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child with multiple problems

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  • May 25, 2007
  • 04:11 PM

My 8 year old grandson has had a difficult life and many medical and emotional issues. He lives with me. I have only just gained permanent guardianship of him, though I've been his primary caregiver most of his life. Anyway, he has psychiatric diagnoses of ADHD, oppositional defiance, and probably reactive attachment disorder. He also has chronic constipation and abdominal pain, which has been labeled psychosomatic, after multiple endoscopies. He has had problems with urinary frequency for the past couple of years, which the urologist says is probably due to the chronic constipation and stress, as he can find no physical cause. He did have undescended testicles and a too-small urethra, which were corrected when he was 3 years old.
I am writing this to get any opinions on a possible physical or emotional cause for "atypical asthma" symptoms and chronic upper respiratory infections. He has had respiratory problems for several years and has been seeing a pulmonologist, who says his asthma is not due to allergies or poor immune symptom. He has had problems with constant runny or stuffy nose (rhinitis) so was referred to an ENT recently, who did several sinus MRIs and said his frontal sinuses were never draining. He had his tonsils and adenoids taken out to facilitate drainage, which did work. His frontal sinuses are now draining. However, he still has the same problem with chronic rhinitis and constant throat clearing. The pulcomologist is now going to test him for cystic fibrosis but he doesn't really feel that he has that. If not, he is going to suggest a bronchoscopy to rule out other causes.
My grandson takes multiple medications - Metadate for ADHD, Prilosec for abdominal pain, Myrolax for constipation, Zyrtec, Singulair, Sudafed PE (OTC), Flonase, Flovent. When he's having episodes of respiratory problems the Flovent dosage is increased and we add nebulizers with Xeponex and Iapatropium. He is often also put on antibiotics due to frequent ear infections, bronchitis, sinus infections, etc.
He is also obese. He is 4 feet tall and weighs 86 pounds. He very rarely gets sugar, but he has a big appetite, which I have trouble controlling. His emotional problems cause him to feel that I am "just being mean and don't care" when I tell him he has had enough to eat and is still complaining of hunger. I stick to my guns, but I need to cut him off sooner, I think. This is very difficult with his insatiable appetite. I think he eats to make himself feel better, as I think that he suffers from chronic depression. By the way, he is seeing a therapist(s) for several years now. However, his therapist keeps changing because he is on Medicaid and as soon as one therapist starts to make progress with him and he shows a little improvement, he is considered to no longer need therapy and is taken off. I then have to fight for several weeks or months to get him back on and it is never the same therapist. Therefore, he has to keep re-establishing a therapeutic relationship with each one. He has reached the point that he's getting little out of therapy because he has a hard time trusting that he will continue to see the therapist and so doesn't want to give his trust to any one of them (wonder why!?).
I know I've mentioned a lot here, but any suggestions on any of the above problems would be appreciated.
He misses a lot of school due to all of the above problems.
Thanks from Grandma at the end of her rope.

