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Misdiagnosis led to vision problem

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  • Posted By: RCoker
  • February 13, 2007
  • 06:06 PM

I was diagnosed in april 2004 with PINK EYE. The doctor gave me Ciloxin to use for 7 days, 2 days later I go back and tell him my eye is getting worse instead of better. He still insists I have PINK EYE. I use the Ciloxin for a week. I am still having horrible pain and my eye is so red it looks like it is bleeding. I then go to my medical doctor who says NO WAY, There is something else going on and sends me to another Optometrist. I am there for about 2 hours, being put through all kinds of stuff. Turns out I had a more serious eye disease called ANTERIOR UVEITIS. In August 2005 I was diagnosed with Glaucoma and a Cataract in my right eye as side affects from the Anterior Uveitis. I had Cataract surgery along with a Glaucoma procedure in March 2006. My vision is still not all that good. The sad part of this story is, I went back to talk to the doctor that told me I had PINK EYE, he would not talk to me. I wanted him to know the terrible mistake he made in my diagnosis. Not good practice I don't think. So now, I see my Optometrist every 6 months,or whenever the Anterior Uveitis decides it wants to flare up. I also tell all my friends and family to stay away from the doctor that made the mistake. Wouldn't want that mistake made twice. If anyone has ever had the disease they know the pain to which I am referring, if not, pray you never do. It took 8 weeks of very agressive treatment to cure it, and I have had it return 3 times since. Luckily I know the signs and am able to get to the doctor in time to stop it before it progresses to far. So to all of you that have perfect vision, take care of your eyes, they can't be replaced once the damage is done. Thanks for listening........RCoker

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  • You can forget about any doctor owning up to misdiagnosising you. That is in their nature. I have been misdiagnosised twice. Once with hyperthyrodism and the other with meningitis. I am very luckly to be alive. The ER doc purposely coved things up and left me for dead. They will do whatever they have too as long as they come out smelling like a rose!
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    • February 15, 2007
    • 00:20 AM
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  • Last time I investigated, doctors could still not walk on water. Yes, there will be misdiagnosis from time to time but medicine is not an exact science. People forget the human body is not like a car and simple to diagnose.Now that I have said that, I need a clarification to your pink eye dilemma. Were both docs you saw optometrists (OD) or ophthalmologists (MD)?
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  • My friend I heard that hearing and vision problems are not manifest disabilities, and both can lead to misdiagnosis or misunderstanding. For example, an older person with vision problems may appear timid, hesitant, or confused, especially when confronted with a new situation. Similarly, older people with hearing loss may miss the nuances of conversation and appear confused, creating unjustified impatience on the part of those with whom they are speaking. These experiences may lead to isolation, disappointment, and frustration.
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  • RCoker, who diagnosed you with pink eye, an ophthalmologist or a regular general practitioner? If it was the former, then that is one bad doctor. If it's the latter, then the doctor is not entirely to blame: general practitioners are not specialists, nor do they have the resources and experience to diagnose conditions that specialists do. To a GP, lots of things can resemble pink eye, especially since they're not actually performing an eye exam, just looking at it. If you have a condition that doesn't go away within one course of antibiotics, it's time to see a specialist NOT go back to the GP. Still I'm sorry to hear about what happened. Glad that the real problem was caught in time.
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