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Good news vs bad news - WRONG!

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  • Posted By: wolfwoman
  • January 13, 2008
  • 09:48 AM

On 11-16-07 I fell and dislocated my shoulder. Although I never had a dislocation before, I felt it "pop out" and was in agony. I rolled onto my back and felt a "THUNK" and it felt better. However, the whole area began to swell and still had a great deal of pain so I went to the ER. The doctor came in after my x-ray and said, "The good news is you have no fractures. The bad news is your shoulder is dislocated and I have to put it back."

Well! this big, burly doctor tried once while I was fully awake, and commented that he was surprised it didn't go back. I had already told everyone in the ER about the "THUNK" and I believed it went back on its own. However, the doctor decided to try a second time with "conscious sedation". When I came to, he told me he was very sorry but couldn't get my dislocated shoulder to go back in. He said it might be "buttonholed", meaning the head of the humerus was between the tendons. He was surprised, and told me, "I'm a pretty stron guy and I could not get your shoulder replaced." They sent me home.

When I went for follow-up with an orthopedic surgeon, he said that pre-treatment x-ray showed a "pseudo-subluxation" and also a crack in the humerus.

I had the most horrible bruising on my upper arm from the twisting that doctor did to try and re-position my shoulder, which was not dislocated when he saw me.

Anybody else ever go through this? I now have a lawyer who says malpractice of this type is VERY hard to prove. What does everyone think?

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  • My daughter dislocated her arm when she was little. They tried in the ER to put it back and it only caused more pain and trouble for her. She had to be knocked out for it to go back. What I think you may be asking is if the ER doctor cracked your shoulder when he tried to put it back in. It is possible that he caused further injury, but you have no proof and arrived at the ER for help. He did standard procedure, so I do not think you could prove that he did further injury. Bruising would result. I don't think you have a case and probably the orthopedic surgeon should have been called originally. It was unfortunate that he wasn't. Have you compared the x-rays from when you first came to the hospital and then did you have new x-rays at the orthopedic's office. If you did and there showed a difference, then you can prove your case. Rub lots of arnica on your bruises and poor shoulder.
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    • January 14, 2008
    • 09:28 PM
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