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  • Yes, NAET is very good, and would really help your grandson I think...however it is sometimes expensive - www.naet.com to find a practitioner near you - depending on where you live this may be available. It is noninvasive and very effective, as EATaFruit said. Reiki is very good, and also look into a treatment called Cranial Sacral Therapy - this is very good for children and is gentle and relaxing. Very helpful for ADHD and behavior problems. I would also recommend a homeopathic or naturopathic doctor who may be better able to get to the root cause of his problems. I believe they are related to food intolerance/allergies - Western allergists and docs just don't address this problem effectively in my opinion. That is also why NAET is such an effective treatment - it is the only treatment that will actually reverse an allergy. You poor grandson is not going to get better with all the medications he is taking -they are NOT addressing the cause of his problems, and are only treating symptoms...you are right his immune system is completely shot, and he needs to get this boosted. Please give him a good quality PROBIOTIC to help with his constipation and digestion issues -this will in turn help rebuild his intestinal flora and boost his immunity. You can find a PROBIOTIC at any healthfood store - Jarrow makes a good one, and there are chewable ones for kids...try to get a brand that contains several strains of beneficial bacteria, not just acidophilus. Please visit www.drugs.com and click on the drug interactions checker - type in ALL the meds he is currently taking to check for interactions. Also, look up each drug individually so you are informed of the possible side effects - Doctors just aren't thorough with this and we all must be educated consumers when it comes to the pharmaceuticals we are prescribed. That must be incredibly frustrating dealing with Medicaid and the therapy options. I really feel that his emotional problems may stem from either nutritional deficiencies or food/nutritional allergies/intolerances...please look into this and consider an alternative, more holistic approach to treating your grandson's illness. Best wishesDOM
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  • He feels awful and ugly, so of course he will have psychiatric problems. Was his mother perhaps an alcoholic?This here famous medical doctor says we all tend to have a lack of water and salt. Please read http://www.phenomenews.com/nov2005/0a.htm - try to get Trocomare salt by Dr A. Vogel of Switzerland, in the place of "smooth flowing" salt. Interesting story and cheap to try. This may be why marathon runners are so addicted to their running, they take plenty water and salt. My mom and I have only now tried this for some days, it works very well already.Of course boost his immune system all you can, perhaps you already do. Add Vitamin-B12 (complex), Omega-3 (salmon oil / flax seed oil) and of Vitamin-C up to 1000 mg (slow release) per day. If he gets supplements already, be sure not to overdo it. But we can take quite a lot of Vitamin-C and even tablespoons full of Omega-3. The best Omega-3 is kept in a freezer in the health shop, not in caps. Even cancer can be fixed by taking flax seed oil, see http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Budwig.html as well as http://www.beckwithfamily.com/Flax1.html - I find the oil is best taken with chunky cottage cheese.BEWARE a high fibre diet for constipation, this can CAUSE constipation if the fibre is not fermented - which it seldom is in Western society. Instead, give him large amounts of cooked butternut, flavoured with butter and salt / sugar. Avoid heated cooking oil (cook veggies in water and flavour with unheated extra virgin olive oil) and avoid processed foods (containing hydrogenated vegetable fat, aspartame, additives etc). No margarine please, use real butter. Easy on the sugar, and NO artificial sweeteners. Be sure to include cabbage (lots) and garlic. Milk is funny: some can only tolerate organic milk while others only sterilized (long life) milk.A one-day fast is useful: Overcook baby marrows and cabbage in water, then save this water and discard the rest. Flavour with Trocomare salt. This brew can be kept in the fridge for a day. It is very nutritious, makes one feel great. Give him only this for a day, plus supplements and plenty water. It gives our organs a chance to reset. Try to get his support for these experiments. He should take careful note of how it makes him feel, so that methods can be found.He gives trust to nobody as he considers them all enemies. They want him different merely to suit their society, in a callous way, not because they care a hoot for him. This is usually true, therapists and teachers can't get personally involved, and usually work for authorities who demand outcomes. Their clients really get to be treated like farm animals - nobody is fooled. You could actually complain to him about some of this, cry and rage a little about "them", show humanity, be an equal, ask for some secrecy about visiting alternative doctors (we live in a dangerous world) - convince him you are a caring friend, and you need his help for you to try and help him. Without a positive motivation to live, he will only get worse. Don't allow any errors (go postal as needed) but also seduce him into feeling valuable. Alternative therapists can help a lot with this aspect too.I'm impressed with a site http://www.westonaprice.org/sitemap.html - be sure to read this one: www.westonaprice.org/soy/complaints.html whole page (!) and elsewhere http://thyroid.about.com/cs/soyinfo/a/soy.htm .. There is a lot of soy in commercial bread, and in almost everything. Since baking our own bread my family now has far less trouble (and nice real bread).I wish you "moed, blymoedigheid en kalmte van gees" - courage, good cheer and calmness of mind.
