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Seizures NOT panic attacks

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 30, 2007
  • 04:44 AM

Lived with Mis-diagnosed panic attacks for 8 years which I learned this year after crashing my car and not feeling, hearing or remembering it we're Complex Partial seizures.

Symptoms of Panic attacks I felt:
Sudden fear - like impending doom that would halt me in my tracks, chills, rapid pulse. Followed by Stomach ache, occasional vomiting, confusion, and occasional fatigue. During these attacks I felt completely with it- and could do nothing but curl up into a ball - Friends and family told me I stopped breathing and smacked my lips during these attacks but I never believed them because I couldn't feel that.

Attempted treatment with antianxiety, antidepressant meds, stress and depression management groups and kept on living...

Symptoms of partial seizures:
A partial seizure can imitate any type of behavior or sensation that the brain can cause, depending on the part of the brain that the seizure activates. Seizures tend to occur in the same area of brain over and over, so symptoms in one person seem very similar from one time to the next. Examples of the symptoms of partial seizures include:

* Abrupt jerking muscle movements in an arm or leg
* Chewing or other mouth or tongue movements, or pulling or fumbling with clothing without a purpose
* A blank stare with no apparent awareness of one's surroundings
* A sudden feeling of fear, joy or rage that comes without reason
* Repeating a phrase or word
* A change in vision or a hallucination (seeing something that is not real)
* A sensation of smell or taste, usually unpleasant, that does not come from a real object or food
* Sudden loss of balance or dizziness
After a seizure, a person may be disoriented for a few minutes.

Best advise to those diagnosed with panic attacks - ASK FOR AN EEG - 75% of Epilepsy cases have unknown causes, AND LISTEN TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY Take care

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