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Lyme disease the underlying culprit

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  • Posted By: Norske
  • October 23, 2006
  • 08:37 AM

I have been reading many posts on this site. I also experienced many of the symptoms that others on here are posting. I was misdiagnosed going back as far as 1991. Going from Dr. to Dr. with no accurate dignosis of what was actually wrong. Finally, I got help. Brain Fog, fatigue, aching joints, heart palpitations, numbness, insomnia, sensitivity to light and sound, balance (vertigo), . Too many more to mention. LYME disease is what I have. I would suggest going to this site and reading the symptom list. In my case I had 33 out of 35 that would apply to me being a woman. Lyme is known as the disease in disguise and manifests itself in many ways. Many are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, RA, depression and many other diseases where LYME is the underlying bacteria going untreated. In my case I was treated for RA even though I tested negative and did not have the symptoms of RA. I was given drugs that worsened my condition rapidly. I have researched Lyme disease for almost 3 years now. People need to be informed and aware of they symptoms and the manifestations of this disease not being treated. Also, this disease is passed intro vitro (mother to child). Children are being diagnosed with ADD when in fact Lyme may be the underlying culprit.
Please get informed on Lyme disease and talk to your dr. You do not have to remember having a tick or the typical bulls eye rash. Lyme is a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms. I suggest going to this site and reading it in it's entirety. http://www.ilads.org/burrascano_0905.html

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  • Thank you for sharing this information. Interestingly enough, I have had several issues going on throughout my body. Degenerative Disk Disease, loss of sensation in my hands (which have lead to multiple trips to doc for stitches) pain in my joints, loss of balance, chronic UTI's, and just too many to list. In anycase, I recently moved and had to get a new pain management doctor and I decided to see a brand new neurologist. After hearing my symptoms, he decided to get labs to check for Lyme Disease. While I am waiting for the results, and chances are my issues are relating to several discs abutting various levels in my spinal cord, I'm glad my new neurologist decided to investigate the Lyme Disease. Sadly too many doctors think inside the box and try to explain away symptoms the easiest way possible. I've read some posts here and it's sad that it's a rare doctor that actually wants to investigate all possibilities, instead of just throwing up an easy label. A good doctor should have a detective's ideology, "Everyone is a suspect, until eliminated"
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    • October 25, 2006
    • 05:58 PM
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  • HiJust remember the test for Lyme is not diagnostic and Lyme is diagnosed on a clinical basis. It say's this right on the lab reports. Please read the symptom list on Dr. Burrascanno website or visit Lymenet.com another one is Midwest_Lyme_Disease@yahoogroups.com Thanks
    Norske 1 Replies
    • October 25, 2006
    • 06:22 PM
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  • Hi, thanks for your post. I was misdiagnosed for several months and finally got tested and diagnosed positively with Lyme. I write a blog and a website that is dedicated to getting up-to-date information to people suffering with Lyme. The most exciting and hopeful thing I've been doing lately is interviewing people who have been successful at treating Lyme disease with antimicrobials, which are herbs, instead of antibiotics. They're similar to the herbs used for treatment of malaria. These people are getting well. They give me hope, as I am still struggling with symptoms. Here's my site:http://www.lyme-disease-research-database.com
    suzannearth 1 Replies
    • November 3, 2006
    • 08:19 PM
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  • Lyme is WAY over looked when trying to diagnose many diffrent things. I recently spent months trying to find out what my joint pain was from. In my case it was not lyme, but an auto immune desiese called "hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy". It is kicked off by lung cancer. I just wanted to add this so any one suffering lyme type symptoms, but not having it may want to look into a chest xray. In my case I also had "clubbing" of the fingers and toes which should have been a nobrainer to the doctors, but they still missed it (3 diffrent doctors) for 8 months. This lack of attention from docs has probably signed my death warrent. I have a large tumor in the left lung and small noduel in the right lung. The right lung noduel has not been biopsied yet, but if it is cancer I will be stage 4 and terminal. Doc paying attention could have saved my life as I would have been in a much earlier and treatable stage if they had!
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    • January 24, 2007
    • 08:38 PM
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  • In my case I also had "clubbing" of the fingers and toes which should have been a nobrainer to the doctorsI'm so sorry to hear that them missing this could be life threatening, I sincerely hope they've caught it in time!...but for the other people out there with clubbing, don't think for an instant that them noticing it will be a cure-all, either. I went in with clubbing and they're still trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I have a long healthy list of what it's NOT , but still no clue what it is. i have plenty of other symptoms but 5 doctors later they're still scratching their heads and hoping to keep me pain-free with vicodin while they figure it out. Clubbing is a 'chronic condition'--a sign that something 'very bad' is happening inside--this is what they keep telling me, yet they can't figure out what it is... presenting with a nice noticeable symptom doesn't always help. if anyone out there sees clubbing in their fingers or toes, get to the doctor--and just skip the family doc and go right to the interns.
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  • If it was a typical hospital test for Lyme, they are useless. Only good lab tests are from Bowen Lab and / or Igenex. Some EDS machines do not show it physically, but an energy pattern may be present that indicates it is probable.
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  • i am a 21 year old female with two small toddlers. my head is spinning in circles. no doctor can find out whats wrong with me. long story short - about 2 months after my youngest was born i went almost completely crippled in about a week. that was almost 2 years ago.i saw a fam doc and was"tested" for everything uunder the sun and i can only get "the highest reumatoid factors any doctor has ever seen". tried ra treatment and it failed miserably. i saw a homeopathic dr and he dianosed me lymes. his treatment worked for maybe 6 months and that was it. my joints are always swollen and inflamed with agonizing pain. heres the tricky part, doxycycl, tramadol, and alieve arthritis are the only things that have been able to help minimize the pain to a semi comfortable level. i have been tested multiple times for lymes and never have i gotten a "positive" so all the doctors are telling me its imposible except one lymes specialist, whom i cant afford the picline treatment.i cant keep "living" with all of these problems and i have no where to turn. if someone has any suggestions or questions PLEASE email me MommaTo2MH@aol.comMelanieReading, PA
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