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Dengue fever?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 10, 2009
  • 01:17 AM

My 10 yr. old daughter was suffering from a tummy ache on a Friday. After massaging her and giving her paracetomol she rested and was back to normal again. The next day, Saturday we took her to the doctor cos she was complaining of a sore tummy again. Doc says to keep giving her fluid and panadol and bring her back if it continues. The following day Sunday she is okay again...everything normal, playing, running around, eating normally. Tuesday morning, stomach pains again & extremely weak. We take ker to the Dr. and she is given a blood test, Doc is concerned and sez that her white blood cell count is very low & she has dengue fever. We rush her to hospital and she is placed on I.V. Her stomach pains are intense in the evening and she is under observation. When the Dr.s did their rounds I ask if it is indeed dengue and they say she has no symptoms and they will retest her blood. She remains on the drip. Wednesday afternoon she is taken off the drip as she seems to be getting stronger again. Her diet is normal, she is visiting the toilet normally. No other drugs at all are being administered except paracetomol for stomach pains. Thursday morning, the doctors (about 4 in the group doing rounds) say they still can't confirm its dengue, stomach pains could be due to liver (???). She doesn't feel like eating much and says her tummy hurts after she eats. She is no longer on the drip since Wed. afternoon. 11a m Thurs. morning she suffers excruciating cramp in her upper thigh and then goes into shock. Doctors work to stabilize her then move her to I.C.U. By 1pm She is normal again, talking, eating and drinking. In ICU we are told she may have pneumonia, an xray shows some cloudyness near lungs. Doc informs us that they will do a procedure to withdraw fluid to chk. She is blood tested again and we are told she needs plasma, etc before they can go ahead. My daughter is given plasma etc and then undergoes procedure about 10pm thurs night. She is still talking to us but is in a lot of pain. The surgeon shows us the fluid that has been withdrawn and sez it is not as expected...there is blood. My daughter dies two hours later. We are told that her veins collapsed and that she was bleeding internally as the blood products she had been receiving were not having the effects the Dr. wanted.
They still cannot confirm it is dengue.
Was it a mistake to have taken her off the drip too soon??. We were told to return 2 weeks after her death for results of a blood test to confirm cause of death as dengue.. but the bloods were accidently thrown out. death cert says septic shock. We refused a post mortem as they said they had her blood samples and could test them instead.

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