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I flew over the cuckoos nest

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 5, 2007
  • 06:14 PM

This is a true story, and eleven years later I am still confident. It literally broke my spirit like an animal for some time....

I posted in another thread, but I want this known, start to finish. Rather than babble, I will put facts chronologically.

late 1995. Bad car wreck, demolished my foot. Metal plate, bone graf, reconstructive surgery.. I am still walking. The plate stayed in my foot for 9 years, unknown to me (thanks doc) it could have been removed much sooner.
Got a job within weeks after healing the scar to be a transient crew chief...very busy. many hours, a year flew by in a whim.
late 1996. This is where it gets interesting. I would like to call the odds greater than winning a lottery..Early dec 96.. typhoid shot to stay "world wide qualified". Understandably, the military likes to keep it's soldiers strong. Felt sick a bit longer than normal, I simply ate more, was quite ok. Foot pain after all the tarmac walking was overruled easily due to momentum of things I had to do. That same month, flew to England, short trip, 24hr layover.
While in my room, I never got so sick so fast in all my 23 years (at the time that was my age). "It" did not leave my body. I was getting eaten alive. I made it home with chronic brain and butt and gut pain after getting attacked statically on the 50 year old plane on the way home. That means electrically zapped a bit out of normal- made my heart gurgle- to this day, it still gurgles at night when I relax 11 years later. With a plate in my foot, it is very likely. There was indeed a conversation about this when it was decided I could even stay with the air guard unit and fly. (mistake #1)

I made it home to my elderly grandmas place.Unable to function, not thinking clearly, never even acknowledging with common sense a hospital would be a great idea...I sat there like a vegetable, not appearing to be myself, and living with a woman who lost her mind (and documented as such) 30 years before I was born. Critical weeks went by, all I knew was to drink a tremendous amount of fluids.within those weeks (just 3) I lost 35 lbs! Of course not knowing what day it was , was the least of my problems.Sweet grandma, never calling an ambulance, or even advice for a hospital, kept me harbored, all the way to bad advice of a mental hospital . (mistake #2)

I voluntarily walk in to Acadia Hospital in Bangor me, to be under the care of a Dr.Kawamura.A dialect unknown to mankind was with this doctor. I immediately spoke of the brain pain, and not being able to drink enough fluids, and how insanely hungry I would get in strange random intervals. I also spoke of a fluid type sensation down the back of my neck bone, and a strange substance would emerge from my left eye more than the right. The food there was incredibly good, I felt better for several hours at a time. I knew then I was going to survive. Grandma hardly ate, and when she did, it was frozen type meals meant for tweety sized people. That is what she was feeding me. (mistake #3). To add to the communication problem between the hardly american doctor and myself, I was immediately doped up on brain pills, without a history and written integrity via the miliatary to back me up.. He medicated anyway (mistake #4)
Not once, did I get taken to a hospital again,even after mentioning several serious physical problems. I was sincerely getting ignored! I mentally broke and wanted to talk to no one for YEARS afterward.(I have officially complained about Kawamura in true integity since then). I accepted some type of high functioning "schizo-effective disorder" diagnosis due to the fact that SSI would help me (one way or another, a wrong diagnosis did positively get me on SSI). I immediately through out medications, and lived on my own since then.Something hung on until 2004 (9years later) even after access to a tremendous amount of food, I did not go over 120 lbs. At 5 foot 9 with a slouch, I was grotesque to look at. In said 2004, the metal plate was removed, I gained 25 lbs back since then, and feeling very well in regards to the temporary brain phenomona (in fact that only took several weeks after leaving the hospital to silently leave me, unlike the way it came). I do have a permanent gimp due to a misalignment in my leg, but happy to be alive.

A decade later with help from the internet it turned out to be an exact grotesque case of dysentary that led to stages of sepsis,complete with cystic type events, all the way to my BRAIN. Along with a long term side effect of a metal plate in the body and a bizarre event from flying on 50 year old aircraft. Body Fluids disappeared on the old planes even with the heavier people- pounds could be assured to be missing if weighed after a lengthy trip. that added to the dehydration of a dysentary type disease led to a temporary brain phenomona.All sources of help, from family, to an actual doctor, were wrong. A big lifesaver was talking to a nurse at the mental hospital.. what we said filled my confidence, and will remain confidential. It is directly related to Kawamura and his mistakes. His full name BTW is Takeo Kawamura, practicing in Maine. As a privelaged individual, a lawyer and I could have taken his life altering decisions and altered his in return, by law... I never got that lucky. I even went homeless trying to stand up with a bad leg, an unknown disease, friendless, living on SSI with the uncertainty I was even going to live, and mentally broken (Kawamura was in fact what broke the camels back). I am not that alone of course, now, I have accepted the fact I am going to live to get over my downfall misdiagnosed. I do have advice to younger people in great health, even if you have above average and even written with undoubtable integrity... BE SURE YOU HAVE SOMEONE TO GIVE CORRECT ADVICE... if an ill should happen.

PS: Truth will never hide for long. It always prevails.

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