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  • there are salient questions elsewhere in this thread.it would be helpful if you could answer them.----i need to know more about this child if i am to help.------in particular,and for a start,please tell me;1.what are his relationships with other children like?--2.what is his school work like/are there any difficulties??----3.for instance,can he tell the time?---can he structure his time?----4 are there difficulties with money calculations?----5.does he have a fondness for lists?-----bear in mind that i can not see him,it would help me to knowsome facts about his physical appearance.----6.his obesity aside,is he slight of bone structure?in particular,is his head on the small side?does he have a small jaw?pointed chin?small upturned nose with a low bridge? thin upper lip?is the upper lip normal in appearance,with philtrum present and correct?,are there any fingernail irregularities,especially with reference to the nails on his little fingers?-------have there been dental difficulties,perhaps an underbite,maybe small teeth with thin enamel?-------in terms of his behaviour,(7).does he seem to require repeated instructions?-----8.have there been problems associated with lying?-----9.is he subject to fits of rage?10.is he relatively,perhaps surprisingly,indifferent to correction,shrugging off an admonition which would perhaps have made another child upset and thoughtful for long enough for him to reconsider his ways? -----theres ten questions.i hope it is not too much.no promises here,but if you can bring yourself to reply,at very least we may be able to eliminate something,and that will be a step in the right direction!go on!it is only ten things!
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  • What the above person is saying is that most Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder cases are in reality Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. The doctors can't be certain without expensive tests, and don't want to offend the mothers, so they say it is ADHD. Please read www.faslink.org/stephen%20Neafcy.htm and www.faslink.org/ResultsPrenatalAlcohol.htm - if only to see what a tragedy this is. I agree it is happening far more than reported, and that even a little alcohol can do it - but I don't think this is the only reason for all such problems.Friends of mine certainly have FASD (with alcoholic mothers still alive) but they are very successful today, more so than me. They don't have all the many serious symptoms, and just slight physical signs (only making them better looking). One guy has slight heart defects, tourette syndrome, was autistic for months after birth, got seizures, had dental underbite, and most of all he still has a limited capacity for interpersonal empathy and moral judgment. For the rest he is brilliant at work. However one has to be careful, like with a tame tiger.It is said that in most cases the main result, even with a little bit of alcohol in the womb, is a "lack of conscience" - making them very effective criminals, filling the jails. They won't outgrow it, which is what the doctors falsely promise re ADHD. However we are not our brains, we just use them. And nothing is coincidence. There had to be something to gain in choosing such a life. Something worth having in spite of all the problems. I know they have something I don't have, that's why I'm involved with them.It can be worse of course. My country has the highest crime rate in the world - many absurd, violent, incomprehensible crimes - probably due to easy alcohol, and zero info regarding that to pregnant mothers .. Anyway, perhaps all this doesn't apply to your grandson? I was much like him at that age too, yet my mom hates the taste of alcohol.
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  • cks,You haven't responded - wondering how you are doing and just wanted you to know I am concerned for you both and hoping you will take in some of the responses and send us an update. DOM
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  • i had not presupposed f.a.s. in this case.;a.d.h.d is multifactorial,as are most conditions.had i wished to make such a bald,and unhelpful statement ,i would have done so. this site exists for considering diagnosis,and its attendant problems,among which ,presupposition,and rushing to judgement loom large.i had hoped to introduce a more scientific,empirical approach in this case,in which facts could be sought and considered.why this had to be subject to veto is beyond me.it cant,surely,be simply the case that somebody recognised a pattern and wanted to show off?------------i agree that lack of conscience is advantageous in many circumstances.this is something which is beginning to be difficult to ignore in british politics,and it has always been highly visible in business circles.if it is thought to be such a good thing,perhaps we should reconsider advice to pregnant women regarding alcohol.we would have to sacrifice the idea of schooling altogether ,of course,and the law would have to be re- written,perhaps with"i dunno, i just felt like doing it."as an absolute defence.and the law on drink driving put into reverse,with"driving while sober "the new offence.no one after all would mind anyone else being injured,of course,.slavery could be reintroduced,after all,no one could see why not,and rape could have its own satellite channel. ----looking foreward to thse exciting new developments ?-----mankind would have to be redefined,maybe as "***o bibens" or "***o stupens"---you heard it here first.-----perhaps the most fascinating proposal ,however,is the suggestion that the brain is a mere servant of personality.what evidence is available for this idea?
