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Severe Abdominal pain no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 9, 2007
  • 05:08 PM

I am desperatly seaching for other people who may have the same problem. I am writing for a dear friend. the story is long but I'll keep it breif. The pain started after his return home from Viet Nam in 1969. That is how long he has been suffering. I'll list the tests that have been done; exploritory surgery, apendix removed, countless blood tests, MRI, CAT, scopes, mental health counciling (on-going), the list of medication are long, anti spasmotics, antidepressents, codiene (still), metamusal (really bad idea). He has been to cleveland Case Western, and is now trying the Veterans Administration. so with all this said, here are his symptoms,
Extreme abdominal apin, left side under the lower ribs, problem deficating, after a b.m. he is in extreme pain that can last any where from 1 hour to serveal days. He knows the codiene compounds the problem (b.m.) but the pain is so intense he cannot go without it. The pain comes on quickly and has disrupted his life. Not one doctor out there so far has been able to help him, they have said it was IBS caused by stress. Any ideas anyone. I love this man and I have been trying to help for the last 2 years! :confused:

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  • Maybe he should get on a different kind of pain medication? Methadone, is an excellent pain killer and has no side effects!!!
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  • I am sorry you are having problems. I just have to say Methadone is NOT a good pain med. I am a Hospice nurse and specialize in pain management. Methadone is highly addictive, hard to dose and regulate. We only use it on terminal pt's as a last resort. Which does not happen often. There are much better pain meds available. The key is to find the underlying cause of the pain. Personal note: The VA gave my brother Methadone to wean him off oxycontin after an injury. 3 years later he is still addicted to methadone and has resorted to getting it off the street. He is a Navy vet and firefighter. Not your typical drug addict. It can happen to anyone.
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  • Thank you. I knew that methadone was NOT the answer. He has been through detox before for moriphine. His current dr is trying to wean him off the codine right now, he went from 10mgs to 7.5mgs then to 5mgs. He is back on 7.5 because 5 was not enough to dull the pain. there is still no answer for him. I know that the DEA has him on the list and it won't be long before his dr won't be able to prescribe the codine any longer. so we are up against the DEA clock so to speak. So, we are putting our hope in the hands of the psychologists and the psychiatrist. Thanks again.
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  • Hi,I have been addicted to heroine and methadon for over 15 years. I never had any physical problems at the time (might sound strange but it is true: I always ate healthy, worked out, had a steady job etc.). I quit heroine 8 years ago and soon after that I wanted to taper my methadon as well. I did get off methadone once before without too much problems (only a little under the weather for a few weeks) but last time it was totally different: I became sick and was in a LOT of pain, even after the withdrawal symptoms off the methadon had long subsided, I lost a lot of weight and couldn't function normally anymore. My stoamch was bloathed like ***l and I felt like there was acid in my guts. I didn't go to the toilet for a whole week sometimes but even if I did the pain didn't go away. It was horrible. After a 2-year long nightmare of colonscopies, bloodtests, different treatments such as therapy, antidepressants, fibers and many other medications, I remained in so much pain that I almost lost my job. I guess because I was considered 'an ex-junkie' the doctors didn't take it serious and said I was just depressed and it would all pass etc. etc. But I remained ill for over 8 years! Often I was way too sick to work so eventually I had to quit. And I loved my work!So I started to use methadon again and it really is the only thing that works for me. It does NOT cure it totally but it did make the pain bearable enough to live a relatively normal live. However, I would NOT recommend taking methadone if his pain is mild and sporadic (and if he hasn't tried many, many other medications before that!!) but in my case the pain is continuous and severe and it was absolutely taking my life away. I am convinced IBS is not ''between your ears.''I definitely think it's caused by something ''not functioning normally'' in the nervous system. In my case it is probably caused by my longterm drugabuse.I don't want to use illegal opiods ever again so I only use methadon as a painkiller. And I can assure you that I do not use it for the fun of it; I hate it, I hate being dependent on medication. But there is no alternative (yet).I tried to get off it 5 times but every time again I remained ill for over a year. I could deal with the withdrawalsymptoms (and they aren't fun either!) but NOT with the chronich IBS-pain. Methadone is the only thing that works for me. So if he's really, really desparate it might be worth a try. But be aware that it IS addictive and your friend will probably have to use it for a lifetime. For me that is better than having no life at all, but it's a choice that he has to make for himself and he has to consider it very carefully.
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  • Thanks. I'm still not convinced that relying on another drug is what he wants. He has said that he too hates being dependent. The abdominal pain is very intense and can come on him at any time. We will continue to keep seaching and believe that his dr. will not abandom him. Good luck and thanks again.
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  • :eek: Man did I get some bad advice, I was told that Methadone wasn't addictive!!!
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  • Methadone is very addictive. Although you can relatively easy taper it or even come off it IF one has only used it for a short period of time it is very hard to get off it once you have used it for many months/years! In my case I don't really have a choice and I can lead a fairly normal life thanks to methadone but I would certainly not recommend methadone when the pain is mild. Only use methadone when you suffer from unbearable and/or chronic pain and always consult your doctor about it! Please try all other medications first before turming to methadone.I hope you'll find a solution!
