks old. She had to stay in hospital for a week due to the stopping breathing (doctors after a week said she'd been resusitated from cot death) ... unbelievably the doctors never looked up her nose (said it was too small to look up and that a nose just couldnt bleed like we said without any trauma to it) and didnt believe us of how much she'd bleed out of it. She'd sprayed our whole car with blood but the doctors wouldnt come down to the car and look at that either. (Instead they called the police as they thought it was a case of child abuse). This was our main states childrens hospital (Now the Adelaide Womans and Childrens Hospital, Sth Australia) 17 years later (after several major nose bleeds during childhood.. once was brought home when found laying on side of road in pool of blood near fainted) they suddenly realised she had exposed arteries/blood vessels in her nose.. she'd been born missing the skin covering and started talking about doing skin grafts inside her nose. stupid stupid doctors.. she was born with some obvious deformatities too.. which we were firstly told where due to me delivering her breach.. it took weeks for them to realise her spine was deformed and she was missing her cocyxx bone and had spinal curvature. I took her to 3 different doctors before they realised she had issues with her spine.. so major that at 2 and a half yrs old I was told she'd never walk. They were wrong there too.. By highschool, she was rarely using a wheelchair any more and nowdays dont use one at all. So yeah.. trust your own instincts
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