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Coeliac Diagnosis

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  • January 24, 2007
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My surgeon told me that I am a coeliac after a boipsy. After 3 months on a GF diet I did't feel any better. I went to see my GP and he feels that I might not be a coeliac. My blood tests are negative. But the biopsy suggested that I was. My GP feels that my surgeon was being conservaztive. I am so confused. Has this happened to anyone else. I thought you either a coeliac or your not. I would be grateful for anyones help.

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  • There are five degrees of Celiac, measured from 0-4. 0 is considered "abnormal" 4 is considered "unrepairable."This is based on the height and depth of the villae in the small intesntines. By definition, Celiac is the condition of the intestines caused by gluten sensitivity. So technically, it is only diagnosed by biopsy because the definition of the disease is the state of the intestines (and the blood test only hints at that indirectly by measuring the level of stress vs. gluten in the body at that moment in time).The blood test WILL be negative if you haven't eaten gluten in a while, or haven't eaten much. Low IGA levels can also result in a false negative. A lot of doctors also reject many blood tests as negative that fit the definition of an immune system response to the protein because "its only minor." That isn't true at all. Even minor cases of untreated gluten intolerence double the mortality rate and increase cancer risk.You say you were on the diet for 3 months with no improvement. It is estimated that about 30% of the people attempting to follow the diet continue to consume some amount of gluten and even 1 mg / day has been shown to prevent healing. Food producers don't have to list rye and barley that is used in other ingredients, such as "natural flavorings". Wheat is also often unlisted in spices and flavorings when it is used to keep the contents free flowing. Hydrolized vegetable protein? Well, which vegetable? You can pretty much forget "broth" and "binder" or finding out what country the citric acid was produced in (China only makes it from wheat, but U.S. standards don't allow U.S. manufacturers to do that - but they can buy citric acid from China.) The number of places it can hide is literally scary. Cross contamination from wooden spoons, mixing bowls, or cutting boards can happen long after they've been used with gluten. At least one doctor has established the existance of reactions in people who are around cooking and/or baking that involves wheat (working in a restuarant, mill, or bakery isn't a good idea).Actually, 3 months is pretty much the withdrawl period. Gluten, when partially digested, creates a chemical similar to morphine and exorphins naturally released during exercise. Personally, I noticed improvement immediately but it was replaced by a new type of discomfort - and a lot of anxiety from now knowing what I was eating and how it would affect me. Some people say 6 months or 1 year is how long it took for them to feel completely better. I'm at 10 months and its quite a rocky road. I can at least tell when I've eaten something bad, but since it sets in 4-12 hours later, its hard to tell exactly what it was that got me.It is also possible that you have a non-gluten food intolerence. This one isn't in the medical books so good luck getting any doctor to consider it. But gluten isn't the only plant protein that people have claimed to have identical reactions to. Soy, rice, milk, potatos, and corn have all be linked to what is traditionally thought of a Celiac - a gluten specific condition. Many people who have Celiac also develop a temporary secondary intolerence. About 50% develop one to milk, many doctors say you shouldn't drink milk or eat soy for at least the 6 months following the start of the gluten-free diet.
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