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Lyme Diagnosis Wrong

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 13, 2007
  • 02:18 PM

Hi, my name is Shelley. Starting 7 years ago, I started having wierd symptoms: muscle swelling and hives. What is wierd is what would set these off. Tight pants, the shoulder strap on my shoulder, chilly water, pushing a fertilizer spreader over the yard..... The list goes on. Most of the time the muscle swelling would be on my forarm (it would litterly look like someone put 1/2 a chicken egg under my skin), or on my thigh, shoulder, my buttocks, or under my foot, and they would hurt, like a bad bruise. The hives were brought on by tight fitting clothes (waist bands, bras, etc.) Where ever the items were too tight I would get a long, raised, itchy, painful whelp. Once I was cleaning my plastic lined pond, had just refilled it with clean water (from well) and had gotten in to straighten the plastic. The water was about thigh high. I was in for maybe 5 minutes, my legs had gradually started itching and were getting pretty bad. I got out and went in the house to rinse them off (incase it was something from the plastic making me itch). I dryed them and noticed my whole legs were whelped. I knew they were whelped by the sparatic normal spots of skin between the whelps. I've had doctors do ice cube test to confirm I'm "allergic" to cold and pressure test for the "pressure allergy".

I started going to Doctors when this all came about. One doctor did a Lyme test on me. It came back positive. I did 2 months of anitbotics. Went to another doctor. He did a more precise test. He said that I have the antibodies showing that I had Lyme disease, but no longer show a positive. He also said that my C3Q enzyme was defecient. I never followed up on the enzymen. I live in Texas near the coast. We do not have any outbreaks of Lyme here. I never had a bullseye rash and most of the symptoms do not fit me. I know this test may have been right but it wasn't Lyme triggering the positive. There had to be something else. By the way the doctors finally just diagnosed me with and over active immune system. ( I rarely get sick!)

Does anyone know of anything else that might trigger a false Lyme result?

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  • Exactly what test did you have ? You do not have to have a tick bite and / or the classic bullseye rash.Lyme is spread other ways than just ticks. How far do you want to go to really find out what is wrong ?
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  • Sounds like you might have skin allergies from various sources. Tight fitting clothing, especially if you are allergic to the material, could make the problem worse and cause the hives. The pond situation sounds like bacteria, not cold. Are the hives everywhere or just in specific areas? Do you take any medications, vitamins, or supplements?Why did the doctor test for C3Q enzymes? Was it related to the IgG test for lyme disease? The only possible explanation I can think of is some kind of immunological deficency or some kind of transport deficency in your body. Did you ask the doctor what the decreased test result indicates?
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  • Ralph, what other ways are Lyme spread? Ive been dealing with terrible symptoms as follows:**I cant take this anymore******Severe dizzinesspopping/fullness in headtingling on side of faceneck painback painboth knees painirregular menstrual periods hair lossfatugueflu feelingspuffy eyesvisual disturbences (mass amounts of floaters, flashes, see colors,blurry vision (inability to focus) lines and black pulsating movement)headachesfeeling of "Impending doom"anxiety (because of symptoms)ringing in earheart skips a beat, rapid heartbeatfeel weak & "sick"feel like Im going crazy because of diseasefeels like Im being eaten away by disease (slowly)cannot/will not drink alcohol because of symptomscannot enjoy my life (IE someone asks me to go somewhere and I can't because of symptoms could lay me out)no sex drivecannot focuszapping pains in thighs and calfs (aching too)feeling like my knees are going to explode (and ache)joints in wrists, shoulders, neck kill meget spotty like red rash off and on (DR said almost resembles ringworm)fullness in head (feels dangerous)diarreahcold and hot flashesshakiness (sometimes)bad breath (geographical tongue)fluid sometimes in ear (when I put my finger in it)feeling as though someone is pushing on my shouldersfloor "slips" from underneath me at timesswollen lymphnode on back of skull that appears off and on with flu like symptoms
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  • Lyme can be transferred through many types of insects and through many body fluids. The bullseye rash should be titled bulls*** rash - many with Lyme have never had the rash. Reliable tests are from Bowen Lab and the other is Igenex Reference Lab. Do a search on both of these. IME the traditional lab tests are useless and the traditional medical views are also useless. Lyme disease can be very complex, expressing differently in each person. The bacteria has been around for 100 million years and can and does adapt well to many things.We as a species have been around for 3 million years so we have a bit of catching up to do. Also, access the current Townsend Letter online as it concentrates on Lyme in this issue, and access www.lymenet.org for current info. On that site you can find a LLMD or Lyme Literate MD that has knowledge of the disease and treatment options. Some current opinion is that many diseases are connected to Lyme - MS, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid - for example. I have had a few patients with Lyme and it can be pretty nasty.
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  • Your symptoms sound very, very much like what I went through about four years ago now.My neck, arms, trunk, legs, and feet would become itchy and break out in hives like crazy. This went on for about three months or better. I would go to the doctor and of course, nothing would show then. I didn't know what was causing it, but after taking some strong antihistamines as often as I safely could for weeks on end, they finally stopped.Now for another problem, which has just come to light in the past several weeks, and for which I am now being seen and treated by a Neurologist: a possible diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.Interestingly, Lyme's and MS can often times be confused for each other.I can't wait to see what my test results reveal now, especially after reading your post. I hope things are much improved for you now.
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    • December 13, 2007
    • 11:23 PM
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  • have any of you had to go to the ER because of these symptoms??
    mysterybette 9 Replies
    • January 11, 2008
    • 01:52 AM
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  • Just so you know, it's "welts" and "welted". Whelp means to have puppies.
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    • January 11, 2008
    • 06:00 AM
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  • Interestingly, Lyme's and MS can often times be confused for each other.This is because Lyme's and MS really can be the same thing. Yeah, your regualar doc may deny this, but ask that doc exactly how much time they have been studying and exploring Lyme's.
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    • January 13, 2008
    • 10:21 PM
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