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Ive had enough of doctors.

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  • May 16, 2007
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Hi, ive just found this forum and thought id share my story. For the last nine years ive suffered with various skin problems and still havnt got a complete diagnosis. Even worse is the fact that my problem is contagious, and from the first visit to my doctor ive been told its an allergy and nothing to worry about. The symptoms are itching, hives, boils andnettle type rashes. Because my doctors wont believe its contagious ive infected hundreds of pple at work, in many different workplaces. Now 9 yrs later im going to do something about it, the first 2 years i went to the doctors repaetedly and was given antibiotics, shampoos which none helped, just made it worse.Two years ago approx, i was diagnosed with hpv, and the doctors said it wasnt really contagious? I no longer go to the doctors as they have labelled me as delusional and i get too upset being fobbed off each time. Ive been reading alot on med negligence etc and im hoping i have a case for delayed, failure to diagnose. I know im contagious and all my fellow workers get the same symptoms, itching small boils, spots on face and scalp. Ive suffered with depression on and off for the past 9 yrs, not so much because of my symptoms, but because i cant get my doctors to believe me. I think i have another infection on top of the hpv which causes the boils and spots, painful spots. Im now open about my itchy problem in work, ive told them i think i have an infection and they think its bugs etc from the factory, which i know it isnt. I have now got so fed up im going to ask my boss this week for confirmation (written) that im spreading an infection around. My doctors have given me lots of medication antibiotics etc when i first started to go, all these medications were given to me even thou they couldnt diagnose my prob. Im now applying for my records as i know there are numerous errors, i remember seeing my gps computer screen with my records and each entry just said sore skin many many times. How can they give me loads of different medications even skin steroids which i believe made my face/ skin worse without diagnosind the problem, i believe all the diff antibiotics he gave me made me worse and my symptoms worse. Im really confused, is HPV contagious all the time, or just some of the time? Im hoping soon i will get closure with my problem, my symptoms are now 80% better but im still highly contagious. I can live with the symptoms but i cant cope with the fact everybody i come close too catches this infection. Any help info appreciated thanks.........

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  • What a tough story. I share your frustration with doctors; I have an undiagnosed joint pain condition and have been to so many specialists over the past couple years that I never want to see another white coat again!I'm assuming the HPV you were "diagnosed" with stands for human papillomavirus. Everything I've read and heard about HPV indicates that its an STD, not spread around like the common cold. The best advice I can give you is to do your research. Look up your symptoms, evaluate your diet, make a list of all the medications you're taking or have taken recently. And don't give up, especially since whatever this is continues to be contagious.Also, be firm. Don't let the doctors tell you that you're mistaken about something you know is true. If they maintain that what you're saying just isn't true, ask them what their reasoning is. Try to avoid or clear up any miscommunication. Doctors are only human, after all; they make just as many mistakes as everyone else!Good luck. :)
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  • Ok i went back to my gp last week shes arranged a number of tests for me, as ive said before i have hpv which ive been told by my doctor i cant spread it on in the workplace ie, working close, next 2 somebody. I have hives like bites which after working in numerous factories with many pple i have spread to close workers, which in turn has passed to the next person and so on. My gp says ill never find out wot is causing my hives and they are not contagious. Also my girlfriend and workmates are itching with hives, which apparently is just another coincidence? My girlfriend went to see my gp to collect my medical records today ill get them later. My gp yesterday refused to hand over my records to my grfnd as she said she,d like to discuss my records with me so i dont get upset? Today she confirmed to my girlfriend that she thinks im dillusional and asked my girlfriend to steer me away from the idea that im infectious. Ive been told by a specialist years ago that im dillusional after she gave me a 5 min look over no tests. Ive been telling my doctors for nearly 10 years that im still passing this infection on to others, and they still wont accept it.I now have to get another job to deliberately spread this to another group of pple to try and prove with a letter from my next new boss that im not dillusional. Its all going to come out that ive been right all along and to be honest im very angry. Im angry as not all the relevant tests have been carried out (hardly any) and this is now the 3rd doctor whos labelled me as dillusional. I will post more info later today after ive gone over my medical records which i know are a mess before i look at them. Im hate doctors as ive spent atleast 4 years out of work, i dont go out much anymore as i dont like passing it to others. I know its infectious for a fact i just need confirmation, then ill be seeking legal advice.:(
