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It's not in my head!

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  • Posted By: vvfrog
  • November 25, 2006
  • 03:49 PM

Hello. I am 29 and have dealt with stomach problems since age 10. Four years ago I began to have severe abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. Tests constantly came back normal. i was hospitalized a lot, and had to go to the ER a lot. Because my pain was so severe, the only thing that worked was narcotics. After making numerous trips to the ER, I began to be labeled as a drug-seeker. I was also accused of being bulimic due to the unexplained vomiting. Eventually I was diagnosed with Cyclic Vomining Syndrome, and was put on different meds. However, my symptoms began to get worse, and nobdy would take me seriously.
Eventually I was vomiting so much I had to have a feeding tube inserted. I also had several operations, including one that removed my gall bladder. Finally I was sent to a research hospital where I spent 2 months udergoing specialized tests. This last month, I was finally diagnosed with idiopathic gastroparesis. This means that my stomach is paralyzed. Only 5% of my stomach is working. I can take small sips of liquid, but nothing else. Currently I am 100% dependent on a feeding tube as well as I.V. nutrition. I am waiting to be evaluated for an experimental device called a stomach pacemaker.
After all these years, I finally have proof that I wasn't faking it. It's not in my head and I'm not a drug seeker. I'm relieved to finally have a diagnosis, but will never forget the way I was treated by doctors and hospital personel. I want an apology, but know that will never happen. Well, that's my story so far. :rolleyes:

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  • I am a very ambitious person. Always busy and talking too many calsses and hours at work. One day at home I was eating some icecream and got a head ache the it lasted seven hours it was the worst pain I have every felt. I could not hold my head up my neck felt so weak. I started vomiting. This nausia started happening every morning and dry heaving. It was so awful it persisted for several months no one believed me. Doctors checked my stomache no ulcers etc. Lots of pills for acid reflux though I told them time and again their was no acid. I know this will sound gross but sometimes I would feel like vomiting and I was already driving in the car I had not time to even pull over. I felt so embarrased. I had to drive back home and change. I also started feeling like I would black out in the car. I started begging God to help me figure out what this was. Finally, went my last chance doctor. This time this one told me it was stress. I believed him I thought well if it is nothing else that must be it. Christmas came not school breaks from work etc and it stopped. The only problem is that the stress reocurred later as after a tramatic incident and it triggerd OCD. I not have reoccurring unwanted thoughts and am on medicine for this. This too was misdiagnosed because they said I did not have compulsions like hand washing urges or something. But, a nurse told me that persisitant unwanted thoughts are called pure O and need no obsessions. So, I have pure O or pure obsessive thoughts which are very terrifying and cause me to feel defeated and sad. However, my progress after being on the medicine has improved this last month or two.
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    • November 29, 2006
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