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  • Posted By: SINFULLYSORRY09
  • July 9, 2009
  • 04:28 PM

it all started last year, you see i did the most stupidest thing ever, i got caught stealing fro, my job and obivously got arrested which led to the domino effect of me losing everything and had me in the most crippling depression ever where i contemplated taking my own life but thankfully my father saved me in time and i moved in with my godmother and cousins, i even found a job but lost it 2 days before christmas because i lied on the application and now, just recently i stole money from my uncle on my mom's side twice in act of desperation and now, i fear that he may hate me!! i just dont know whats going on with me? i feel soooo lost that i dont know how to find my way back? so if anyone's out there, please help!! casue i don't think i can hang on any longer, im standing at the edge and the jump is looking very good to me!!:(

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  • I suffered from depression for several years, started cutting, and attempted suicide. My mom sent me to the doctor, who sent me to a counselor-- not a mental institution, but a counselor. I went weekly, so I never needed meds, and was soon alot better. I would suggest going to your doctor or a local therapist. They may prescribe Prozac, but that'll make you feel alot better. Also, if you notice any sudden mood swings, or an increase of violent behaviour in yourself, get checked out for Bipolar. My mom has that, and before her diagnosis and treatment, she was completely unbearable to be around. She's now on antideppresants and depressants, and now she's tolerable to be around :)
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  • It sounds as if you should get a referal to a psychologist to work out exactly what your issue is. ive heard there is an illness in which one compulsively steals.. there are also other illnesses in which stealing can be a symptom due tooooo being compulsive. best luck
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  • Unique soul, please take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your experience. You are not a bad person because you have done these things, you obviously have a conscience and, a problem. I would suggest going to a physician first and tell him your story. There are a number of physical ailments that affect behaviours and moods. Diabetes and thyroid are two such conditions, I mention them only as examples. If a Dr. checks you out and finds no indication of physical ailment he will likely try to discover behaviour or mood disorder. If you are diagnosed with such, do not be ashamed and refuse medication in a state of denial. Like any other health problem, if medication is needed, you take it, especially if it means saving your life and turning your life around. Trust in the goodness of others and their ability to understand and forgive. You have taken the first step on the path to healing yourself and your life by reaching out. I will send you my best thoughts and positive energy and petition the universe on your behalf. Others have not given up on you, please do not give up on yourself. May your heart find sanctuary .......
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    • August 11, 2009
    • 03:04 AM
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