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Convincing a Doctor

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 25, 2007
  • 04:48 AM

My problem started when I hit puberty and gained weight. I had always been a thinner child and was very active so my eating habits had not changed. The weight gain bothered my grandmother who was very controlling and she harassed me constantly about the weight. I was not obese just slightly overweight. I struggled with the weight all through jr high and high school with various levels of success but really gained weight my senior year. Not too long after I graduated and went to college the other troubling symptom started... irregular periods. I had started my period at 11 and had not had any problems up to then so I thought I might be pregnant, a negitive test proved that wrong and my period started a couple of weeks later. I got married at 20 and I hoped that I would get pregnant right away, when that did not happen I started to get worried. I 20 yo kid should get pregnant from looking at someone right? I went to my family doctor who told me to just wait since most women get pregnant within a year. I was still having irregular periods and my weight had ballooned.I also noticed that I had a higher than usual amount of facial hair that I would take care of with waxing or tweezing. She just seemed to be treating my symptoms and not looking at the whole picture. For example, when I had routine bloodwork I was scolded for having high tryglycerides (a symptom of my future diagnosis) and my grandmother yelled at me since I have a family history of diabetes (another clue) and she did not want me to get this horrible disease. I went to the local library one day and read a book about infertility, learning about a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome. It discribed my symptoms to a tee. I went to the doctor with this since the book said that the condition can be treated with diabetic medication. The doctor said that she wanted me to wait just a little longer to see if I would get pregnant. This was after 2 year of marriage and no baby! I was divorced at 23 and began to try to lose weight with some success. As the years passed, I noticed the irregular periods would improve with the weight loss. When I was 29 I had a horrible bleeding episode where I bled for about 6 weeks straight, ending up in the hospital. I thought for sure that I would get medication then but I was just placed on 10 days of provera to make me stop bleeding. I was able to lose weight but would get to a point and could not go any further. I remarried and my husband and I wanted to wait for me to lose more weight to have children. It did not happen and I explained my condition, he was skeptical but listened. We finally saw a television show about a woman with pcos and he finally believed. A few months later I found a doctor who prescribed metformin and I believe now that I am on the right track now. We are finally trying to have children and I believe that we will have success soon. I think my problem was a combination of a doctor believing that obesity is just a social or willpower problem and not having medical insurance. If she had looked at the entire picture (high tyglycerides, obesity, infertility, irregular periods and facial hair) she would have seen immediatly that I needed help.

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