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  • July 21, 2007
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for years i have been living with poly scystic ovarion syndrome yet till now noone has told me and every day i live in agony hard to walk heavily bleeding constant abdominal pain with no relief mistakeably i believe the doctors that i have been going to for years knew about it but did not say a word and let me suffer as well as my family always wispering and going out of the room to hide things unbelievable i believe now that i am 21 years old i have a right to compensation for my injury i cant work im in agony never got to be treated never tested me never told me a word i never had a good childhood it was misserable everyday i lived with illn ess and never knew what it was my condition can be fatal and i believe if i die it is my parents who should be charged with murder for not taking the time to care

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  • Okay. No, I don't think you are clear at this point. Now that you are 21, take matters into your own hands and seek the medical treatment that you need, along with counseling, so you can lead a happy and productive life. You can no longer blame your parents and need to move on. No one is going to be sued or charged in your death because you will survive and be healthy within a few months if you see the correct specialist/surgeon.
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  • PCOS is not generally a terminal condition or anything, look it up (correct spelling is polycycstic ovarian disease or syndrome). Why people would not tell you about it or felt it was a shameful secret is beyond me. I hope you find a sympathetic physician ASAP and get good care. I have some good friends with it and they have to cope with some things - very tough to lose weight, excess hair, etc. but not daily '***l." Living in a proud, private, secretive family that puts real human needs- especially those of their children- at the bottom of the priority list is hard and miserable. You feel like your emotions, your sensations, and your reality are just invalid and it can take time to learn to trust yourself or to believe that what you feel, need, and want really do matter. You can recover from that too, though sometimes I think it takes a lifetime. Realize that their behavior was not normal or reasonable and you do not have to perpetuate it...my prayers are with you on your journey to health and healing.
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  • I personally think you are needing some counselling by your post. I have PCOS too, but thou one can end up with things like diabetes and it puts one at risk of other things. It usually isnt terminal so why have a focus that you are going to die due to it?? You are 21 years, .. time now to take control of your own medical issues and move on from whereever your parents had you. It wont serve you to be angry.
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    • August 16, 2007
    • 00:16 AM
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  • Hi I am sorry to hear about whats going on with you, but I can tell you one thing that is the truth and that is you have to pray and ask god to help you and he will I will also pray for you. Why your parents didn't tell you what was going on with your body is beyond me but for what ever reason you will have to forgive them and ask god to help you even though it will be hard to do. I am new to this website i just found it tonite i am in medical school and i came here to do a report but found you. i will pray for you every day you can count on that. no you are not going to die you are just upset becouse you were put in isolation concerning your problem but i can promise you one thing you will come out of this and have a wonderful praise report. move on find a doctor and let your anger go as far as your parents are concern becouse you are a bigger person.
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    • August 19, 2007
    • 04:29 AM
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  • I've been to ***l with my PCOD too!!. I've suffered it since age 13 with the onset of my first menstrual cycle...LUCKY US!! I know it's awful. Has endometriosis been ruled out as well? If you want to feel better, find NAET/Biosert therapy and go. I was having severe PMS and terrible symptoms with my periods. After 6 treatments, I just had my first cycle with no PMS!!..no symptoms at all.My doctor had drawn my hormone levels a while back. My estrogen was low and the testosterone was high...not normal...but I was told that because they fell in between the numbers on a lab slip that I was "normal"THE ***l I WAS!! I was sick and in pain...but that was normal? And this is what the doctor is telling me?...I was mad!! I was amazed at Bioset and the workings of it...My symptoms are 90% gone and I had over 70 of them. I was almost dead. Now, I am going back to work after just 6 treatments. Even my doctor is amazed and is going to see the Bioset doc soon to find out "how" this man treated his patient...It's incredible and news is spreading....just here in this forum alone... Best Regards,mommy cat:)
    mommy cat 1654 Replies
    • August 20, 2007
    • 10:05 PM
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