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Doctors Killed my MOM

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  • Posted By: frank38
  • April 19, 2009
  • 08:56 PM

In Jan. 2008 my mom started getting a weak feeling on her left side she went to the Doctor and had a head scan done. The Doctor said she had a stroke.Gave her aspirins so she took them for a week. She got very sick so the ambulance took her to the hospital . while in the emergency room she was spitting up blood bad. They did a blood transfusion of 4 pints.She had a bleeding ulcer. The doctor said he could not find any reports that she had an ulcer before this. but he is her reg. Doctor.She went in ICU for 2 weeks. She got out after getting better.The Brain doctor said that spot on her brain was nothing to worry about, even though it was the size of a walnut .So mom went to a nursing home for therapy on her left side, she was there for 8 days then got sick. She went back to the Hospital did another head scan.The brain doctor told us he dont know what it is.He did a biopsy and still dont know.He talked to the doctor in radiolligy to see if she would quallify for a good canidate for radiation but they needed to know who was going to pay first So medicaid said yes so they did 14 treatments. Her doctor told her the ONLY way to fix you would be to take your brain out of your head.After treatment she went home on mothers day 2008. We took care of her at home 24/7 She was doing pretty good for her condition. Then in Dec. she got worse stopped eating and drinking. She was like being in a coma. Then on Jan. 21, 2009 She passed away. Yes the doctors killed MOM.The wopuld not do anything for her or send her to another Doctor that did know what she had.Its in the doctors report they did not know.

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  • frank38, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mother, you have my my most heartfelt and sincerest condolences. At present, I am going through similar; I almost passed three times in 1996. My diagnosis is extensive leukoencephalopathy (this was unknown at that time), non-specific demyelination, and swollen lymph nodes ... found "by chance" during review of the MRI films taken of my brain and spine to rule out Multiple Sclerosis. Previously, I was thought to have an "atypical" form of Multiple Sclerosis because everything else had been ruled out. However, the progression and the new developments changed all that. I am told that nobody knows when at this time (unless there is further progression and the very few tests that remain, prompted by the swollen lymph glands, will provide an answer ... or at least some direction) I will likely fall asleep, slip into a coma ... then pass away shortly thereafter. Although I have these disorders definitively diagnosed and the outcome is fatality, the underlying cause remains unknown. There is something else, or maybe multiple things, disorders that cause the above three conditions that I have, above-mentioned. My case is rare; as it appears probable that your Mother's may have been as well. Lastly, I was told ... "We may never know the 'core' or primary condition that provoked the onset of these three things (and there could even be more than one ... perhaps two, or even three prior to these most-recent developments) unless autopsy can conclude something, but that may not be the case ... so even when I die, my family may not even get to know why I died, what "primary" ailment started it all and led us to where we are." It is upsetting for all of us, but we are learning to accept it. There are only two or three more options available for testing in my case; things are looking pretty grim. My sympathy goes out to you are your family; the loss of a loved one is so difficult ... and even moreso when nobody even really knows why. That is very upsetting, I understand. My prayers are extended to you and your family ... may you find the peace you need ... and deserve. And if you would do the same for me, I would appreciate it so very much; I don't much even care about the underlying cause in my case ... I'm much more concerned about finding out because I want a timeline; I have to get my affairs in order and without knowing how long I have, and being so sick ... I've hit the panic button!! ((( HUGS ))) to you. <
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  • I'm very sorry for your loss.
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  • WD123, I, too, am so sorry to hear of your loss. Similarly, they cannot find the underlying cause(s) for my conditions and I was told, and I quote, "We may never know." Needless to say, I left the office feeling very hopeless ... devastated and in tears. Not very reassuring for me and my family, a timeline would be nice (there's a big difference between 2 months and 14 years, and that's the dilemma I'm stuck in; makes it a bit hard to get my affairs in order) ... and my family would sure like to know; you have my understanding. Also, we are told ... "if" they can ever find the primary "core" disease(s), it will most probably be "not until autopsy" and maybe not even then. Sometimes, they just don't know. Seems new things pop up as our world evolves ... just like all the new products and all, new things come ... so do new illnesses. In my case, a true diagnosis "may" only be made pending further progression and developments. So in short, they truly may not know; in my case, I do believe they are doing the very best they can. They are only human, and it appears they have exhausted about everything and made every human effort to figure out my case. Sounds like that may also be the case with your Mother and perhaps the physician was also feeling helpless and upset. Was an autopsy done as a final effort at a diagnosis, for the family? I hope so. My condolences and prayers go out to you and yours.
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  • I'm very sorry for your loss. Thank you for your response . No autopsy was done, there is no need to bother mom just let her rest in peace. I know where she is now, she is hanging out with ****s
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  • Sorry about mom but if she had radiation, it sounds like she had cancer and was being treated for it with the radiation. The stroke complicated the situation and she may have taken too high of a dosage of aspirin. But in the end, it seems like she was recovering but died from cancer,as that is what you described--the way she passed...animals don't have to suffer like that; too bad people don't have the same choices afforded to a dog.
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