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  • Sorry I haven't responded for so long. I haven't been feeling well (see my posts "shaking away" and "still shaking away"), but a little better now and able to type. I will try to respond to everybody, but maybe not consecutively.By the way, I didn't mean to start any wars! I'm willing to hear any and all suggestions. I'll decide what to do with them. Please don't offense or defense with each other. I appreciate all input.1. To answer the most prevailing question, as far as I know, there was little or no alcohol use during the pregnancy. However, my daughter did use crystal meth and ectasy before and after the pregancy. She denies any use during - but who knows? She also smoked and still does. 2. My grandson does seem to have some lack of conscience, but not consistently. Sometimes he thinks when someone gets hurts it's funny, and other times he may cry and feel very bad over something most people wouldn't think much about. I've been trying to teach him to distinguish better. He almost seems to have limited grasp of reality when it comes to empathy. But, where things concern him, he is very reactive to any and all things. He gets his feelings furt extremely easily. Sometimes I can't even figure out what I did or didn't do! He also takes as a personal assault any unexpected touching. For instance, if you walk passed him and accidently touch his arm, he will react as if you deliberately hit him! He's not as bad about this as he used to be, as I have really worked ******n trying to make him understand the difference between an attack and an accident, etc.3. As for friends, he says he has many friends at school. However, my feeling is that he really doesn't. He tells me nobody will play with him. He often cries and says he had a bad day at school because somebody said they would play with him and then didn't. He used to be a bully (in first grade) and always in trouble for being mean to other kids. When I would question him, the bottom line usually seemed to be that the other kid wouldn't play with him. This past school year (second grade), he has not been in trouble for bullying, but has complained many times to me about the other kids bullying him. The strange thing is that he either doesn't tell any school staff or he says he tries to tell and they don't listen. I don't understand what goes on at school, as his stories are so conflicting. I have talked with his second grade teacher, and she says he does have trouble with social interactions, but mostly because he is loud and unpredictable and the other kids are put off by this.4. That brings me to his nonsense noises and screeching. I don't know exactly how this manifests at school, but at home, he frequently makes loud nonsense noises or just screeches/screams, etc. Many times it seems to have no reason or purpose to it. Sometimes it is because he has very low tolerance for frustration and gets upset about the smallest things that might happen. And he always blames other people or objects for whatever frustrates him. He often has fits of rage and I often have difficulty figuring out what set him off. He definitely has problems with lying also.He does seem to shrug off admonitions. Consequently, I have to keep changing them. He seems to become "immune" to whatever I'm using as his consequences, and I have to change them. Sometimes making a change will have a short-term effect on his behavior, but sometimes he just acts like he still doesn't care.5. As far as school work, he had a lot of trouble in kindergarden and first grade, but he has done pretty well in second grade, mostly "B" averages. He is having trouble learning to tell time, as he can't seem to distinguish which hand is which. When you ask about structuring time, I assume you're asking if he can make plans as to how to accomplish the things he needs to do in a the time he has? He cannot do this at all. Even though he has learned about time at school and he has some concept of what it means that he has, say, 30 minutes to do something, he seems to still have no reall concept of that. Even something that is important to him he will let get away because he doesn't manage his time effectively. He then becomes angry and says it's my fault, whether I remind him or not. He has similar problems with money calculations.6. He doesn't make lists as a general rule. However, he does have a fondness for putting things in particular order, such as lining up similar toys, etc. I know this can be a sign as Asperberger's (sp?) syndrome, as well as his nonsense noises, social problems, etc. I have asked his psychiatrist about it and he says absolutely not because he makes eye contact. The funny thing is that he didn't make eye contact when he was younger. In fact, the school councellor suggested Asperger's when he was in first grade and that is why I talked to the psychiatrist. He does need to be told over and over what to do. Even things that he knows are routine, such as putting dirty clothes in the basket, etc., he fails to do. When I tell him to get it done, he says I didn't tell him to. I tell him every time he dresses. I can't tell if this is truly inability to remember or just defiance. However, I do know that, even at the age of 8, he is not able to follow a list of more than about 3-4 things to do. Depending on how long these things take, the list may be shorter. 