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Pain Pain !!!!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 22, 2007
  • 02:15 AM

Hi everyone I am new to this site, and as I was in pain I was just surfing on my illness and what to expect when I came accross this thread.

I would appreciate anyone who could point me in the correct direction pls.
12yrs ago I was involved in a terrible car crash, I was hit from behind by a speeding driver who lost control of his car, accident asserors calculated a speed of at least 50mph. I was knocked unconssious, and immidately felt the pain when I came round, the areas most painful were kneck and lower back, I could'nt even bend forward to write my details for insurance purposes. I was diagnosised at the time of accident with whiplash injuries and a kneck collar was applied. I had loss of feeling to (r) arm and (r)leg and was unable for the next 2yrs to move without pain. I was given anti inflammotories, I was just surviving around this pain which stayed with me and got generally worse as time went on. At the age of 27yrs old I also was bought to a emergency menopausal state and was given HRT treatment. Over the yrs, different MRI's have shown oaesteoarthritis, degenrative spine dieasease, pinched nerve. A Dr. who was treating me for Gynaeycolocal probs, made a mistake and cut through a main artery,servreing this artery he corrected it by applying a surgical clip, through endemetriosis I had cysts in pelvic area and reaching way up inside stomache cavity, and another mistake occurred whereby a cyst was attached to the urethea, as this area was damaged surgeon corrected this by putting in a stent. Now since all these mistakes and constequiently my health became worse I have also suffered from constant infections from bladder, also bladder/bowel have 2 been prolapsed! and I had major surgery 2yrs ago to correct but unfortunately it has prolapsed again so will need surgery again. I would like to ask the following questions and would appreciate anyone who can enlighten me as to what to expect/do next.

1) Lower back pain described as osteoarthritis, does it ever clear up as I have been previously been given false hope that it would,but has not and as it is my whole (R) side of face body,abdomianal are all numb with no feeling I take tramadol,gabbapenttin,amitripline,dhyhyrodcodine for this terrble pain.
2)joints pain fingers, knee,ankle,feet, very painful can oesteoarthritis also present in these joints.
3) bladder infections have been on antibiotics for the last 12yrs but last 2yrs has now progressed whereby I have blood in urine, and most of the time have what looks like pus mixed with urine(white)
4) what can I expect as to medical treatment as the consultants that I have have been rubbish one even said I have fibromyalgia because I have fatigue, most days and joints pain me, he injected a steriod into base of thumb, as it was kicking on movement,when I asked him what about my lower back pain of which I have been constantly told is arthritis he did'nt deny it but did'nt put it into report. I use a wheelchair as I cannot stand up for long due to pain, anyone reading my story thank you for taking the time to do so.

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  • I have had chronic lower back since 1982. I injured my back in '82 and had emergency surgery to repair disc damage. I have resisted pills and any additional surgeries, or other invasive procedures until this past March. During Dec '06, my pain just became too much. I found a surgeon who specializes in spinal problems, and surgeon who is a pain management specialist. I ask them to give me three alternatives .... a non invasive, minimally invasive, and a "Fix it" alternative. The non invasive was mega doses of pain medication . The minimal was a series of steroid epidural injections directly at the base of the nerves, and in the spinal canal (no, not in the spine). The "Fix" is surgery on my neck, mid spine, and lumbar spine. The pain meds(anti inflamatories & pain pills) helped but only masked the pain. They added oral steroids to the pills, and after about 7 days I noticed a significant decrease in the level of pain, but the pain was still present 24/7. On march 28 the pain mgmt specialist administered the epidural. I awoke in recovery 30 minutes after being rolled into the surgery room and was sent home. On awaking, I noticed a significant decrease in pain, and within 2 hours, I was experiencing the lowest pain levels in years. By that night, I was pain free for the first time in 25 years... A low level of pain has come back (I think I got too comfortable too soon) and I am going to go back for a second round in the next couple of weeks. I can have up to three injections (total), and after that the solution is the surgery, which the two surgeons say is indicated for my condition.
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