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Doctor operates and mistreats

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  • Posted By: geckopaws
  • November 13, 2009
  • 10:12 AM

Ok so this Tuesday I had open knee and arthroscopic Surgery. This doctor did this and when I woke up I was in agony. I told the nurses how much pain I was in. They gave me fentenayal or something like that and it didn't even touch the pain. Then I told them if there was anything stronger because I seriously wanted to be knocked out again if the pain didn't stop. They finally gave me dilaudid and a lot of it too. And my pain went from being unbearable to an eight or nine. I never had this kind of open knee surgery before and the damage to the knee was so extensive. Then from their I was brought up to the ICU for overnight observation. They gave me antibiotics and a blood thinner. They gave me oxycontin for the day I believe only 40 mgs and it took the pain from a 9 to a 6 which was still hurt. Then they gave me percocet but I said that the percocet doesn't work so they gave me a low dose of morphine that worked. And then I thought I was staying another night and when they told me to put a bit of pressure on it I started to have uncontrollable pain so I thought I was staying another night.

I believe the surgeon stopped my pain medication and told me I was being discharged immediately. And yelled that I was getting no more pain medication. He took my knee that I couldn't move yet and took it and ripped the bandages off of it and put this netted mesh over it. He told me to do these little exercises of bending the knee cap and pushing it and not to baby it.

Then he told me that I was drug seeking and also that I relied on these medications not for pain but to numb my emotions because him and I had a history where I wasn't mentally well and took a lot of psychiatric meds. Although I told him I went off of all of them except valium because I get frequent panic attacks so much so that I need it three times a day. I believe he said other things like me selling those pain meds and stuff but I'm not quite sure because at that point I was in so much pain and panicking at the same time. I feared for my life. He said he would only give me oxycontin 40 mgs for a week two times a day and then percocet for breakthrough pain for a week then no more after that. I can barely walk yet. He expects me to be walking in a week. I question this because I really don't think that my pain is going to go away within a week.

I also lost 52lbs weighing only 200lbs and 5'9" at the time. He said I that the crutches wouldn't support me and that a walker was best suited. Even though I had been using crutches for 10 days before the surgery. I question this also because crutches have a three hundred lb weight capacity to them. He wants me in pt within a week and at that point I really thought I was worthless and felt like offing myself. I mean I did everything I could to lose weight and I was taking not very many meds except for asthma, sleep apnea and anxiety. He looked down on me because I was disabled and didn't work even though at the time I had my ticket to work and was going to go through rehabiliation services for employment.

I have to get my stitches out by him next week and I'm afraid if I'm still having pain he is going to not prescribe me anything and he even said that he has done more intensive surgeries on others than mine so he knows my "pain levels" and what I should feel. Now I know I've worked with a chronic pain specialist because I had a lot of back problems at the time and I took some pain meds but I stopped them cold turkey for quite a while until this little situation happened. And the doctor that is the pain specialist and deals with the spine says that everyone has different tolerances. Of course this doctor treats people with dignity. He didn't treat me with dignity in fact he was really rude. I just wanted to report this on the forums to maybe get some feedback and maybe look at other peoples situations.

This surgical wound that I have is also three and a half inches long and stapled. And then a one inch arthroscopy done and stapled. Since then I had to start taking anti depressants because he made me feel like a piece of crap that isn't even worth looking at. Even though my insurance paid for the full surgery.

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