7. Physical appearance - the answers are mostly "no." He, in fact, has a large bone structure. Until recently, he seemed to need to grow into his head because it was so big. His head is asymmetrical from being left in the crib as a baby. He had developed torticollus (sp?) and had to have physical therapy to be able to move his neck properly. I guess his head and face will always be a slightly lopsided. He does have a very small, slightly upturned nose. I have been told that he will need braces, as his teeth are coming in very crooked. No dentist has mentioned anything about the enamel on his teeth being inadequate. His fingernails appear normal to me. He does have a "trigger finger" on the right little finger, which the hand specialist says is from the tendon not being attached. The odd thing is that his left little finger has been normal until recently, and now it is started to bend like the right one. I'm going to have that looked at.8. Interestingly, and I know this wasn't asked, but he seems to have some type of hearing problem. He seems to distort sounds. He knows he heard something but often misinterprets it. He often asks for a repeat of what someone says. This gets him in trouble at school and some other places and he becomes very enraged when people refuse to keep repeating what they say. I get very frustrated myself, but when I ask him to repeat what I said he will say something that sounds similar but is obviously not right and he's obviously confused, as many times what he says he heard makes no sense. I have had his hearing tested 3 times and always normal. The doctor has concluded that he does this for attention. I have my doubts about that. He also is very sensitive to loud or irritating noises. I heard of a disorder called hyperaccusis (sp?), but haven't been able to get him tested for this. The doctor says there is nothing that can be done about it anyway, and there are very places that test for it, so she doesn't see any point in checking it out. I know I haven't addressed everything, but must go now, will try to get back and address more comments and questions soon.Thanks everyone for your input.Grandma
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  • Dear-Regardless of the overwhelming circunstances around him during gestation and his first years- I think NAET can be of some help. The results varies from person to person- but if you find the right doctor- someone who is multifaceted- who knows naturopathy, NAET- Oriental Medicine, JMT or Emotional Freedom Technique and/or also Reiki, your grandson should experience progress and well being.In some aspects, he acts a lot like my nephew. He was diagnosed with ADD, ADHD- he makes weird noises and no one wants to play with him. I do feel like it has a lot to do with the mother and something emotional/allergies, not just the drugs. Because my cousin does not do drugs- but she has so much anger and dislike for herself and others. She can also be very violent and verbally abusive- even when she tries to provide all material stuff to her children.The profiles of both boys show a bit of "autism" - but I believe that two people can't possibly have the same dis-ease.I know children like them have a lot of food triggered moments of hysteria. It has a lot to do with sugar, yellow #5, corn syrup, sodas, msg, wheat- etc. Also milk and juice have been linked to children's vilent/negative behavior.Of course, he needs to get the right nutrients- so improvements and changes in diet should be supervised by a highly qualified holistic doctor.But you don't need a doctor's note to cut back on cookies and add more raw leafy greens to his diet.Some hospitals have Reiki volunteers- try finding someone who could do Reiki for free in your area- so you can try it.May you be well and free from suffering and fear.Best.Fruity.
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  • Your always talking about NAET, do you make commisions on this or what????
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  • Your always talking about NAET, do you make commisions on this or what????Yes dear- I am into treatments- treatments that bring positive results- that's all.I think we would all love solutions, not just drugs to supress symptoms, especially if the treatment is cheaper than prescriptions and side effects.
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  • Your always talking about NAET, do you make commisions on this or what????I just noticed that I talk about many things- I talk about sugar, aspartame, msg, yellow #5, formaldehyde, emotions, etc.I wonder what your opinion is on NAET- :D or alternative treatments.
