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Misdiagnosed stroke in 8 month baby.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 19, 2006
  • 06:56 PM

Hi , My 8 month old daughter woke one morning fine and healthy, she had a bottle and was then a bit dozy which was odd, I thought she was tired so I layed her down, about an hour later I heard her scream and went into her room, she was layed in a funny position and wasn't sitting up, (she was able to sit herself up by herself at this age) I sat her up and she fell to one side, I was scared by now and took her to the hospital. She was given blood tests and a ct scan under general anaesthetic which was clear she she was diagnosed as having muscle strain in her left arm we were sent home the nextday, the next day I took her back because the GP told me he wasn't happy with the diagnosis, they performed a lumbar puncture, my daughter was hysterical and disorientated, she was vomiting and weak and we were told to go home. The next day I took her back because she was still vomiting , I was told that she was already given a CT scan it was all clear so there was nothing wrong, and sent home , Later that day I had a telephone call to say that the scan was mistaken for another babies and she had a fractured skull, I was told to call an ambulance, I did and she was rushed in when we got there we were told it was a mistake and sent home I was extremely upset and cried asking what was wrong but was told that would get me nowhere and was not good for my daughter who they thought may have a virus. The a few days later she started having seizures I called an ambulance and got to the hospital , She was given another CT and a bone scan to look for broken bones again with a general anaesthetic, this was clear, I was told that she probably had a virus and was eventually sent home, they did not wait to watch a seizure even though she was having them on and off while |I was there. That night at home she was in and out of seizures all night I stayed with her not knowing what to do. The next morning I was so panicd I took her back to the childrens ward and told them my daughter has brain damage, the registrar told me that she didn't and sent me to a room to calm down. A doctor eventually came to see us after 4 hours, as he was sitting down my daughter went into another seizure he immediately called for her to be put on an IV seizure medication and requested an MRI, he went to review her previous CT scan , when he got back he was with a nurse, they told me that my baby had been shaken very hard in a snapping type action, they asked if I had left her with anyone , I said no. That night I was not allowed to sleep in my daughters room, she was weak from crying , she was scared and confused, she no longer had the use of half her body, she couldn't sit or feed from her bottle without vomiting , her wimpering all night broke my heart, it's never mended since and when I was with her I had to keep the curtains open, the nurses didn't talk to me or tell me that there were parent facilities availiable, they were lovely with other parents. I had to go to the public toilet to wash.
Then she had the MRI it diagnosed a stroke , an ischemic stroke , caused by a blood clot. This diagnosis was arrived at after 2 weeks of ***l , discomfort and terror for my child travelling backwards and forwards to hospital undergoing unnecessary proceedures (over an hour away) She was misdiagnosed as a virus, muscle strain, dislocated shoulder, shaken baby syndrome and broken bones. It was a stroke.
My daughter is now 8, she has hemiplegia and epilepsy.

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  • I can relate to how you feel. My 2 week old daughter had a stroke. We were accused of child abuse and lost her for 2 months even after we had medical evidence she was not abused. She just had the bleed and nothing else. I am very happy to say, she is a very happy 4 year old now. She can be stuborn and may have some learning issues, but her outcome is good. Makes you wonder about doctors sometimes.
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