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Confusion, loss of concentration, paranoia

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  • Posted By: AuntieV
  • March 9, 2007
  • 07:06 PM

When I started a 700 mile driving trip at 4:00 a.m., I only drove 2 hours when I had a very strange time trying to concentrate and understand the highway. I pulled over in a rest stop and was very anxious about not being able to drive the next 550 miles, I wanted to go back, but didn't want to do that either. I am single and have driven many times solo. I tried to close my eyes and sleep and the noises outside the car bothered me and I thought someone may try to break in and hurt me. I was quite paranoid. I finally did get out and got some juice and tried to calm down because I knew no one could help me. I started driving again and was ok for maybe another half hour and had to pull over to a gas station. I used the restroom and then seemed to be oblivious of where I was. I could not tell how long I was in the restroom. I thought I heard a robbery going on and "hid" in the restroom until I thought I heard "normal" talking and business. Of course, I came out and nothing was wrong. This was the first time that happened and has not happened again. It was VERY scarey. I went for a Dr. visit to a new GP I had never seen in my new town and told my story. I talked to her for 15-25 minutes about a few different things. She sent me for an ultrasound to see if I had a mini-TIA. I tried to call later and talk to her and ask what else she thought might lead her to this other than my story. I could only get her receptionist. I had an episode at 4:00 a.m. of chest pain that travelled up to my right ear with a BP of 84/49 and asked if this may be the wrong test for me. The receptionist still would not let me talk to the Dr. She said "The doctor will tell you the same thing." AFter the 500.00 office visit and the 500.00 test-all came out fine. My BP is normally low-but this was the first time I took my BP while having the chest pain. I was told my cholesterol was high but they did not tell me LDL or HDL count. Diabetes test-negative. Protein a little high and white blood count low. Any Ideas? :confused: (Besides get a new doctor) This "mental" gap really bothered me. Anxiety?

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  • Were you tired when you had the episode while driving? Sometimes this can cause anxiety, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. One can "work themselves up" sometimes, over nothing other than the imagination getting away. Why and how do you take your own blood pressure? Have you been advised in the past to check it, like those with high blood pressure? I also have low blood pressure, I have never been asked to monitor it. I would not worry further about it unless you feel your are having further trouble with anxiety. The doctor could prescribe something for that. The fact that you are taking your blood pressure so often seems quite neurotic. Try to relax!
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