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  • Dear Friends,Thank you for your input. I will attempt to address the remainder of comments and questions at this time.I am curious about the person who asked the "ten questions." Did I answer them appropriately? Did we eliminate what you were thinking of. Might I ask what it was?As for NAET - I'm not familiar with this. My grandson has been seeing chiropractor for his neck pain - due to twisted vertibrae in his neck from being left in the crib all the time. He is doing better with that. However, the chiropractor does not seem willing to treat anything else I have talked with him about, even though he advertises in his office that he does nutrition councelling, and addresses emotional issues, etc. He is treating him free of charge due to my inability to pay and this may be why he is only willing to treat what he considers the most important, or perhaps, easily treated problem. I could check into anybody offering NAET free - as I am sure Medicaid will not cover it - if you tell me what to look for in the yellow pages. Also, Reiki and cranial sacral therapy are things I've heard of but know little about. I could check into anybody offering Reiki free also. I did some cranial sacral therapy myself for a short time, but the practitioner left the area and I'm pretty sure there are no others here. I did benefit from it during treatment but the benefit was gone as soon as the practitioner was.Nutrition is something I have tried very hard to work on with my grandson. He has an insatiable appetite and is very picky about what he will eat, often won't try something if he doesn't like it's appearance. I do try to emphasize veggies, especially uncooked ones, but he will hardly ever eat leafy greens. You talked about yellow #5 (?), msg, wheat, sugar, soda, milk, juice. He rarely has any of these things, except I'm not familiar with yellow #5 and I don't check labels for msg. I never thought of that, but feel foolish now for not thinking of it, as much as it's been on the news. I'll start being more label-consious.There was also a comment about water and salt. I have always thought that limiting salt was healthy, but maybe that would be checking into. My grandson won't drink plain water, so I buy Propel. We are currently out of groceries -end of month, have to wait for my social security check- so we don't have any Propel bottles to check the labels. How much salt content in a drink would be healthy? I like giving him Propel because it have little sugar and if I switch him to something else, I would need to find low sugar content. I guess I'll also be checking labels for the above ingredients also. Please advise.As for supplements, I was giving him Vitamin B complex, and his gastroenterologist had a fit. He said this was very unhealthy at his age and could ruin his liver, so I stopped it. I do give him a children's multivitamin daily. I'm not very educated on all these nutrient supplements, etc., so how much is healthy for an 8 year old?Concerning fiber, the gastroenterologist has told me to put him on a high fiber diet. The best I have been able to do is raw fruit and veggies. He resists most other high fiber foods because he is very picky about the consistency of the foods and high fibers are usually not something he will even try. I'm not sure what you mean by "fermented." He absolutely won't eat cabbage or garlic. He likes margarine, but hates butter. I do cook veggies in water, not cooking oil, but I've never tried using olive oil. I give him artificial sweeteners to avoid sugar. This is bad, too? We don't eat a lot of processed foods. But, again, I will need to check labels for the things you refer to avoiding.I can't even imagine making him fast for a day!!!! He has quite an appetite and that would be a very difficult day to get through. I don't know what baby marrows are, but as I said, he hates cabbage.I agree that he trusts nobody, including me. I'm not sure that encouraging this would be a good thing though. He takes everything very seriously and I have to be cautious with what I say to him about any and all subjects. He twists things around and misunderstands quite frequently. Alternative therapies would be cost prohibitive, and I don't know where to look to find any free help. I don't believe there are any homeopathic or naturopathic doctors in my area, and I doubt Medicaid would cover them.For Probiotic therapy, I have started him on Dan Active when I can afford it. I do realize that with his use of frequent antibiotics, his immune system needs help. You mentioned some others. Are they better than Dan Active? Would they be very expensive? I never heard of jarrow. What strains of beneficial bacteria should be given?How would I look into nutritional deficiencies, food/nutrition allergies/intolerances, and more holistic approaches to his care? I will try checking into drug interactions. I did talk with his doctors and with a pharmacist about his medications and was told that he may be taking to many antihistamines, but his pulmonologist insists that he needs these. He does seem to have increased asthma/respirtory problems when I run out of and of them and can't get more right away. I check the website you suggested.Until now, my grandson's pulmonolgist has just been treating his symptoms and trying to avoid flares (unsuccessfully), but recently I have been pushing for some better answers to his respiratory problems, so he has tested him for immune disorders and says his immune system is functioning normally. He also had scratch skin testing done for allergies (not food allergies), all negative. He is now going to test him for cystic fibrosis. If that is negative, he plans to order a bronchoscopy to check for a rare inherited disease called cilia immotility syndrome. I looked this last one up on the web and it does seem to fit him in many ways. Apparently, it can even cause emotional and behavioral problems.In the mean time, I will look into the suggestions I have received and will welcome any futher input. I'll keep you posted.I hope I addressed everyone's comments/questions. If I missed any, it was not intentional. Please let me know.Thanks,Grandma
