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How tophaceous gout became paranoid schizophrenia Explanation part

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  • June 12, 2011
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Hello everybody.

This is a true story from today's Finland. The text is my statement of facts to The European Court of Human Rights. I have later invented a whole new method to diagnose tophaceous gout that doesn't produce any known visible symptoms. You can read more about my private medical research at my blog, which will give many of you an explanation to your health problems as well.

Kari-Erik Luoto

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  • I have had gout in my right foot from the turn of millennium. I have studied medical science from a neuro-philosopher’s viewpoint since 1975, and I started to care for my own health by my own knowledge and principles in 2007.December 2008, I experimented melting uric acids from my foot with natural means. I succeeded to alleviate the gout pains for three days but then I began to feel so sick that I took myself to ER of closest hospital. My blood pressure was 245/165, I was suffering from hyponatremia and some other irregularities in blood panel.I explained the situation and told that I had been getting this kind of episodes since I ceased my caffeine habit 10 months earlier, but this time was worse than ever before. Since there were no other endogenic or exo-genic explanation to the symptoms, the only way some toxin could create this kind of condition in my situation would be, that the toxin has been released from my gouty foot.I had just read scientific papers and articles about caffeine pharmacology, and knew that caffeine accumulates in the body (Denaro et al 1990, Effects of caffeine in repeated dosing.) I presented as my own theory, that during my 30 odd years of caffeine dependence, caffeine or it’s active metabolites have accumulated in my body by an unknown mechanism, in unknown form and we have no knowledge, whether these waste materials can form bindings and be released by unknown mechanism long times after cessation.Because these symptoms resembled those of paraxanthine poisoning, which is the main active metabolite of caffeine, I asked to see whether I test positive for caffeine, and after that the situation changed. I received no treatment to hypertensive crisis, and later I discovered that the hospital had forged my patient record, by erasing the blood pressure reading.Next day I went to our village health-care center and was remitted to the same hospital for further examination. The examination was superficial, my blood pressure was in hypertension readings, but that was ignored as were my pleas to make the caffeine test.Next day I went to sleep and woke up after two hours feeling extremely sick. My wife told me that my skin was all gray, I had no color in my lips, and all my blood vessels that were usually very thick in the back of my hands, were sunken completely under the skin and looked like blue sewing thread.My wife’s car wouldn’t start for the cold so, I called an ambulance, where my blood pressure was measured in hypertensive range and I also gave an abnormal ECG.At the ER unit, I had to sit in a wheelchair, because the gout pains were extreme, and walking seemed to aggravate the symptoms. After about half an hour I was taken to the physician. He was lying in a chair sideways to me and started arguing about caffeine pharmacology, claiming that caffeine cannot accumulate because it leaves everybody’s body in less than two hours. I told that I had analyzed all papers on the subject at PubMed and gave him the necessary information about caffeine half-life and accumulation. I also promised to show him the studies from the links I had in my blog.I then told him that two cups of coffee reduce the blood flow to brains by 30%. Judging from my symptoms, my peripheral blood vessels were a lot more constricted than that, robbing my brains from oxygen. I asked if there were medicines that would dilate the blood vessels, because long time lack of oxygen will cause brain damage.The physician laughed and made jokes about my symptoms and theories to another physician, who was working on a computer and laughed at his jokes at the right places. Then he addressed to me saying that there are such medications, but he is not going to give them to me.He said that the pains in my foot are a sign of psychosis, and my ideas about caffeine pharmacology; delusions. I told that there is a nerve damage in my foot after a work related accident. It has given me neuropathy since 1987, and it is documented in my patient files. I had been to a neurologist in the same hospital, and also to their pain clinic. Gout suspicion was noted in my village reception.He told that because my blood samples don’t explain my symptoms, they must be mental and he will send me to psychiatrist.I went outside and the security guard followed me. I told him that my wife had just called and told that she got her car started and is coming to get me home. The guard said that I am not going home, but to closed psychiatric ward.When my wife came