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doctor has no clue what is wrong with me ! Any Ideas?

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  • Posted By: StumpedMyDoctor
  • April 14, 2013
  • 04:33 AM

i finally went to the gynecologist for a problem i have had my whole life so it is not an std i am 28 now and it is really bothering me so bad it is ruining my life and i want it gone so here is my problem . The inside hood of my clitoris feels like it itches really bad like every few minutes every day been happening my whole life so to relieve it i have to pinch the inside hood of my clitoris i have tried all sorts of creams prescribed by the doctor currently i am taking a nerve medication neurontin thought it worked at first but nothing i still have the same problem . so if anyone has any ideas on this please let me know i am at wits end and this has been going on my whole life.

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  • I am sorry on the situation you are currently experiencing, quite difficult one. I guess the food you eat may contribute on the itchy feeling you encountered, or some hygiene. better yet, you may consult another doctor, we can say in some or most cases, the diagnosis of doctors, may differ, all we need to do is to believe on the trusted doctors.
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  • Do you think it is possible your brain and/or body perceives the sensation as an itch when it might otherwise be different sensation that other people would interpret differently? Apparently the doctors interpret your sensation as dryness. Could it be a burning or perhaps a pain? If you have a high tolerance to pain, I would be most suspicious that your mind/brain/body is incorrectly perceiving the sensation. As a thought about foods, that write may have a point. People have been shocked many a time to learn that a food allergy causes one oddball symptom and nothing else. As food goes, if you choose to investigate that for potential allergies or other issue, I would suggest you investigate 1) food combining, and 2) eating foods that make your blood and skin alkaline. Theoretically, eating these foods helps the body either fix itself or identify the problem more easily because the "cause" of the problem becomes more obvious. All this food information is available free on the Internet, as there have been many books on this since at least the early 1960s, which is when I first heard my grandmother talkling about these topics after reading books (plural). I hope you find the cause and solution for your situation.
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  • Hi I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I too had the same problem. I had many medical issues, and that was only one of them. I was diagnosed with autoimmune. I chose to change my diet radically. I only eat organic. I no longer eat wheat, gluten, cow's milk or sugar. I find that I'm doing much better, and I never have the problem with the itching anymore. You might also want to look into an organization called. The organization for responsible technology. They discuss food, pesticides and its link to illness.Good Luck.
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    • December 5, 2013
    • 11:51 AM
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  • Everyone will have different ideas and stories about this. I never had problems with itchy junk until I found out I was allergic to amoxicillin. After taking it for a few days, my entire body became low grade itchy, but WOW did my junk itch like crazy. Same thing with certain bath soaps, etc. It could be an allergy. Things to suspect: bath soaps, laundry soaps, fabric you wear (esp underwear), diet. Could be dryness, nerve related, many causes. Keep following up with docs and good luck!
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