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Misdiagnosed Arsenic Poisoning

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  • Posted By: Victorious
  • June 19, 2010
  • 04:18 PM

A month ago a friends (elderly) father was diagnosed with arsenic poisoning. They said the level was so high that they didn't know how he was still alive...(they did not admit him to the hospital - which I thought was strange) The family was told that there would be an investigation. After a month of worrying and waiting - the lab now says it was a mistake on their part!

My question is...
Arsenic poisoning is often misdiagnosed as something else... I can't find anything on the net where this has happened. Does anyone know of a case similar this? They still don't know what's wrong with him..

I'm sorry if this is not the correct forum for this thread! Just wasn't sure where it fit. :)

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  • Hi I have copied and pasted but have added some comments. This article has other links embedded which might prove helpful. 1. Check for a Metallic Taste in the MouthAcute poisoning from arsenic typically begins with a taste of metal and an odor similar to garlic on the victim's breath. It may also cause a dry mouth and difficulty swallowing. If you work around arsenic or you suspect that arsenic poisoning is a possibility in your environment, get the victim clear of the area when these symptoms appear. If the poisoning is serious, he will get worse very quickly.Sponsored LinksRemove Heavy Metals Heavy metals are all over the place Remove them safely with Metal-FreeĀ® BodyHealth.com 2. Look for Stomach Pains and HeadachesMinor symptoms of arsenic poisoning will include headaches, dizziness and feelings of vertigo in minor cases of arsenic poisoning. More serious cases will involve nausea, stomach cramps, pain in the abdomen, discolored urine and bloody diarrhea. Dehydration may occur from the loss of fluids due to vomiting or watery stools. If the arsenic was ingested, the liver and kidneys will likely suffer damage as well. The inability of those organs to process waste can pollute the blood and cause other problems. Convulsions, comas and death will likely follow if the arsenic poisoning is left untreated.The above symptoms could point to cholera and in fact over 100 years ago when cholera was common a lot of arsenic poisonings were mistaken for cholera. People were getting away with murder.3. Watch for Chills Caused by Exposure to Arsine GasArsine gas is a common means of exposure to arsenic, usually in industrial accidents or similar work-related mishaps. Victims often report feeling chills and having the shakes in addition to the other symptoms of arsenic poisoning.Chills are a symptom of many fevers.4. Check for Symptoms of Chronic PoisoningChronic arsenic poisoning takes place after prolonged exposure to arsenic over a lengthy period of time. It is tougher to diagnose than acute arsenic poisoning, which has symptoms that appear very quickly. Chronic arsenic poisoning can show itself in dark or light spots on the skin, keratosis developing on the hands or feet and white lines called Mees' lines on the fingernails. Chronic exposure can also lead to cancerous tumors inside the body as well as further damage to the liver, kidneys and other internal organs. Bowen's disease, hyperkeratosis and other malignant skin conditions may develop as well. People who work around arsenic or who run the risk of long-term exposure to it should get regular checkups and report any symptoms of chronic poisoning to their doctors.Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/12846-diagnose-arsenic-poisoning-symptoms/#ixzz0rmv4zhsC In chronic arsenic poisoning many different diseases could be mistakenly diagnosed including cancer. However it may have been a mistake in the laboratory. perhaps from a contaminated sample or someone misreading a result or just a decimal point in the wrong place.I hope this helps.
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