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  • To learn everything about NAET, please visit NAET.com -The listing of certified practiTioners is posted on this website. If the practitioner is not listed there- he is not certified.or also read old posts here in this message board. Use your search button (next to New Posts on the blue bar) and type NAET. So you can read comments on NAET.NAET is a mix of Oriental Medicine, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Allopathic, Energy Medicine, Chiro, etc. NAET is manually "performed" on the patient and it gives a "feed back" or "coaching" to the nervous system so it regulates itself.It is just a series of strategical tapings, acupressure, synchronized with a breathing pattern. It all sounds like quackery! Hehehe- but all my gastric problems, fatigue, rashes, swelling, hives, hay fever are gone!I have been a patient since mid February- and I am a new person. I was also very hungry all the time- apparently I was not absorbing nutrients- instead I would gain weight. I was eating way too much sugar, and it made me very excitable and lethargic.***A testimonial: "My son (age 12) has tremendous behavior problems, all of which (I believe) are associated with allergies. His symptoms since age 4 have been shiny eyes and oppositional, defiant behavior. His behavior was only present when his eyes were shiny, and I could track the shiny eyes to food allergies every time! Now since his TX to hydrogenated oil, & then to Game Boy, I know beyond any doubt that this is true. He had strong behavioral reactions for 24 hours after these were treated. He has been diagnosed with ADD, OCD, & suicidal depression. His life has been most difficult..... Today he was treated for an emotional blockage to any order/direction given by any authority figure. He felt angry, wanted to use inappropriate language, and felt like he didn't belong.) Last week Jeremy was treated for his allergy to me, his mother. It was the worst one yet affecting his brain on all three levels. Next was humidity, also affecting his brain. He has had 4 allergens now which affected his brain. I understand that is a bit unusual. His behavior is improving, though now more allergies are surfacing, and continue to cause him behavior problems. Next TX will be for animal dander - we live on a farm. I suspect he is also sensitive to his father. There have been two emotional blockages also, I suspect there may be more. The list seems endless! I just can hardly wait for the behaviors to subside. He sees a Psychiatrist, who doesn't "buy into" the NAET® theory. She isn't negative, but discounts NAET® because there is no "scientific proof". When I talk about his allergy to me, she gets a tiny smile which tells me she doesn't believe it. I can't wait to show her I'm right. She saw him the day before he was treated for me, and he was obviously looking for reasons to be angry at me. She is changing his meds because of it. And pushing for us to get counseling. I agree that would be helpful, I'm just not sure it's necessary. I see a big difference in his attitude toward me. The resistance is gone. And he actually obeys me willingly sometimes!! I have found a Chiropractor in Ann Arbor who may come with me to train for NAET®. But I still hope to get an MD from my town. Keep sending that good energy my way!! Thanks for all your help." - Faye Esch******Autism due to a Fear from the Womb?Monica was eight years old when she was brought to our clinic. This beautiful girl was born autistic. She was nonverbal, noncommunicable with no eye contact. Any little noise made her scream and hide under the table or behind a door. While she was being examined, a fire engine passed by my office and she was frightened beyond description. Through NTP (NAET® Testing Procedures) we detected a fear that had affected her while she was in the womb at eight months. Questioning her mother Sonya, it was revealed that something horrible had happened while she was expecting her during the 8th month. Sonya had gone to do some shopping at about 10 a.m. When she returned to her condominium she found many fire trucks and police cars blocking her entryway to the condominium. Her condo had burned down completely as well as the neighbors’ on both sides. The fire had started from her condo. She had left some food cooking on the stove and forgot to turn it off when she went to the market. She was so devastated about the whole thing that she became very sick and began having labor pains. She was admitted to the hospital immediately and stayed for a couple of weeks until Monica was born.Sonya’s story supported the result of NTP. It is believed that the fetus absorbed the fear and became autistic when born. We treated Monica for this fear as a first treatment and she calmed down after the treatment for fear. She continued NAET® treatments for 18 months. She is a 14-year-old, normal, beautiful girl attending a regular school now. Autistic children should be checked for all possible emotional blockages before and after birth.NAET® Specialist: Mala Moosad, R.N., L.Ac.6714 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90621(714) 523-8900. email: NAET®@earthlink.net
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  • BTW- allergy test are only 50% accurate (?) Mines were all inconclusive.My polyester triggered panic attacks were never going to be figured out by the use of conventional allergy tests.Please visit mercola.com just for interesting articles about artificial ingredients.