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  • Dear Lynne, Perhaps you have done this, but have you considered the possibility of celiac disease? It is an inflammatory or allergic reaction to wheat gluten, which is in almost all processed foods. There are antibody blood tests for it, but they are not considered very accurate. The best way to diagnose it, I understand, is a biopsy of the intestine.An allergy may sound like a weak diagnosis for such excruciating pain, but if you haven't looked into it, please do. My mother had a mild case, and it caused her many problems. She stopped eating anything with gluten in it (wheat is only one of the offending grains) and it took her 2 weeks, she says, before she began to feel better. Her cousin was only diagnosed with it when he became dangerously ill and they had to remove a section of his bowel. Thankfully he is recovering now. My grandfather wasn't quite so lucky.I know from my own health problems that these rounds of tests are exhausting, painful, and when you get no results, frustrating. I feel for you in your position, so similar to mine. I pray you find the actual diagnosis soon!
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  • Hi http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/images/icons/icon7.gifI was wondering if any of the Drs. have mentioned Diverticular Disease/Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis? These 'relate' to each other but do have different symptoms and treatments. It may be worth checking them out on the net or in a med book. You mentioned that metamucil was a bad idea. My Dr. had told me that if you take it you must drink lots and lots of water with it or it will cause constipation. To live in chronic pain is certainly not a good time. I have lived with chronic pain since 1989 and have tried many prescribed medications but to date what takes the edge off for me is 642's (Propoxyphene HCI) along with Pms-Moprhine Sulfate SR 30 mg. The SR means slow release and if needed can be taken every 12 hours. Along with many of the other pain meds on the market these can cause constipation so I am not sure that these would work for your friend. I also take an anti-depressant. Anti-depressants have proven to help people that live in chronic pain. It sounds like I am a pill pusher and many people would not agree with taking the meds but in reality if I didn't have these I would be bed-ridden. Right now I am able to work part-time and be somewhat productive, where prior to finding this combo of meds I was on diability (diagnosis Fibromyalgia). I have tried herbs, acupuncture, physio, but they were unsuccessful. I do hope that yous can come to the bottom of all this because I know from my experience that unknown diagnosis can be emotionally draining. It took alot of tests and alot of time before I found out what I had. Do not give up and try to feed positive thoughts and actions into your daily lives.
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  • Hi Lynne,I had chronic pain in exactly the same area for about a year so maybe my story may help.The doctor kept telling me that it was stress and that I should learn to relax. Well after about a year of the pain, I started to have constipation then the opposite which lasted for 12 days straight. I visited 3 different doctors and they all weren't concerned and told me to take immodium and that it would just go away. I wanted to see a specialist was told this wasn't necessary. On the tenth day, I had lost 12Kg (a sixth of my body weight) and was very dehydrated and had difficulty staying conscious. I finally told the doctor that I wasn't leaving the surgery until either he gave my a referral to a specialist or had me forcibly removed by the police. I reluctantly got my referral. The specialist immediately put me in hospital on a drip and within two days was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease (IBD of the lower intestine). However, after a colonoscopy, the specialist said that the level of inflammation that I had was very small and difficult to detect. He said that I was fortunate that he had done the tests as he was an authority on the disease. He put me onto anti-inflammatory medication mesalazine and I haven't looked back. All the symptoms have gone and I feel completely normal although it took me 18 months to feel completely normal again. He first tried me on a sulphur-based drug which I found I was allergic to and that nearly finished me off but mesalazine was fine and no noticable side effects and I've been taking them for 5 years now.Just a thought, I have heard that vietnam vets can be more susceptible to IBD-types of illnesses due to the 2,4,D and 2,4,5,T (agent orange) that was used to defoliate the jungle. However, the VA says that there are 11 diseases proven to be associated with agent orange and IBD isn't one of them. My specialist says that IBD may be the result of a genetic predisposition which is triggered by an environmental variable. In other words, people may be genetically prone to different diseases but only get them when other conditions are favourable - ie smoking, stress, reduced immune system, bacteria or infection etc. MS may be considered to be similar - supposedly.My advice for your friend is to have a colonoscopy done by gastrointestinal specialist who is renown for IBD related illnesses.Hope that helps.