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  • Hi there again, well ive gone through my medical records and they are a mess. Unable to read handwriting, lots of abbreviations, wrong dates years, badly copied info cutting off dates from the page, faint ink copies. But the biggest laugh was how i have dilusional parasitaphobia? this diagnosis was made in 1999 1 year after problems started. There is alot of missing appointments, how can they repeatedly give me medication antibiotics etc shampoos for a problem one doctor says is in my head, even though ive always had severe visual symptoms? I know there are lots of appointments missing and was wondering if the chemist i used to collect my medication from will still have dates records of medicine i was given around that time. I remember seeing my records on screen briefly which showed maybe 30 visits dates etc and on the right side of the screen, the diagnosis showed sore skin on every line, theres only one sore skin diagnosis on the records i have, so i know its been edited. Is there anyway i can find out exact dates of visits and medicine recieved from the chemist, as i know there were far more visits made than wot my records show plse help.? If its possible to get a log of all medicine collected from the chemist in the uk as this will show the missing info i need? Ive read a fair bit about dilusional disorders etc, and it looks like the more i repeat myself the more ill look dilusional? I wont give up, and yes i know what ive typed about a cover up of records makes me look even more of a dsional person? Any advice??
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  • i don't think you're mad at all.... in fact, i can completely see where ur coming from. ive heard of many stories like your's and even worse... these doctors should be stopped, and one day they will be... in the mean time they carry on killing people, and ruining their health.... and they just sit back and collect their thousands.... keep fighting... don't let them get you down.... you don't seem crazy at all... don't let them make you think you are... that's just what they want.keep us posted if you manage to get anywhere with your complaints, and be stronggood luck
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  • I can compltely relate. I was misdiagnosed and filed lawsuit against three doctors, which settled several years ago. Even worse, no doctor will see me since I filed a lawsuit, and those that do, abruptly push me off or refer me to anyone "outside" their specialty. I only filed lawsuit after being bullied by doctors and other medical personnell, only after they found out they made a mistake---before that, they always noted what a compliant, pleasant patient I was----until they knew they screwed up, then,--------I was the "problem patient" and the spread all sorts of ill-will about me. Years later, I still canot get adequate care and mostly, no care at all. I have been black-balled in the medical community to the 32nd degree----because of a mistake they made. it would have been fine, for the most part, or I would have never sued anyone---if they owuld have tried to help with what they made a mistake with, but instead- to protect themselves, the good ol'boy posse decided to start denying any medical care at all and spreading rumors about that I might sue, which had the effect of them giving me the idea to sue, which I did, but, apparently, suing to protect mysefl form being harrased by those who made a medical mistake---lead to even more harrassing, expeciallyl when it settled out of ocurt.There are 1%, maybe, in my estimation of doctor's who have been good to me despite a mistake other doctors made, but once you are branded by the medical community as a "trouble-maker" changing your name seems the only option. I can totally relate to your difficulites with medical doctors. medical car ein the USA at least, is all about money to the doctors, except maybe to the poor, sleep-deprived medical student---who has maybe loftier goals at first of "helping people", then even they get "damaged" once they become "real doctors". medicine is not an accurate science, and anymore, it is a mass money-making business, at least for the pharmaceutical companies, and it's all about protecting their reputations and about money, not about caring for people or helping people be well or saving lives any more. I was actually told, from the getgo after everyone new that my doctors made an error, huge errors in my care and misdiagnose, was told by a doctor, that he had been called and warned to not se eme as a pateint and that the facility of doctors where the misdiagnosis were known in town to call other doctors in town anytime they thought someone might sue and warn other doctors of this, whether anyone intended to sue or not, to protect themselves, and then spread disparaging remarks about the patient so if there ever was a lawsuit----they had enough bad stuff spread around to make the patient look bad. In additon, they ban together to defend each other regardless of whether they are guilty or not, thus---the good ole boy physician system. Are there some good doctors out there? I suspect there are, but from my experience they are far and few between and very scarce (that is, once they make a mistake and know they did---they become very scarce). I tried to forstall being bullied by doctors by telling them I had no intent to sue; in fact, the idea never crossed my mind, until one place I made an appointment with sent me a leetter stating they were cancelling my appointent and would not see me at their clinic, and