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first papsmear gone way way wrong

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 31, 2007
  • 06:11 AM

I went in for my very first test all nervous- and came out with more than I had expected. Two weeks after my first pap test the doctor called and told me that I had HPV and needed to get a biopsy followed by reshaping of my cervix. At the time I was scared and all I did was pray because I had always seen the horrifying commercials on TV saying that HPV was linked to cervical cancer. Eventually I found myself at an older gynecologist's office and as he was getting ready to perform the procedure he started asking me a bunch of odd questions. He asked me if I was a vaginal or C-section birth. I told him I was a C-section. Then he asked me if I was still a virgin and had abstained from sex even though I was 20... I said yes I indeed have. He proceeded to tell me that there was ABSOLUTELY no possible way that I could have HPV. In fact, a second pap showed NEGATIVE results- and to think I was literally going under the knife as he told me I didn't even need to be going through all of this! How embarrassing and revolting to think that all this stress was in vain! I am sooo angry with the first doctor who was mean to begin with in the first place.... What can I do to report her or take necessary actions?

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  • Did the doctor who said you could not have HPV do the second pap smear? I would follow up with the first doctor who told you you have HPV. It's possible your smear got mixed up with someone elses and it's important to have that straightened out. Make sure you have a copy of the negative pap smear report either sent to the first doctor, or bring a copy with you. I would make sure I had all the facts before thinking of legal action or reporting the doctor.
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  • Actually, I had HPV and believe I must have gotten it from the OB/GYN's office, because there was no other possible way I could have gotten it! That OB/GYN told me she had hundreds of cases a month of young women (she's near a large university). She tried to cure it with a very painful acid. I am married, and my husband and I are faithful, (and he had no infection). This was the most traumatic thing to happen to me. I went to another OB/GYN who finally cleared it up completely with laser under anesthetic. HPV needs another test besides a Pap test, in which they use a vinegar-type solution to diagnose it.
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  • Does a positive pap smear with premalignant cells mean you have HPV?or is it seperate?my 23 yr old daughter was having symtoms of v. infection and I brought her to my doctor which is now her doctor. the dr not only testing her for a v.infection but also performed a pap smear and an hpv test. we were waiting for the card to come in the mail telling us the pap was ok. but instead I got home from work a week ago and on my machine was a message from our dr saying to call her about the tests.she has a positive pap smear and HPV. she also had a positive pap smear last summer and she had to use medicine and then wait 3 months to be retested which turned out fine.I am so worried about this. she has to have a colposcopy and a biopsy performed. the dr said not to wait to have this done longer than 3 weeks because she still doesnt know what it is she said. she must have meant the extent of pre malignant cells or HPV.she said it can be erradicated by cauterization or something to that effect.when I had it back in 2000, they didn't have tests for HPV so I don't know if I had it too. I was told i had premalignant cells and that if I let it go it could turn into full blown cancer, so my dr, which was a different one back then, put a solution on it in his office and I haven't had a problem since.so tomorrow is the big day and we're extremely nervous. the dr said that it can be passed onto the male and that the body builds up a resistence to it being it's a virus. her dr said she felt my daughter's immune system isn't strong because she's an alcoholic and smokes cigarettes which weakens the system. so is HPV the same as a positive pap smear? or is a totally different thing when you test positive for it?I'm confused on this issue.Linda
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  • You can be a carrier of HPV and not have been sexually active. There are different strains of the virus.
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  • I would like to add another cause of abnormal pap smears, methylb12 deficiency. A lack of methylb12, the coenzyme form, can cause DNA replication problems and abnormal cellular reproduction. Also, as to HPV transmission. It happens with skin to skin contact. I had an HPV wart on my stomach and my only partner had none such anywhere. But I am a nudist and dance at the dances and do indeed have nonsexual skin to skin contact. Sex doesn't have to have anything to do with it. I had it removed by freezing, completely painless and have had no reoccurance.
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  • I gave my daughter HPV at birth (the doctors were worried as I had a lot of the internal HPV warts as this got then transmitted to her while passing down the birth canal). This ended up requiring my daughter to have many surgeries (maybe as many as 11 surgeries) over the years as it ended up giving her warts on her vocal cords.
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  • did the person who mentioned that had them lazered suffer another outbreak of hpv?
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