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PLEASE help me about ; Misdiagnosis OVARIES CYSTS & Laparoscopy surgery

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  • Posted By: UNREALMONTH
  • February 13, 2009
  • 07:47 AM

I am so happy that I found this site .. I am hoping you guys can give me some advice. I don't know if this is a case of misdiagnoses or just plain old stupidity on my or my doctors part.. but I need advice~~
I will try to make this short: Last month I had Laparoscopy surgery; a ablation (sp) + D & C. I am 44 years old from NJ
I have had irregular periods for the last year ( 2 weeks on the nothing/ 3 weeks-6 weeks on etc ) I kept track of everything as I thought I was going though menopause. I started to get very severe pain in my lower right side ~ back pain ~ bloating~ nausea~ and was very afraid that it was cancer as ovarian cancer runs in my family. No menopause ~~ They found some right sided complex cysts and a growth w/an enlarged uterus. Hence I need surgery to "check things out and remove cysts" plus ablation would take care of irregular periods ( I would have none ). WOW~~ I thought thank you no more periods etc pain etc ~~
Woke up after the surgery and was in so much pain; had a fever. I was a complete mess. ( I would have rather had given birth) Nurses were a disaster ~~ Doc came came to my bedside 3 hours later~~ and I had to wait that long for pain relief. ( I was told due to no one else around to sign for it? ) anyway he told me that I had a lot of air in there and he tired to get it all out and he was sorry. He left after telling my husband that he would leave scripts for antibiotics and pain meds for me. And that he would see me in 3 weeks. "Please call me if you need me " and poof~ he was gone .
Only one Nurse seem to care ~~ and all she kept repeating ( in a low whisper) to me was " Honey you have a slight fever and you had one during surgery remember that " and "did you have surgery before in that area" I said yes ( ok so I had a tummy tuck after 4 kids ) and she said most docs dont perform Laparoscopic surgery , if you had that done as it puts you in a high risk" Her shift was over and she said to take care patted my leg and left..
another hour went by and I needed to use the bathroom but couldn't: I wont even get into it ( disgusting to talk about ) 3 times and nothing ~~
Nurse told me that I was ok enough to go home ~~ stupidly and thinking that this was all normal ; due to everyone acting like it was ; I left~~ thinking that getting into my own bed would make me feel better ~~
next day I had a low grade ( 99.9 to 100.7) fever / pain / bloating~~called the doc ~~He said it was normal after the surgery and to call him if my fever goes over 101 and "make sure you take your antibiotics" ~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
OK~~ so we go back and forth like this (pain ~ bloating ~ fever + call doc. = get antibiotics) until my appointment
He told me that "my body was adjusting to the surgery and the ablation( novasure). No check up ; nothing; whole appointment took less then 15mins .. again call me if anything else happens or fever over 101. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
After 2/3 weeks of this and antibiotics ~~ MY husband had it ~~ I had a fever again pain etc ~`he called doc. and let him have it ~~ Doc said that was would call in more antibiotics and order blood test and a ct scan. stat for the early morning.
Hubby waited 2 hours at the drug store , no meds were called in and messages were not answered ~~ same goes for ct scan and blood work work ~~ Hubby called Doc office / after the fit they called everything in :
Whew~~ So now you have "some" background "
AFTER 10 days of waiting for a call ~~ I called him and was told " yes ct is in~~ um hold on~~ she comes back on and says" doc wants to see you tomorrow at 8:30am... is that ok ?
See him; show him where it hurts ~~ ah that’s IBD ( never had that before didn't know what it was ) asked him; he said it wasn't his field but will recommend someone. I told him the pain was the same as when I first came in , I didn't understand anything and asked about my other pain under and to the right of my bellybutton.. he again said IBD and it wasn't his field again but said he would examine me just to make me feel better .. well that didn't go well: I jumped up in pain and then he said " lets get a urine sample" : that came back and wouldn't you know it "you have a very very bad bladder infection; you have to take some antibiotics for it and I will set you up with someone to check that IBD you have" (lord where did I get that ?? ) "really sorry no one ever caught that before " HUH ??? I told him no one ever caught it because I NEVER HAD IT B4.. As I was leaving he said " you know maybe the surgery restarted it up" .. call me if you need me ~~ poof he was gone ~~