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  • they have said it was IBS caused by stress. Any ideas anyone. I love this man and I have been trying to help for the last 2 years! :confused: IBS can be a result of many things, one of the most common is gluten or dairy sensitivity. As posted above by unregistered whose mother found relief in two weeks, you can take the gluten-free challenge yourself, by following a simple gluten free diet for two weeks. Choose foods from the catgories of fresh fruit, fresh veggies, meat, fish, poultry. If cooking them makes them easier to digest ior if you have been told to cook them, you can cook them. But they need to be chosen from fresh food, not frozen. Meat, fish and poultry should not be in a prepared sauce. You can also have rice and if you want to have salad dressing use oil and lemon juice. Just follow it for 2 weeks. Most people have some relief in 10 days to 2 weeks. Be sure to drink a minimum of 60oz of water a day. Here's to feeling better soon,L
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  • Hi. Has your friend ever been tested for presence of porphyria? Acute intermitent porphyria is the disease which is in many cases unrecognized and one of porphyria symptoms is abdominal pain. This pain may be very severe and some drugs, including analgetics, may even aggravate it.Yours very trulymedicald@hushmail.com
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  • Hi,I have been suffering for extreme abdominal pain in my left side and below my sternum. I hate had every blood, surgical, and medical test imaginable. It comes on very quick, and I usually pass out from the pain if I do not take a medication rather quickly, someone usually has to give it to me. I don't know anything about painkillers really, except the ones I've been on. When the pain was really intense I was sent to the emergency room because I was unconscious for long periods, and they put me on Morphine, Daladil (don't know the spelling) and that didn't even ease it. It would eventually knock me out which was a blessing but that was about it. Right now my doctor has me on a liquid vicodin, and as long as I take it the second I feel the pain I'm ok. I have no diagnosis, no IBS syndromes, food doesn't effect it, nothing. I've been pegged as a drug seeker, hypocondriact, you name it. I am a healthy 23 year old and have never had medical problems. Sometimes you just need to learn to effectively control the pain when the doctors cannot find a solution. Living with chronic pain is not fair, it can destroy your life and sanity. My only advice to your friend is to be an advocate for himself, don't take any of those methodone or heavy drugs, try to stay on the mild side, but take it AS SOON AS THE PAIN STARTS, otherwise they could give you a shot of heroin and it probably wouldn't help. I wish you luck, and always go to a different doctor if yours isn't sympathetic to the situation. The medicine I'm on is working well enough for me to live a somewhat normal life, the fainting is phasing out...but I would love a solution. Maybe I'll end up in the Mayo Clinic one day. Good luck.
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    • October 22, 2007
    • 08:16 AM
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  • Hi, i know how u feel i've had similar pains for the past 5 years. At first, i thought they were just cramps caused by my menstrual cycle, but i was wrong. I used to only get them during those days until i started getting them all the time. The pain was so severe during those days that i couldn't stay asleep, and many times i'd to call in sick at work. The times(about 3 times) i couldn't take the pain anymore and rush to the ER, all the doctors said i had was a urine infection and gave me antibiatics! I have been taking Aloe Vera juice and it has work. My mother gave it to me and she also gave me a boil of a herb or root known by Cubans. They say it helps with these kind of pains and kidney stones. It is called "LIZASO DE CABALLO" u can find it in a Cuban or any Botanica. Every time i start feeling the pain that starts very settle on my back i take a cup of each and i feel the relief right away. So far my friends been telling me it may be stomach gas problem maybe thats the problem for both of us. Until i decide to go to the doctor for a diagnose i'm going to continue taking this drinks they seem to work! I hope i was help!:(
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  • hi lynne,you say he had his appendix removed? i had mine removed when i was 13 i was in hospital for a couple of weeks as they had ruptured when i went home all was good until 3 weeks later i woke up one morning in agony i mean i have never felt pain like that my mum rushed me to hospital all the way there i was screaming and it didnt stop it felt like the inside of my stomach was on fire after many tests nothing was found and after a shot of morphine and a good sleep the pain stopped,then ten years later i had a similar pain not as bad but i felt like i was having contractions i had a catscan done and they found a lump on my bowel so i was admitted for surgery when i woke up i was told there was no lump but scar tissue had grown over my bowel causing it to kink,i was told it will happen again which it has as scar tissue grows faster as you get older,tell your friend to have a catscan done and get checked for scar tissue,i had ultra sounds done but they picked up nothing,good luck,michelle.
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  • Dear lynne I am not gonna prescribe a pain killer but do the following blood test: FMF gene testThe disease is Familial Mediterranean Fever Hope to write back . clinic_98@hotmail.com
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  • I was misdiagnosed for years, having the same symptoms your husband has had. After years of pain an on call Surgeon in the E.R. found that I had a 9lb cancerous tumor attached on my liver and gall bladder, one was also found later on the back of my liver. A ct scan will not show a tumor on the back of the liver, I was extremely lucky this doctor took the time to investigate.
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  • A friend of mine is suffering from a similar thing and has taken oxycotin and methadone for pain for several years. He hasn't found anything better. Recovery is slow. His attitude is that it's better to be addicted to those pain meds than to be without them. Please read my reply to DSchaeffer, above, regarding medical malpractice claims. I sincerely hope his recovery proceeds at a faster pace than my friend's has.
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  • Hi my name is nini and i can easily relate to your friends problem!!! My mother -in-law is going through the same problem a severe chronic pain with no diagnostic. We've visited all kinds of doctors for 5 yrs now always in and out of hospitals almost every month !!! Like your friend she has got so many tests done but they always appear to be normal ! Some doctors have said she 's crazy that she's addicted to pain meds i mean i dnt know ?what can it be ? I hope we can find a solution !!!!!! This is not a life !!!!!!!
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    • December 11, 2009
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