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My doctor has to be kidding!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 31, 2007
  • 02:16 AM

In the 1985 I had heart palpitations & my family practice doctor said then it was caffeine so i cut it out, but as a precaution I was given an echocardiogram of the heart. The heart test showed I had mytral valve prolapse (a valve disorder that can sometimes cause palpitations).

I believed it. Then over the years between then & now I occasionally became tempted to drink caffeine & when I did drink it the palpitations came back. Then when I stopped the caffeine, the palpitations left. This obvious link that caffeine was the culprit has continued repeatedly over those 22 years, so now I realize mytral valve prolapse wasn't the cause & I never had it-it was a misdiagnosis.

The "kidding doctor" part comes in when I told my current family practice doctor about this. He said, "It wasn't caffeine. It was mytral valve prolapse & prolapse is hereditary." 1st, I have no family history of this; 2nd, he's saying I must've imagined that obvious pattern of getting on caffeine & getting palpitations & then getting off caffeine the palpitations would vanish is plain ignorant!; 3rd, he's a "family practice doctor" not a specialist in cardiology so why was he making a cardiological diagnosis without the license to do it & without an echocardiogram to interpret?!

Now you see why I say "My doctor has to be kidding!" He's a nut.

In my position it's important to understand that if I leave this issue he raised where he notes his opinions in my chart alone, it could backfire on me later (example: if I had a heart attack & was unconscious I couldn't explain to any doctor to not take seriously his statement that I had mytral valve prolapse & other doctors would see this & think, "Maybe his mytral valve has finally failed" & so they do open heart surgery to replace to valve.) In thinking about future implications like I've just listed I've decided to take advantage of the legal right to have my "statement of disagreement" added to my medical chart for the day I saw this doctor. In this "statement" I'll list what I've posted here & also add that this opinion was wrong to say I never had those symptoms of "getting on & off caffeine". This way, I can be assured any future doctor(s) look there & will see they shouldn't operate for a condition I never had! Boy, this could save me some trouble!

I'd encourage others reading this post to also do the same. If you disagree with a doctors opinion or outcome of tests & such, put your statement in your medical chart-it could save your life later.

I found out about this right to put a "statement of disagreement" in your chart on the following website:
This is the Office of Civil rights under the Department of Health & Human services. For the listing where to find this on the website, scroll down to the heading "For consumers" & hit the 1st choice entitled "Fact sheet: Privacy and your Health Information". Then you'll see the page entitled "Privacy & your Health Information". The column on the right entitled "The law gives you rights over your health information" is the where you'll see it-it's the 2nd choice listed there.

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