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continuation...Dr's wont go the extra mile

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  • Posted By: memaw5
  • May 10, 2009
  • 07:57 PM

Now we come to this past hospital visit. There has been some changes at our hospital this past year thats not sitting too well with ,most folks. Your Dr. can admit you, but the only Dr. you will see is a "Hospitalist"...I'll explain that below....they know nothing about you, YIKES, well, this go round, mom has a blood clot in her leg, and has fluid in the lower right lobe...you know, remember the pain on her right side under the lower rib...oh yeah...that was a heart attack....my bad! Mom looks near death now and they do the procedure to remove the fluid, which they say looked clear so maybe its not her CA....of course the results arnt in yet..so lets just guess. Then yesterday morning they put a filter in to help stop the clot from traveling. It would have been very nice of the nursing staff if they had put on the chart moms allergy to iodine. luckily I caught it at the last min because the physician doing the procedure was to be notified 12 hours in advance so mom could be treated, so she wouldnt have a reaction. so now would they be able to do it or would she have to wait...it worked out she was given the med and after monitering the procedure went fine. A mild allergic reaction one time to this iodine could be the equivalent of a pennicillen allergy reaction. I could have lost her.... well I just picked up the phone and called the front desk "I want to file a complaint, who is the highest person I can go to?" The CEO is where I went...all the way to the top. Of course they were on our side, and I truly believe that they were glad that I stepped forward so that hopefully none of the crap would happen to anyone else. I felt pretty darn good, except for mom....especially when I caught her nurse giving her the wrong meds. The whole time she had been in there she was getting the wrong meds. One she was allergic to (antihistamine) that explained the terrible thirst and tight dry throat that they shrugged off as nothing. Well this horrified the upper folks and had her hospitalist call in moms CA Dr., a neurologist for her muscle weakness. right before that when Dr. Hospitalist came in to tell us that they had given her too many fluids. I told him mom had also been given the wrong medicine and he talks so fast and knows everything, you know, so I said,"If you would just stop talking for a minute I'll explain this to you so you will understand!" The home visiting nurse who thought she might have the blood clot was given moms updated med list from PT (all from same hospital) and she faxed it to the hosp upon moms admittance....of course I brought all of her medicine bottles and they took all the info down. IF they had compared the two and noticed the discrepancies they might have thought to question it, but they made the decision to go by the home visit nurses list...which unfortunatly was never updated by the last PT that came out or put into their computer one.........................Well this morning it was decided that mom could be discharged to physical therapy but did not meet the requirements for Warm Springs....couldnt go fast enough...so they put her in the finest nursing home in town for therapy...if that doesnt work...she will reside there. I saw her later after signing a million documents............she was hallucinating..........guess someone forgot to give her her night time pill...I didnt stay last night :(, this is now day 3 and she thinks she walked to my house last night. Apparently she had been off of it for a few days and it will take time to get back into her system. Ok.....looks like me and the hospital are not through yet!
here are some medical conditions that have the same or almost the same symtems she has:
PPS-Post Polio Syndrome
Myasthenia Gravis
Parkinsons Disease
Ritoxin (severe side effects) now I was with mom the day he gave her the ritoxon and he never once mentioned the side effects that could come along with it. She had a reaction during the procedure, they stopped it and then later finished it. She had a weak immune system at that time.
She was in 100% remission, that's what mom called it but actually I think the blood test were normal. The cancer may be there still.
** I don't know if the FDA has approved Ritoxin for CLL yet. If anyone could tell me I would truly appreciate it.
** Can you have too much iodine in your system (from tests, etc.)
Things going on with her now:
RLS, had for yesrs
1 month ago she was walking with a cane and a walker...now she cam't walk or feed herself and is in a wheelerchair and hospital bed.
shingles twice, once recently
Polio age 8
Total hip replacement
Of anyone has any ideas or suggestions...or thoughts, please reply....I am very worried and I will do the legwork if I have to......
Please assist me by adding citations to sources of medical facts, except for matters of personal experience.

Thank you so much

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