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me and my children have been sick so long

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  • Posted By: jennybean
  • May 11, 2009
  • 09:07 PM

:(I have been sick going on 3 years now, fatigue, extreme pain (feels like bone pain to me, but all x-rays are always fine) with muscle spasms with activity, and now constant nausea. My docs finally diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, but I really don't feel that's right, bone pain, then the muscle spasms come after bad bone pain.
I never really put it together, but my daughter was sick for 3 years, she seems well now, and she's living with her father now, her symptoms were fatigue, stomach discomfort, and aches, but the fatigue was the worst, oh and concentration problems. Besides moving out, she has also changed her diet to no dairy products.
Now my son, has had a very bad year with getting sick. He seems to catch everything that comes down the road, last week he had a cold, this week a stomache virus. He has a very good diet, and takes a mutivitamin daily. He has missed 30 days of school. Besides having Legg-Calve-Perthe's when he was younger (out of the active disease now) he has been very healthy up to now. He is not a complainer, and even at the worst stage of the LCPD he would never complain of pain, yet this year I noticed him slowing down and stating to walk like me (with a kind of limp) and complaining of a lot of aches and pains, and doesn't sleep well at night. He also has a low tempature (one time the school nurse called me because it was 95. something, which has happened numerous times at home, and had very very cold feet and hands.
I will admit I am very bad about taking them to the doctors, if it is something that doesn't require a cast or prescription meds, I don't take them, and haven't been good about check-ups either. I know its no excuse, but my mother constantly ran me to the docs as a child, and I grew very wary and leary of doctors, if I can fix it at home I do. I did take him today as he could not stop throwing up, and was quite pale, and I feared dehydration.
I'm sorry to drag on but trying to get in specifics. My father's side of the family all have strange health issues like fibromyalgia(dad's mom) chronic fatigue(dads 1st sister) psoriasis(sp?) rheumatoid arthritis (dads 2nd sister) and something I don't know what it is (dads 3rd sister) where her feet keep fracturing, to the point she ended up in a wheelchair, she is only 48.My father died at 49, from heat stroke, but was always complaining of one ailment or another before his death.
My question is does it sound as if me and my kids got the crappy end of the genetic stick, or could it be environmental? I think I should follow up with his pediatrician after this stomach bug, but I don't want her to think I'm nuts. Does this sound like he needs following up, or should I just change his diet?And maybe mine...

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