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  • These things about NAET are interesting. I'm a little skeptical about the 12 year old boy being "allergic" to so many things. It seems like one thing leads to another. Possibly there is more going on than this mother realizes. I will check out the website and see if this might help my grandson and is financial feasible.Thanks for the input. I went to the website about drug interactions, and could not really tell for sure, but think his medications are not interacting. Possibly the multiple medications he takes for asthma are contributing to or causing his chronic constipation, as they are very drying. Any feedback on this? Grandma
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  • Sorry for the delay. First of all, you need to understand that there are several totally different systems in medicine. In China they have entire hospitals for traditional Chinese therapy, and they do obtain results. In some Buddhist countries, university psychology studies include many mind levels that western psychologists are totally unaware of. Homeopathy is much bigger in Europe, India and here in South Africa, than it is in the USA. These systems all sometimes work, including the allopathic, while they are all make-belief (as this whole world is make-belief). The only true system is approached by Christian Science - which often fails to work, as it requires a truly great therapist. I do suggest keeping an archive of all allopathic doctors visited .. it seems these days your benevolent State easily takes command of your children, to force treatments on them.I have no problem getting help from any system. Allopathic doctors have sometimes helped, and alternative therapies have at other times cured me & mine spectacularly well. Often though, the systems don't mix, and their doctors don't like each other. Here and there a highly qualified doctor is also an alternative therapist. They all want money of course, so you need to read books, and the internet, for self-help. For example about constipation and fermented fibre at www.westonaprice.org/askdoctor/constipation.html - also useful is http://www.westonaprice.org/askdoctor/ibs.html .. The Essenes of long ago sprouted their grains for a day before baking bread with it.Another example is allergies. The doctors only define a few, based on blood tests, while other systems define thousands, based on how the aura reacts to their energies - this could be a substance, a person, a thought etc. I'm told that autism sometimes happens when there is a peculiarity in the mother's voice. By recording and filtering her voice, then playing it back to the child, such autism can be fixed. I have been blessed to witness what several alternative therapists did for me and others. We also rely heavily on homeopathic preparations from health shops, they work very well. And yet science claims there is no way they can work, as they contain not even one molecule of the original ingredients.Given your grandson's probable astrology, his picky eating shows a desire to be an authority on good taste. For this he needs guidance. He wishes to be proud of himself, and only for honourable reasons - problem is, he hasn't found a satisfying reason yet - hence eating too much. His health problems will not be easily solved by allopathic (regular) doctors, even if you had a lot of money. Therefore I recommend steering him into a natural health direction. Once he has become a bit of an expert, he could then advise others, as well and taking credit for that. He would make an impressive cook. Be sure that you have a very independent life of your own. Always invite him as an equal. Never nag him emotionally, state facts as if you are reading the news on TV, adding that it is just an opinion. Only what he decides for himself will stick - and will stick well.Asthma is a reaction against being over-mothered, and obesity shows a need for protection, in his case against trespassing. That may also be why he chose parents that didn't do much parenting - he wants to be left alone. Sinusitis is from irritation with someone close, probably you and also himself. It may show as a contradiction that he also wants company at times - but, wise or not, he doesn't want to be interfered with. Probably the less you fuss with him, the better it will go. