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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 6, 2006
  • 01:10 PM

Sorry for being so long winded but here goes: Last Nov.05 I had a bilateral open hernia surgery. The pain was really severe afterwards, I could not get out of bed for three days, it was just too painfull, when I was able to get out of bed, I was only able to lift my right foot 6 inches off the ground, and I had a nagging pain in my groin. After six weeks I saw my surgeon, at this time I could not wear my jeans yet, it was too uncomfortable. Anyhow the surgeon thought I was just looking for more time off, and sent me back to work, and I wanted to return to work. The pain never went away, and by 3 months I could no longer let the water in the shower touch my groin area, it was really nasty. I returned to the surgeon, who was very unhappy to see me, and they sent me to pain management after injecting freezing, and the pain went away, saying it may be a nerve entrapment.
By this time I was having trouble functioning in all normal activities. I could no longer sleep on my sides, only on my back, pain at this point was torturing me, and after a 6 week wait, I saw pain management, who injected me twice with steroids of some type, and nerve blockers. This treatment did nothing for me, the freezing was the only thing that would work, for a very
short time. I was given many different types of medication by my family doctor, narcotics, nerve blockers, etc., but no relief, and the side effects were worse than the pain. The pain was travelling down my legs, and into my
testicles, so it was very difficult for me to function. This heavy pain went on for 15 weeks, and I was put off work, no longer able to drive.
Then the weirdous thing happened, I was reading a article on line, and having a coffee, just relaxing, and of course this caused my bowels to want to move, I was interested in the article so I held onto my movement, and about 5 minutes later, all the pain was gone, so wow, I held onto my bowels for 8 hours, it was glorious to be pain free. When I finally let go, the pain came back. Two days later I did the same thing, but this time I could feel my intestines filling up from my left side first, and then thru the right side, it is really hard to discribe, it's just like my pipes were being filled, and all the so called nerve pain disappeared.
I figure I must have had a twist in my bowel, or an adhesion, but no one was diagnosing me, they thought I had a nerve entrapment. Now that the bowel is strightened out, I have had these, what I would call muscle pain,
it is different than before, everytime I stand up too long, and when I sit in the car. When I sit in the car it is worse, and I actually feel like I need to pee, but once I get out of the car it goes away. I have not seen any doctors
since my bowels have starightened out. I am quite discouraged at this point,
I massage the area, and put heat on it, but the pain will not go away. I have been at the massage, and heat for 2 months, and the pain will not go away.During the so called nerve entrapment I saw 2 general surgeons, GI, and
a neurologist, and had a slew of test: CT scan, blood test,sigmoid scope,etc.
I am hoping not to have to live with this pain, and suffering for the rest of my life, I am a 40 yr old. My family doctor has no idea what to do, and I am kind of stuck, he does not know who to sned me to. Please advise,Thanks

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