I had never been there before.l When I called them, they told me that all the doctors there had heard a rumor that I might be suing someone, and I told them the idea had never crossed my mind. As the bullying continued, I decided the only way to pretect myself, was to sue, the idea they originally gave me by their fear and maltreatmnet because they "thought" i was going to sue-----so their fear led me to do what they feared most----to sue. I thought that would solve all of my probelms, but it didn;t, in fact, the harrassing got even more severe. That kind of thing needs stopped and needs stopped very soon. A lawsuit might get you some welldeserved monetary reimbursement, but it is nearly impossible to even sue a doctor because they have made it so very difficult to even sue a doctor. The rumors that the world is sue happy or that it is easy to sue a doctor is false, rarely does anyone get to first base---it takes a lot to try to sue a doctor and there ar emore laws protecting doctors t than there are laws protecting patients. Patgients they think might be a threat to them, they will use all means to dispose of or to lessen the threat or build a defense against----they will label your psycvhological or crazy, try to build a case that you caused your own medical problems in some way to shift blame your way, and try to intimidate you in ways such as calling around and telling their colleagues to cause a bit of trouble for you and put pressur eon other physician colleagues who don't comply with their good ole boy system as well. Even the heartiest, well-intended physician can fall under the "peer pressure" and join the hanging mob of blood hungry bullies, or physicians. The largest tool doctors use to protect themselves is the "medical record". In thos,e they use records to write all kinds of disparaging remarks on people and use medical records not so much to document medical facts, but personal opinions and use it as a tool or defense for themselves to protec tthem from a lawsuit. if you have been misdiagnosed, don't be suprised if you medical record starts looking a bit dark and lurky concerning who you are, your personality , and otherwise. There ar eno laws protecting patients as far as what a doctor can say in a medical record aobut you. They can say anything they want, true or not, even on matters of opinion, such as, this patinet is a ***k, and throwing in a few unprovable psychological diagnoses in there to cloud the picture as well. In fact, anything psychological is their best defense because much of that is unprovable but very believable. People who have been misdiagnosed or harmed by physician conduct need to ban together and speak out if anything is ever going to change. there needs to be more laws that protect patients and not just laws protecting doctors.
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  • Hi there...Doctors very often prescribe medications and creams to stop the symptoms.. but have you ever wonder why they never seriously question the cause of it all?I am new, just came across this forum and found so many people frustrated with conditions that had bugged them for life! I wish to share my experience... I have allergies of sorts too, but definitely not as serious as I can see you are having. I had (noticed i used 'HAD') accepted it as part of my life.. however, the main point is that I was introduced to a chiropractor about 3 months ago. It was actually due to my back injury that I got to him... by recommendation. What Chiropractor does is, he realigns our spine. Our spine is the main structure that supports all our nerves that runs through our whole body.. It supports our main communication system! If this structure is misaligned, referred to as 'Subluxation', we start getting diseases, illnesses, allergies, sickness... Our nerves are pinched and not getting the communication in our body system running smoothly, thus causing all the symptoms to show up in our body! I wish you can read up more about it. i can of course tell you more if you are really interested to go to one. I have heard of people who are going through chiropractic care that has improved in terms of their allergies and skin conditions too. No medication, they believe in the body healing itself. Just through the right adjustments to help our body 'communicate' well again. It finds the root cause of the symptoms, not treat the problems without knowing what is causing it. usually medication is used in the latter case and once you stop the medication, symptoms returns. But Chiro really helps to treat the root cause.. of course, great commitment and discipline when going through chiropractic care but trust me, it is all Worth the While! ^_^'Lil
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  • I have had enough of drs, too! They almost killed my daughter w/ meds that were inappropriate for her to begin w/....then kept her horribly sick for 4 yrs on more meds to control the side effects of the first meds! I also sued. The best way to get well or stay well is to stay away from drs as much as possible. Alternative health measures are the most helpful in recovering from chronic problems. Drs don't even try to figure out the root cause anymore, they just want to give you meds for the symptoms which then make you sicker...all so they can get their perks from the pharmaceutical companies. If you don't know that this situation exists in our country, you had better wake up! I may not read this forum anymore, but wanted to add that our medical system is horrible now. For the most part, drs are not about helping anyone but themselves.
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