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lymphoma or mono?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 9, 2010
  • 02:57 AM

I'm the type of person that doesn't go to the doctor until I know there is obviously something wrong. Well last year I went months with extreme fatigue, very sore neck (like it hurt to turn my head), night sweats, headache and fever, and an enlarged lymphnode on the left side of my neck that was very visible. I waited for about a month before I went to the doctors. The doctor felt around my neck and at first was more concerned with my thyroid than the lymphnode. After an ultra sound for my thyroid everything came back negative. So from there the doctor put me on antibiotics to see if the swelling of my lymphnode would subside or any of the symptoms.
After a couple weeks and no results the doc then ordered a CT scan of my neck. From there the doctor discovered that all the lymph-nodes in my neck were enlarged and from what he could see in my chest were too. So the doc then ordered a full body CT scan to check out everything else. He found that my liver and spleen were enlarged but none of the other lymph-nodes. So within a matter of a week and lots of tests the doctor suspected that I may have Lymphoma and sent me to a specialist for a biopsy. Both doctors seemed like they were almost sure I had lymphoma because I seemed to have every possible symptom.
After preforming the biopsy and weeks of waiting the results came back negative for cancer. The lady over the phone said I had a virus that was consistent with Mono! I should've gotten a second opinion because I still feel generally bad all the time, and after reading the doc's report on my surgery I still worry all the time! In the report he stated that he was not able to take out just the one lymph-node because they were all matted together in one large mass on my left side and appeared to be cancerous. The doc himself seemed very surprised with the results since he seemed oh so sure it was lymphoma. Could this be a mistake? Is it possible that the biopsy results were wrong? Can you still get a second opinion with just the medical records? I feel that maybe someone else should look at this so that I can have a piece of mind. I'm sick all the time and have no idea why my immune system seems so weak! Any common cold or cough I keep for months and turns into bronchitis! I feel weak and tired all the time. I feel like something is wrong and the doctors don't know what it is. I spend the majority of my free time researching and on Web MD trying to figure it out myself!

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