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please i am actually goin to kill myself the pain is unbearable

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  • Posted By: ally70
  • December 16, 2008
  • 04:38 PM

Irritable bowel syndrome(diagnosed) ,
constant need to urinate and sharp pain also,
constant tiredness weakness and dizziness ,
body tremours especially in the hands,
horrible discomfort after eating and increased pulse rate after eating and heavyness when I breath
, underweight ,
unable to tell if I am hungry or not ,
muscle pain and other body pains,
feel like I am getting a fever a lot or like I am comin on wit something ,
headaches all types sharp pains,
bloated stomach ,
pale dry dull skin,
I think I have a weak immune system,
Dizzyness and light headed when I move,
unable to do much exercise as it makes me feel sick and dizzy,
constant nausea and stomach pains,
bad reaction to alcohol,
travel sickness,
get very pain stomach pains and get weak and shaky at the time of my period,
also a feeling like I am going to collapse often or like go unconscious. constant body heavyness find it hard to like carry myself around.
I also feel hungry even after I eat sumtimes.
I feel like stoned like high or something like im on drugs or something.
These symptoms have been here for around 2 yrs or even longer but they keep getting worse.

Current medication: lustral 100 and concerta 54 been on it for just over a year

Tests I have received ; full ultra sound , barrium swallow , camera test into the stomach , urine and blood tests, mri scan (1 year ago), blood pressure ,

All came back normal with only slightly low blood pressure.
Btw I am 18 Caucasian and have no previous sever illness or infections and I eat well .
I don’t have coelic disease

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  • I have similar symptoms to you. Have you been tested for Addison's Disease, Polyglandluar Autoimmune diseases? What about parasites and fecal tests?It sounds auto-immune, investigate ALL autoimmune (test your ANA levels) could be Lupus, Crohn's etc. also check out Carcinoid Syndrome rare but it happens. Hang in there! i've been dealing with what you have for 5 years started when I was 18.
    latejuly 9 Replies
    • December 28, 2008
    • 07:30 PM
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  • I can only explain what i've been going through. From the beginning until I took it upon myself to do research because I found so many archives with exact same symptoms and some have had these problems for over 10 years. So I hope what I found will help anyone and everyone it reaches. Even if you have to copy and paste it on other forums I haven't found please do so because I know exactly how they feel when their in pain and when their doctors call them crazy and say nothing is there to hurt even after all the tests come back negative. I unfortunatley have been experiencing similar problems but only for about one week now. First, I have had a hysterectomy at 23 for cervical cancer. And no other known health problems. For me it's been slightly different though. When it began I felt extremely full and couldn't eat anything for a few days . I've fought with constipation for a while now. after I started feeling full, to where i would eat or drink it seemed to not want to go any further than my throat, so I lost alot of weight i didn't want to loose now I look awful. In which all at once it started in my upper right side under my under around and behind my rib cage .Rib cage pain The Chronic pain has continued to 'grow' if you will, jumping around to all different areas, which I did not see mentioned above. At times it's under my right Rib Cage but other times it's below my on the left, beside my navel on the right and in my on both sides. At times it hurts to take deep breaths . My skin is drying out really bad and flaking and it's really bad on my face. I sometimes have tingling sensations through my hand and feet. I have a sunburn feeling with chills going down the right side of my body where it hurts. Sometimes it is a tearing pain to where I don't won't to do anything but ball up and cry. Sometimes it is consistent for 6-8 hours at a time. It wraps around from back to front and front to back, mostly on the right side. I can feel a little pain on the left side every once in a while. I guess the pain on the right side takes over. It feels like something kicking or pushing (feeling) on the inside and there feels like ALOT of pressure on my ribcage. The (trigger pain) as some will call is under my ribs mostly and it goes down , around, up my back, on my shoulder blade. Sometimes it feels like spasms and a knotted up feeling. First, on Dec. 18, 2008 I went to the E.R. they said I had a kidney infection, bladder infection, and a urinary tract infection the next day Dec. 19, 2008 I went to see my doctor and he just agreed with what the E.R. had said and brushed all my other symptoms off. He didn't take any samples or anything. I thought is this how he treats everyone. ( what a doc.) Well, on Dec. 20, 2008 my pain was so unbearable I went to what is suppose to be the best hospital in this state I was admitted into the hospital. I explained to them everything I felt the whole time I was there. I was on IV pain meds every 45 min. the pain was *horrific*. They tested my urine (negative) took my blood every 4 hours (ran every test with it - ALL negative) except he said for the first time in 20 years he had never saw someone with calcium deposits as high as mine are. I had a EGD or Panendoscopy ( to inspect the inside of my throat, stomache, and the first part of my small intestine - once again negative) , IVP ( Exam of the kidneys, ureters, and urinary bladder , where they put contrast in your IV and it's goes to your urinary system & recorded on x-ray images - negative not even the kidney, bladder, or UTI as I was already diagnosed with twice) HIDA SCAN ( A specialized camera to take pics of your abdomen, liver & gallbladder area - negative) Had a pap smear (from a spaecialist - negative) . After all the tests and I express every test that can be ran on a human, ALL of them were negative. They couldn't find anything so they said it was IBS, and a hidal hernia. So finally Dec. 27, 2008 came around and I was already aggravated from getting the run around I wanted to leave and they discharged me. Well Sun. Dec. 28, 2008 my symptoms got worse. And I looked online for 2 days in search of my symptoms (the ones the drs. ran all the tests for and found nothing). Yesterday 29th I got the answer I was determined to find. I came across a forum and someone had geroursly posted a web site (www.curezone.com) explaning of all the symptoms myself and others were having. I went to it and browsed for awhile and came across testimonials on how to prevent gallbladder surgery , cleansing gallstones. I didn't think it was my gallbladder after all the tests and drs. saying negative alot on it. Well there was the forums i needed. All my symptoms hitting me in the face hard ( so to speak). I read each and every one of them and (hypethetically speaking) it looked like I posted all of them. (http://www.curezone.com/gallstones/digest1.asp) the forum i read. I tried the cleansing ( of the liver, gallbladder and bile duct) rolled into one recipe with 3 things under $10. What a relief on my pocketbook. If I had been misdiagnosed I wanted to know. and since the symptoms were the exact as my I thought hey why not try it, at that point anything was worth a try. It really worked I got 2 gallstones each one the size of 6 marbles rolled into one. They were a dark green emerald color. And that's exactly what they had said on the forums it would be if you really had gallstones. Now I know that couldn't have been the best hospital if they ran the gallbladder test and found nothing and that was my symptoms and it took me and alot of staying up (since i couldn't sleep due to all the sever abdominal pain) I searched till I really thought about giving up and letting myself suffer because I thought the dr's were right. And all I could do is take milk of magnesia and gaviscon for my heartburn . Now my pain is more dull and not intense just can't wait to do another cleansing to feel better. I do still have the burning sensation in my sternum from heartburn. I just wanted to share my story along with others so they could hopefully find relief also. Thanks for taking the time to read it.
    Baby77 7 Replies
    • December 30, 2008
    • 03:18 PM
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  • You have classic candida symptoms - check out fungusfocus.com The Candida needs all that sugar you are eating. High fructose corn syrup stops your natural appetite supressor.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 30, 2008
    • 05:40 PM
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  • Have you had your Thyroid checked? I had similar symptoms to yours and was eventually diagnosed with Hyperthyroid.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 30, 2008
    • 11:02 PM
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