and heard what had happened, she was shocked and wanted to talk to the physician. I managed to calm her down and told that there is nothing we can do, and after a while she left home and I was taken to the psychiatric ward with ambulance.After arriving and discussing with a very young physician, I was asked whether I understood why I was brought there. I said that I did not. She mentioned the pains in the foot and I gave her the full history with advice to check my patient records, which she didn’t do. She smiled and told me that because there is no visible damage in the foot, the pains are a clear sign of sensory delusions, which are a clear sign of psychosis.She then told me that I obviously knew a lot more about caffeine pharmacology than she, and she was unable to find whether my theories were plausible or not, and therefore they were a clear sign of paranoid schizophrenia. I was also told several times in the presence of witnesses, that I was there because my ”opinions about caffeine are unrealistic, and in the eyes of medical science, inappropriate.”I gave another abnormal ECG at the psychiatric ward, and I informed them that I have hepatitis C, which is probably the reason why my liver values always shoot up by synthetic medications. Despite this, I was ordered anti-psychotic medication.My blood pressure was measured 1-5 times daily, but I received no treatment to the clinical symptoms, nor were they examined in any way. After a week I started to have symptoms of oncoming infarct, which I related to the staff and asked to see a doctor about the medication. The doctor refused to see me. The only result was that they stopped measuring my blood pressure and seemed to completely forget me.Three of the more experienced nurses saw that the situation was not as it should be, and they told me that I can pass the medication on their watch. I walked past the medicine tray for three days while these nurses all turned their heads away. I was let home after a week for a day-visit. When I came back, I had active carbon pills with me, because the nurses had marked in their logs that I hadn’t taken my medications, and I didn’t want them as injections. Despite massive amounts of carbon, the cardiac symptoms aggravated in two days. After that, the doctor changed the medication to pills, which were easy to spit out.The pressure feeling in my chest and back on the left side, difficulties to breathe and sensations in my left arm weakened in about a month after I was released, but I was too afraid to go to see a doctor for them so, I just sat home waiting and hoping that they would go away some day.When I was released, the doctor said that the medication had cured my psychosis. I told him that my foot was just as sore as it5 was the day I was brought there. I also said that caffeine has a half-life of app 6 hours and it accumulates in the body, and this is what has been causing my symptoms. He didn’t comment on that, even if those were the very reasons I was so mad that I had to be locked up.Committing me was done extremely blatantly against ethics, law and as an assault to my mental and physical well-being. It was done with criminal intent, and cannot be handled as malpractice or any other name. It was an Illegal imprisonment.Denying me examination and medical care in a clinical crisis situation is aggravated assault and doctor’s knowledge includes the intent to cause permanent bodily harm. At the psychiatric ward, I was tried to be coerced to admit that caffeine cannot accumulate in the body and it cannot cause anybody any symptoms, and that my symptoms are all caused by paranoid schizophrenia. This makes denying care torture.Putting me knowingly on needless forced medication in the condition I was, with the consequences it had on my heart and the reaction it caused, leaves me with only one thought. Attempted murder.I complained about this to Administrative Court, in vain. I complained to Supreme Administrative Court, sending them a full review of what had happened and demanding a hearing.Court found it unnecessary to scrutinize the alleged criminal handlings of these physicians while diagnosing me mentally insane, because Finnish law says that it is not necessary to arrange a hearing if the plaintiff is mentally insane, and these doctors had diagnosed me mentally insane.Chancellor of Justice saw no flaw in this decision. This makes three counts of justice-murder.Behind this lies my political activism. I have pressured politicians,health-care officials,medical scientific society and media to research long time health effects of caffeine, which I know myself from 25 years of personal experience and from studying the science behind it as full time work for months at that time.As the judicial human rights authorities condone, that dissidents can be treated this way, it makes it the official policy of the government towards me as a political dissident.I have been forced to flee from Finland, as I am not getting medical attention from the health-care system. I am doomed to passive euthanasia in my home country, because of my political opinions about politics in health-care.
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