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Experiences with diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Frindon
  • March 2, 2008
  • 02:39 AM

We move around a lot so we have seen many doctors who are well able to diagnose colds and flu, and in the case of children, spotty diseases. The problems arose when we got something different. So here are what we had with what it was diagnosed as:

Me hypercalcemia (in case I have spelled that incorrectly, it meant I had double the amount of calcium in my blood as normal) I had classic symptoms including extreme weakness. Diagnosed as gout and then when I produced a list of symptoms, diagnosed as depression. I'll say I was depressed! I very nearly died. Thankfully a hospital doctor checked my parathyroid hormone levels.

My wife Thyroid glands stopped working. Diagnosed as constipation, also diagnosed as iron deficiency, what do you expect at your time of life, she also had all the classic symptoms, facial skin, odema, and so on. A new young woman doctor picked that up and she has been on thyroxin for nearly thirty years. Seeing my daughter going the same way we insisted on a test for her which turned out correct. (doctor said you don't get that at your age.)

My wife We believe that her cancer of the bowel was caused by persistent constipation over many years brought about by the misdiagnosis of Thyroidism, under active thyroid. This was diagnosed as you need to eat more bran, fibre, buy "The F Plan Diet". Later it was diagnosed as piles. On going for treatment at hospital for piles my wife insisted on having a scan and was in hospital for an operation just over a week later. The cancer was "C" grade having gone into the glands around the Colon. She was told after the operation that she had a year to live. She had chemo therapy for nine months and the doctors were delighted with her progress, here we are nine years later and she is relatively well. The scarring still hurts a lot.

So what is my diagnosis, have some idea of what may be wrong with you before you go to the doctors otherwise there is a good chance he/she is only there for the money and isn't really interested in you.

I now have hypertension and they got that right! Gave me four different drugs, one after the other, each of which had bad side effects but were cheap. In the end I found Valsartan on the web, sold as Diovan, and got them to prescribe that. That if not too bad at all.

Look after yourselves!


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