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Itchy bump on eyelid

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 15, 2008
  • 02:21 AM

I thought I had a stye on my eye. I had one before and it itched a bit. The doctor did no testing and handed me a prescription for anti-biotics (oral and topical). The next day it was larger. I thought it looked like a cold sore blister and then someone at work said the same thing. I searched online for "herpes on the eye" and found shingles/herpes zoster. It didn't quite look like this, but by the next day and the way it was behaving, I was sure it was some sort of herpes virus. It swelled over-night and decreased in size during the day with minor itching sensation.

I had stopped the anti-biotics because they clearly weren't working.

I called the doctor and told her that I thought it was herpes, but she didn't believe me. She insisted that it wasn't herpes zoster, but agreed to do a culture. Sure enough, it was herpes simplex one, ON MY EYE! So, you can get cold sores on your eye. Who would have thought?

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  • Herpes simplex is, as you may know, common on the lips and around the mouth.THAT is one of many reasons people who wear contact lenses MUST never NEVER use saliva or put a lens in the mouth to "re-wet" it. NEVER!! I hope that yours is OK and stays OK, but herpes infection in the eye can become very very serious.One must never wipe the mouth with the back of a hand and then wipe the eye. One should likewise not "wipe nose" with back of fingers/hand and wipe eyes, because herpes is common around the nose of some.One should always wash hands in clean water with clean soap (baby shampoo is best) before putting them near the eyes ... several times if greasy. Most people do not know how very serious eye infections can be. Some learn too late. You can get a heart transplant, kidney, etc. ... but I think your own two eyes are still the only ones you get. What wouldn't you do to save them "if you only knew". Now you do.Incidentally, an itchy eyelid that gradually, or sometimes rapidly, swells up (and may "come and go" for a while) can also be a chalazion ... a stopped up meibomian (oil) gland at the edge of the eyelid. This can sometimes cause the lid to swell up so much as to swell the eye shut. It becomes quite painful, but itch is usually the first sign.
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