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Is there anyone who can help me Please

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  • Posted By: sukiblue
  • March 31, 2008
  • 11:51 AM

:confused: I feel like im falling to bits,
10 years ago i started having these lumps on my legs,mainly below the knee,they can range from small and slightly painful to touch,or large red and so painful i have to rest them,after creams and antiboitics,i moved doctors and decided to get this sorted,my blood test have all come back clear,ive explained to the doctor i dont feel well in myself either,ive had loose stools for a month,mild flu symtoms and stiff joints now i have red spot type lumps on my breast which i was given cream for,and that hasnt helped. I sound like im a moaner but im not i try to live life the best i can but this is really getting me down now,can anyone give me any advise?
pswhen ive been sitting or laying i find it hard work rising,my lower back and legs are very stiff too..

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  • Hi-I don't have answers for you, but do have a couple questions if you don't mind.Have you ever mentioned the lumps to your Dr in these 10 yrs? Perhaps when you got the cream for the breast lumps? Did they ever say what they thought these lumps were?I have lumps in my legs also & have found nothing on the internet that fits. My lumps can not be seen externally--no spots or color change. I can feel them next to shin bone. Kinda feels like a big hard pea that can be rolled back & forth just a little bit. It is VERY painful. I have alot of pain in my calves for which I have pain meds for 4 yrs now. Dr does not know what it is (well, she never even felt my legs---that's another story) & does not seem to care to find out. Most of my pain has been determined to be nerve pain. I also have painful areas wherever there seems to be a vein. I do not have varicose veins or any extenal signs. They send me thru the roof when touched. I have had tests for circulation probs & they all came back normal so my Dr does not seem at all concerned & just says it's from smoking. I cannot be on my feet long. If you or anyone knows anything about this I am welcome to any suggestions.
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  • Hi there,They told me firstly blind boils and gave me cream to draw them out which didnt work as they wasnt boils,another one was infection in the vein, to tell you the truth i felt fobbed off,unitl i moved gps and requested that this was investigated,i had alot of blood tests.The lumps are always below the knee they can be small like a pea to the size of a jubilee coin,these can be foumd only by touch or they can be seen by the eye due to the lump forming and pain.At the moment im waiting for another out break as the doctor wants to rule out erythema nodosom,inflammation of the skin,one of the causes is sulphur and smoking,My legs are itchy too usually before an out break,you need to be firm with your gp,tell them you want tests to give you peace of mind..
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  • it does sound like erythema nodosum which are painful, usually red/pinkish areas of swelling mostly lower extremities, felt better over the shins. This condition can be associated with other connective tissue disorders. Please consult a dermatologist.
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