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Inguinal Hernia

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  • February 26, 2009
  • 01:54 PM

:eek:On 11/11/08 I got a hernia doing flooring and they diagnosed it at a small practice and then when I went to the specialist he claimed I had a muscle spasm or a pulled pelvic muscle. Well first off, a hernia is a very describable pain by those inflicted and this would be my second one from 2 years ago. This doesn't make me the brightest person but someone has to work hard to make the world the way it is, and i fell short into that catagory. So I called Workmans comp with the reinstatment of my injury, nothing was going wrong, I went back to patient first. Different doc and same prognosis, except he actuallly said it was obvious even laying down. Now I do no have health insurance, but you'd think a doctor can still be professional as I am handing him business, workmans comp is for poeple of my stature. Well I was sent back to Dr. Kim and had to wait for 3 weeks while the Specialist was getting my file, I had signed off to WC and still had to verify. So after waiting for three weeks without pay I am cut off by WC and cannot even see the specialist again or another doctor. The reason WC gave me was because the injury did not pertain to the case or the first injury. After this diagnosis I cannot move forward with life at all... I cannot work with the pain and also no one would hire me do to complications or even possible death. This is completely unfair, the whole purpose of WC is to actually get the worker back to work and keep the econonomy moving, pulled from the definition of WC. Its almost amazing, cause my boss is even concerned for me and where I'll go next, he wanted me to be treated, as I am a very hard worker and especially for the age I am. Well I'd like to know anything about inguinal hernias that is proven evidence or fact pertaining to my case please. I just wanna move on with life but cannot afford to go deeper in debt than I already am, especialy without a new job to get into. They did no other tests than the physical, I didn't even know of the CT scan or stool samples, no fair they didn't even give me benifit of the doubt, and can completly deny me for all purposes of their own. In fact a little info I am 25, worked since the day I was 18 and have been scewed by WC before. In fact today I was getting enrolled into ECPI to move forward and change my future for the better, yet I cannot afford more debt...so I must cancel until I can work again. :confused::mad::eek:

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