5 days later~~ I finally try to get up to do some food shopping with my hubby ~~ I didn't get far~ dizzy/ major right hand side pain/ and vomiting .. and yes fever ~~ 11 hours in a ER ( they thought I had appendicitis ) explained everything; got a sonogram /blood work/urine test.. and was told ~~ bladder infection + high WBC + AND 6CM CYST on my rt ovary~ Huh I just had surgery to remove all that HUH ~~~ ER wanted to keep me overnight
(very small hospital ) but cyst size had to be larger ~~ due to my insurance and they were very full that evening ~~ ( So and please don't laugh) I was given more antibiotics + pain meds and told to get to a doc about this within 2 days..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOW 2 days later ~~ I am waiting for my insurance company to clear another doctor for me (yes I did explain that the ER said to SEE a doc within 2 days ) ~~ in major PAIN / bloated (looks like I ate a beach ball ) nausea to the point where I cant eat ~~
Can anyone PLEASE tell me; how does one get a 6cm cyst after surgery that was suppose to remove all cysts?? Remember; I was having these symptoms from the start/end? of the surgery.
Why didn't the doc. check on this ; ages ago when I first complained.. why did he let me walk out of his office after my exam and everything I told him ..with a IBD excuse?? and why do I have a ct scan (done 10 days prior to surgery) that only shows rt ovary complex cysts and a mass. and a ct scan done after surgery thats states something like " may have IBD or due to repeated infection" and a sonogram that says I now have a 6 cm cyst on my rt ovary :mad:
please help me to understand :(


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  • I suffered for two years with abdominal pain, irregular periods, inability to work while on period, non-stop bleeding for one month then skipped 2 months. My advice is CHANGE DOCTORS! I changed my gynecologist and after reviewing all of my medical records he decided that I had tried everything under the sun to come up with proper treatment. He said I need a hysterectomy. Once I had the hysterectomy I found out I had "andenomiosis". This cannot be diagnosed until the uterus is removed. Although a hysterectomy is a difficult procedure (aftercare and proper hormones are the key). Get plenty of rest. Stay on top of the hormone replacement and demand that you be tested. I found the Vivelle Dot hormone patch to work perfectly. The oral HRT did not work. I have had no abdominal pain and am free of the month long periods I suffered. My first gyno actually went thru all conservative treatment only to forget who I was and wanted to start me out on oral contraceptives again after 2 years of laparoscopic surgery, biopsies, etc. A new doctor changed my entire life. I hope this may help.
    still_hoping 1 Replies
    • February 23, 2009
    • 04:32 AM
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  • I'm curious how many gynecologists have you seen ?Perhaps it's time to find another and another until they take you seriously and get to the bottom of it. I'm so sorry I can just imagine the pain your in.:(Be strong, keep pushing for answers, if one specialist can't help move on to the next.Best of luckxxx Samantha http://www.undiagnosedillness.org
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 23, 2009
    • 06:55 AM
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  • If you don't mind me asking, are your periods too frequent or too far apart? Have you ever had trouble conceiving?Do you have acne and/or unwanted body hair (ex: face, chest, abdomen, arms, et cetera)?Have you had any recent major weight gain and/or you find yourself putting on weight easily?
    aspire 3 Replies
    • February 24, 2009
    • 04:34 AM
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  • Are you also thinking maybe Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ? Samanthahttp://www.undiagnosedillness.org If you don't mind me asking, are your periods too frequent or too far apart? Have you ever had trouble conceiving?Do you have acne and/or unwanted body hair (ex: face, chest, abdomen, arms, et cetera)?Have you had any recent major weight gain and/or you find yourself putting on weight easily?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 26, 2009
    • 04:51 AM
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  • Yeah, I am. Both myself and my sister have it, and by the symptoms that UNREALMONTH listed, it seems, to me at least, that PCOS would be a likely diagnosis.
    aspire 3 Replies
    • February 26, 2009
    • 05:17 AM
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