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Misdiagnosis Chronic Hep c genotype 1b

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  • Posted By: mrsbee1167
  • September 17, 2008
  • 02:13 PM

I was diagnosed in 2005 with Chronic Hep C genotype 1b. I have been through so crazy stuff in the past 3 years. Since my diagnosis in 2005 of Hep C I have not been able to treat previous health issues. I was and still am able to take 2 of the 4 meds I am suppose to be taking for Intercystal Cystitis (bladder condition). I have had sevarl liver blood test over the year I have been normal, and better then my docs liver test. So in Aug 2008 I decided to start treatment for the Chronic Hep C. My new doc said I pose a bit of a problem treating due to past and current health issues, like RLS, and IC as explained above, and worse of all Fibromyaliga, and I have carpul tunnel in both hands, and a nerve issue, where a herniated cervical disk is sitting on a nerve, it is called Ridicuopothy, and it effects range of motion with my arms. The carpul tunnel is so bad in the right hand that I have to shake the hand out in the mornings.
So I said that these are life long health issue, so need to treat, and ready to treat the Hep C. So as protacal we did a liver biopsy. The results were no scarring, and no fibrosis. To quote my doc compared to my 2005 liver biopsy I had mild fibrosis, then he said that is remarkable. The whole time he was talking I was thinking the same thing. My liver blood work was normal even though the meds I was taking should be showing some increase in liver enzymes, but did not. It was at that time I asked to be tested again for Hep C. Since my diagnosis of Chronic Hep C genotype1b I educated myself on this virus. I knew at the time I requested another Hep C check this did not sound right at all. So the results of the test came back positive for the antibody, which I knew from 2003 Hep, and TB test done to take a job at a hospital as a paper pusher, this was positive. I knew that I had come into contact with Hep C and rid my self of it in the acute stage some time in the way past. So as I look at the test result I had no Hep C virus, and they could not genotype it. Again my years of educating my self on Chronic Hep C genotype 1b, this was not possible in the chronic stage. SO I NEVER HAD CHRONIC HEP C GENOTYPE 1B, AND I HAVE PROOF THAT THE LAB AND DOC MADE GRAVE ERRORS WITH THE BLOOD TEST THAT WAS USED TO DIAGNOSIS ME. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

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  • It's in no way right that they laid that on you, I was diagnoised with HepC Genotype 3a in '96, so I know what that does to you mentally, but just consider yourself lucky.I suppose if you had money to burn you could probably find a lawyer to sue them for the mental anguish it put you through but I would just move on with my life if I were you.
    alias2277b 18 Replies
    • October 2, 2008
    • 05:57 PM
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  • :)I agree with "Alias" just be grateful you don't have it.Thank God and start anew.:)
    utah333 2 Replies
    • October 5, 2008
    • 05:09 AM
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  • That's great news. Be happy you don't have it. I would be cautious, however, and go to another doctor who uses a different lab and get the tests again in six months. I would probably have seen a lawyer for a consult if this news is less than a year old (two in some states). You may want to see a homeopathic doctor along with an acupuncturist for your other issues. I think they could help you a bunch if you can afford it.$$$$$
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • October 5, 2008
    • 04:57 PM
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