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So many tests I give up

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 26, 2009
  • 09:41 AM

I wrote in this forum months before. I have been suffering from a severe lower abdominal kind of groin area right hand side pain. This has been going on for nearly a year. I had a laparoscopy more than a year ago and when I recovered I immediately felt there is something wrong. But deep inside I felt that it wasnt. Gradually I felt worse and worse. The pain started to take over my life completely.Finally I couldnt even work as I couldnt put on a smiling face as inside it was so painful. I left my job, moved back with parents who live abroad, trusting that doctors can help me there and I can be fit and healthy again. I had several tests, even my appendix was removed but I feel awful. I feel it non-stop 24 hrs and now I feel I cannot cope with it any longer. I had enough. I know it is something that is really there, the pain is not 'in my head'. I got so many bad looks from doctors as my blood result fine, ultrasound fine etc so I cannot have anything wrong. But I know my own body, it hurts, I can hardly move it makes my life worthless. During the months losing all hope now I have come to the point that I would rather take my own life than live like this. I have become tired of trying to prove that I have an existing pain.

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  • Hi there. I am so sorry that you are in so much pain and are not finding any answers! I KNOW what that is like for sure! What was the result of the lap? Any endometriosis or adhesions, ovarian cysts, things like that (gyn issues)? Any surgery can cause adhesions which can cause a lot of pain, so maybe that's got something to do with the pain feeling worse after the lap. I don't really have any answers for you, but please know you are not alone with undiagnosed, untreated pain!!
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  • Dear unregistered guest (what is your first name?) I believe you. I believe you know you're own body and I believe that it isn't all in your head. I'm sorry you feel so bad that you want to give up. It must be very frustrating and tiring. I wish I could give you a big hug. You need one. My doctor thinks I imagine my problems too. They just say that because they don't want to admit they can't diagnose the problem. I encourage you (when you have some time you feel like doing it) to look for other people with the exact complaints and compare notes and hopefully you'll find someone who finally got diagnosed and treated. Don't give up. Please, don't. I know its hard. Please hang in there. Do searches all over the internet - google your symptoms. Warmest regards, Terry in Missouri
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  • Please dont give up. I have been thru it too. So many people have. Did you try a urologist? Just a suggestion. Look up interstitial cystitis on google. This is one of the MANY things I have. ...VERY PAINFUL!!!!! You cannot live with the pain without a treatment. Let me know if the symptoms are anything like yoursLeasa in PA
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  • Hello,Have you considered an ilioinguinal nerve entrapment syndrome? It can cause one-sided (or bilateral if both nerves are trapped) lower abdominal/pelvic pain that can be extremely severe and debilitating. The test for it is quite simple- an injection of a small amount of local anesthetic into the distribution of the ilioinguinal nerve- if it takes away the pain, then that is your problem. If not, then it must be something else. Just a thought!T
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