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Close Call

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  • Posted By: mdeliziea
  • September 15, 2007
  • 08:31 PM

About 4 years ago I had a very close call with Necrotizing Faciitis.The day after Mothers day 2003 I awoke to find that my left thigh was somewhat swollen and in quite a bit of pain.I chalked it up to sleeping wrong and went on to work(I was a two year old daycare teacher at the time).The following day my yougest daughter(1 out of seven) woke up sick my leg was hurting worse than the day before ,so I took the day off and both of us went to the emergency room.The doctor there asked me if I had been bitten of cut myself on any sharp metal objects my answer was no.Thwy proceeded to give me a tetnus shot take some blood(for testing) and give me some percoset for pain.I accepted the diagnoses and went back to my job the following day.The pain did not subside but instead got worse I pushed myself to get up and go each morning for about 4 days, then it became unbearable so I made a return visit to the emergency room.This time they took some x-rays, took more blood asked me the same questions(got the same answers) and up my dose of percocets from 5's to 10's and sent me home saying mabey I had pulled a muscle.The very next day I was unable to put any weight on my left leg I stayed in bed and hoped that the pain would pass.The following day I went back to the emergency room they said there was nothing that they could see wrong with me and they proceeded to send me to a private doctor, by now I was unable to get up or walk without the assistance of my husband.I went to the doctor the following week had more blood took( by his staff) and had the same questions asked only this doctor never even turned to look at me the whole time I was in the room he was loking at my file he never checked me physically or even made eye contact with me.What he did do was tell me they would look at my lab results and contact me if needed then he perscribed me a stronger pain med I belive Lortabs and sent me home.I forgot to mention that every time I was seen I was asked if I had been given a mri( no I hadn't) but no one would give me one.To make a long story short(to late I'm sure ha..ha..)I went to 3 more emergency rooms and 2 more private doctors all of them said I needed a mri none of them gave me one, all of them took blood no one caugh the fact that my white blood cell count was of the charts,all of them told me the pain was in my head ,but they keep increaseing my pain meds.Finally I went to a hospital that was 2 hours away from my house where by the grace of God a surgeon that was passing by my room on his way out of the hospital stepped in a diagnosed me by sight had them take me to emergency surgery and consequently saved my life.I had 9 surgeries and was in intensive care for 2 months,they said my leg would take 3 years to heal I was up and about in 6 months.Well gotta go will write more later.

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