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Genital Warts -- Wrong Diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 20, 2006
  • 09:27 PM

When I was a child I went to my PC physician who informed my mom that I have active sweat glands...sebaceous, etc.... I was roughly 10-12 at the time....my PC retired...Fast forward to age 19.

I went to the college health service at a university in the STATE of Arizona, because I noticed flat raised flesh to reddish colored spots on my penile shaft. The physician asked me about my sexual history...and at that time I was having sex atleast 3 times a week with many different co-eds. So, he concluded that I had genital warts and that I should stop having sex, or atleast inform my partners of my condition because this condition may cause increased risk of uterine cancer in certain high risk strains. The physician was quite mean to me...probably because I was getting more than he was...(he was a younger guy). Anyway, Dumb-founded by the diagnosis and having a science background I decided to try and develop a differential diagnosis. I pretty much didn't conclude much that it could be genital warts...since I couldn't track down every partner I had ever been with and asking those that I did would scare them off. So, I waited it out...Fast forward about 5 years

I am married and have to get a physical for entrance into dental school. The primary care physician takes one look at my penis and says...You have genital warts....I tell him my ASU story and I say that I don't agree. He asks if I have ever been molested as a child...I say no. He asks me why I don't agree...and I say because it doesn't respond to Acetic Acid, the epidermis seems to still be intact, and my first Primary care physician told me that possible sebacecous cysts...etc... he tells me to see a dermatologist. I move out of state to go to dental school and forget to go to the Derm doctor.

A couple years later in Dental School, my wife has an ASCUS, for those who don't know its an abnormal cell differentiation from scrapings during a pap-smear...could be caused HPV. I go to an older dermatologist where he takes a look and says he doesn't think its HPV because of the structure of the epidermis looks in tact...(histology pays off) and that the growths tend to be a sweat gland tumor. I get biopsied....(Not as bad as you think -- your penis has a lot less nerve endings in the shaft as say a finger tip).....I get my results. THE OLD DOCTORS ARE CORRECT....

Syringoma: A benign tumor of eccrine sweat glands, usually seen in or around the eye as first manifestation. I am so relieved.

I want people to
1.) Get tested right away, biopsies are the only way to difinitively tell what you have.
2.) Biopsies aren't that bad
3.) Don't wait...the longer you wait the worse a disease may progress and the better you may feel if it is wrong
4.) Syringoma is not included as a possible diagnosis for the wrong diagnosis of genital warts.

Please email if you are nervous and you need someone to talk to


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  • Hello. I also have hpv. a friend sent me a link of the above website, that sells treatment for genital warts. what i saw there is genital warts image and treatment by Waldon Research labs. can you please check this site and tell me if this can heel hpv? thank you very much.Genital Warts Image
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 1, 2007
    • 07:20 PM
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  • so now that you know, what about your wife...her follow up visits will take scrapings and either say she has genital warts or not...if so, then you can catch them from her this time...
    Monsterlove 2,921 Replies
    • December 2, 2007
    • 09:11 PM
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  • If you have any eruption in the genital area refer to doctor. It can be very harmful. It can be dangerous to life & can cause various complications.std symptomsherpes symptoms
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  • You must consult your doctor. It is very essential.It is also a kind of STD & it is very dangerous.http://www.checkhivsymptoms.com
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  • i once had this experience before and i one day got a website about how to remove and treat genital warts from one of my best friend. initially, i didnt really believe it, but then after i follow those instruction there i felt much better and now i am entirely cured.
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  • When you state that you are entirely cured, do you mean the symptoms left, or teh Disease is entirely gone and doesn't show any longer in your blood stream. Please email me as I am eager to know the results.feel free to reach me at sylviacaver@yahoo.comi once had this experience before and i one day got a website about how to remove and treat genital warts from one of my best friend. initially, i didnt really believe it, but then after i follow those instruction there i felt much better and now i am entirely cured.
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    • August 25, 2010
    • 00:37 PM
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