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my 3 year roundabout

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  • Posted By: historian
  • June 6, 2011
  • 00:14 PM

Putting three yrs of medical problems into as few words as pos is indeed a huge task without racing against the clock also so I hope someone might recongnise some symptoms and just to lead me on the right road is preference to the agony I daily put up with.
It was 3yrs ago and getting out of the bath my back seemed not to support me.
There had been no warning signs previously and I had been as fit as I had ever been also 4yrs into a new relationship, life was indeed different to before and could only get better, or so I thought.
I went back to bed that morning thinking the pain would go as quick as it had come and at that time I had no idea my stay in bed was to last 5 weeks.
During that time I had many investigations. Various specialists were coming up with their own theories which ranged from back /spine problems to abdomen and prolapsed womb.
After much begging from me a hysterectomy was done although it had been said that things might get worse from this procedure and once done they did.
Every specialist in every field of surgery I saw, procedures with everything ending in scopy was done and alternative methods from a-z also undertaken ..it was a costly time. But the time wasted in not being able to do anything was more important...I had been so fit and now so useless and in so much pain.
I have not responded to any medication which includes Morphine patches, pethedin and pre gablin.
The very worst pain which affected my life the most was the burning bulge in and at the top of the vagina where I would feel this bulge drop into the vagina after ten mins of standing ..this was definatly gravity orintated but could never be felt or seen on any scans, not even Mri's ..this of course was now turning into a trip down the road to physciatry! sorry for any spell mistakes, it was soon ascertained I wasn't a candidate for this treatment. A neourosurgeon was the the last to be seen and from what he read on my files and level of pain control I was taking called for a review of pain control and put into hands of pain management...nothing has worked and I am worse now than in the begining. No one seems to be able to help me and the pain in the vagina just keeps getting worse so I can only stand for ten mins and never know where to start to get ten mins chores done...I am so depressed, I feel so useless and I can only see me getting worse unless something is done now. I have panic attacks and where as I used to browse around shops and boot fairs but have no energy for this now,....can someone help me?
the worst pains along with the vagina being red raw burning is my legs and knees I cannot understand where all this pain originates from or where and when it will stop I am so frightend ..would welcome any help or advice.
#Thanks for listening

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