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My Misdiagnosis of pneumonia

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 23, 2007
  • 03:23 AM

Hi I am a 13 year old that has to deal with all of the troubling stuff that goes on in a teenage life. This year wasnt one of my greatest years. I became friends with one of these kids and then all of my best friends turned their back on me and then the friend i made at the beginning of the year are in a semi-fight. Anway to make things all worse, I had a friend over Saturday Night in February, a week. I just went to the movies with a couple of friends and brought one friend home. At the movies I shared a drink with two people so 3 lips on one drink...pretty bad. So I go home that night and about 2 hours after we get home I start having a light head. So i take my temperature and my fever is 102.1 and i usually never get high fevers. When I get sick, my fever is 100.2 or 100.3. So I have this temperature for about a week when i go to the doctor's finally. And this doctor I like hate with a passion. So I get there, the doctor doesnt ask me any question, he just gives me a strep culture because I have gotten strep 4 times betweeen September and Febuary. So I was negative for strep and they said it was a virus and that the fever would go away soon. SUprisingly the doctor was right and the fever went down, but I still was suffring from the cough, chest pain and headaches, and I still wasnt eating. So then another week goes by and we go to the hospital, They couldn't find out what was wrong with me, so they do another strep culture just for fun....turned out I had strep and bronchitis. And this is on my birthday, i am diagnosed with strep and bronchitis, so they give me these new pills. I start taking them. It was february 25th same day as the oscars, so I fall asleeep in the middle of them. And then I wake up with a terrible pain in my stomach. I try to walk to the bathroom because it is so far away, I make it and I threw up 13 times....and the strange this was that I wasnt eating anything so I dotn even kno what I threw up.So I stopped taking those pills and a week later I went to Children's Hospital. I went to the Diagnostic Center and the guy seeemed like he knew exactly what he was doing, he got me a chest x-ray and told me what happened to me from me telling him what had beeen the steps of my sickness. Well it happened in a week by week process. I didn't get my flu shots this year. So the first week was a combination of the flu and pneumonia, since pneumonia needs medicine to get rid of. Then the next week was strep and bronchitis and pneumonia...then the pills I took cured my strep but made me sicker so I had a really bad stomach and then I finally knew i had pneumonia, so I go and start taking the pills that doctor said I should and I got better. I was out of school for 6 weeks. during those 6 weeks i dropped 20 pounds, I went from 115 to 97. It has been 4 months since, and i think I am still having effect from it, like my mile time has gone from 7:10 to 10:28. I still need to run to get my lungs back to normal but if my doctor had diagnosed me sooner then I wouldnt have had this problem. But now I feel good that I have told people about this...Thank you

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  • Sounds like you had a terrible ordeal! Please know it can take many months to recover from such a serious illness... especially since you most likely took some pretty strong antibiotics. In the future, whenever you are given a medication, please look up that medication on this website: www.drugs.com. This way, you will know if you are having a side effect from a med, as you did with the severe stomach pain/vomiting. Antibiotics will strip away all the good with the bad, and can leave you with a very compromised immune system. Please get yourself a good quality PROBIOTIC to help reintroduce beneficial bacteria in your gut - this is crucial and will really help you. Look for a PROBIOTIC at any healthfood store - they even have chewable ones and gummy ones for kids. www.vitacost.com also has a big selection. Mostly, give yourself time to heal, and don't push yourself too hard. Since your immune system is already compromised you are more susceptible to getting sick. Best wishesDOM
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