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I have been misdiagnosed for over 46 years and I am learning to adjust to life.

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  • Posted By: happyface
  • November 19, 2008
  • 10:46 AM

I have been misdiagnosed with just about every chronic illness, acute illness and disease imaginable.
After 46 years, too many surgeries to count, loss of a career, loss of family, I feel like a misfit. It was just in the past 2 years that I am coming to terms that I am okay.
I have been mislabeled, used for profit by doctors and suffered too much. I want to take my experience, strength and hope to help others.
I am stronger because of this, but am left with an empty whole that needs to be filled. I have gone to therapy, but no one has a clue what to say to me.
I am tired of proving that I am okay. I get this blank stare from therapists and left with a feeling of uselessness.
I am tired of physicians not coming to their own conclusions, being lazy and using old, wrongful diagnoses.
It is time for me to step of to the plate and get busy living.
I would like to help others and make a strong impact so that this life I am living will not only help others by contributing, but it will also help me to find a quality of life.
I am not sure what to do now.
Due to the misdiagnoses, I have lost my career, work experience and so, so much.
There is one thing I can give. I have my life to share. It is my hope that my life will inspire others and I can make a sincere contribution by taking the wrongdoings by others, and turn it into something extremely helpful to those in similar or near circumstances.
I am not sure how I will do this. I will be patient.
But I do know I have a very long, long story to share. My story needs to be shared, if anyone is listening.
Take Care....

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  • Im sorry for all the years of misfortunate diagnosis's and stupidity on the Dr's part. Thats alot of years 46 to not know why you are & were ill. I would like to hear your story...I was misdiagnosed for 25 yrs, I felt this was long enough & made a decision to take back my life also 5 yrs ago. I almost lost it all cus I was also accused of being a Hypochondriac, Lazy, attention seeking are the nicer ones I was labeled with. My course of life went from Western Medicine to a more Holistic approach because so many Dr's, specialists, physiotherapy etc, my sanity almost left for good. I truly believe that every Dr out there should experience 24 hrs of every symptom of each of their patients to fully understand our frustrations inregards to improper diagnosis & improper care. If you wish to contact me, please email me @ semi_alert@hotmail.com As EvErCat
    kitcat48 80 Replies
    • November 19, 2008
    • 09:28 PM
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  • Hello Cat, (kitcat48) Thank you for your reply. The words you wrote were not only inspiring, but of true concern. It is clear you are also a survivor. For so long, I thought I was alone. Now, I wonder what to do, as it takes years to clean up someone else's mess that has profoundly effected my life.We are in agreement. And I am living with many of the same issues. They seem to be never ending. I feel a need to help others in the same situation, in order to help myself move forward.Take Care, happyface
    happyface 4 Replies
    • November 19, 2008
    • 10:01 PM
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  • HappyFace, would you like to share your medical story with us? It can help many others in the same situation. Also, if you have knowlage about a specific condition, please hang around the forum I can not get a diagnosis. Please help and post your answers, so that it does not take 46 years for someone else. Wellcome aboard!
    Felsen 510 Replies
    • November 19, 2008
    • 10:43 PM
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  • Hello Felson, Thank you for the "welcome aboard". Considering I am almost 47 years old, I will be glad to share my story, yet in short pieces. All at once is too much for me. I will start with this. I was born in a military hospital, raised military, where child abuse is a secret, and mental issues were considered a weakness. My latest battle is to get the oxygen, which was prescribed about ten years ago, removed from my home. This may sound simple, yet to get a physician's order to have the oxygen removed is a battle. Yes, I am breathing as I write, without oxygen.:) About four months ago, I took apart a hospital bed that was ordered for me about 10 years ago. I placed it by the door, and waited for the pick up man. They assumed it was no longer prescribed by a physician, so it was picked up and now my cat and I share a comfy sleeping arrangement on a real bed. Later tonight or tomorrow, I will shed more light to my story. Thank you for asking. It would give me great pleasure to help others. I feel my life experience needs to be put to good use, not only for survival, but also this will give me a purpose. More later.... Take Care.....
    happyface 4 Replies
    • November 20, 2008
    • 11:59 PM
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  • Hello, Update: I realized a moment ago the cardiologist I was referred to yesterday, is from the same group of physicians I left to get away from the horrid negativity, wrongfulness, and misdoings two months ago. It is to my belief that the economy must be so bad, that even some physicians will go to any length to profit off the community. At this moment, I am not in a place to share much more. I will return later with a more detailed update. Take Care...
    happyface 4 Replies
    • November 21, 2008
    • 06:44 PM
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