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herpes misdiagnose?

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  • Posted By: restlessgypsy
  • October 28, 2009
  • 07:52 PM

Hi, about 10 years ago I developed some blisters on the bottom cheek of buttocks about the size of a quarter. I went to the doctor and he took a quick look did no other test and told me it was herpes and gave me some cream which after about 2-3 weeks it was completely gone. A few years later since I had never had any symptoms or blisters again I asked the doctor about it and had a blood test taken and they said yes I had it but couldn't tell me which kind,and from reading on the internet about it I know there is 2 different simplex's of it and also they were a reoccuring thing (and which I never had them again) I was puzzled. So a few weeks ago I was talking to my new doctor and explaining my medical history and she told me that I could not have herpes because as I have never had another outbreak after 10 years and that it could only be diagnosed by taking a sample from the area when you have active blisters. So now I am totally confused and have been living all this time thinking I have herpes when I may not ! And I would please really like another opinion...

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  • I understand your plight. A few months ago, I woke up to find my pubic region flooded with white and red spots. Not on my penis or balls, but around the pubic region. I thought it was some kind of allergic reaction so I went to see a physician, who took one look and said I had herpes. Just like that. She wrote me a prescription for Valtrex and told me to take a blood test. There was no way around her, she was dead set on her diagnosis. It didnt make any sense that I would have it since I am pretty careful. Well, the next few days were agonizing, I didnt know how I would tell any other girl that I had it without fears of rejection, it was heartbreaking. Well I took the test and came back negative for herpes II but equivocal for herpes I, which means I would have to take a PCR test to no for sure. Confused I did research and I concluded that I may actually have Folliculitis, a breakout in the hair follicles. Since the results of the PCR would take a week I needed to know for sure what I had, so I saw a dermatologist and she said I had, like it was a suprise, FOLLICULITIS! PCR test came back negative and I knew I never had any kind of STD. Lesson Learned:Don't always trust your doctor unless there is proof. Tests speak volumes cuz doctors won't admit they are wrong, there is some kind of stubborn cockiness about them. What I know is:-Valtrex will clear up any outbreak quickly. -their are many things that can be misdiagnosed as herpes, do research for yourself like I did and really understand what it is you may have (Like I did, I saw that my sores were around each hair follicle. Herpes does not normally go for the hair follicle but instead will go for the actual skin.-Tests are proof of what you have or don't have, rely on that then some 'expert's' opinion. -And culture tests are NOT the only way to test for herpes, rely on Blood tests, or even better PCR, which will not be wrong.
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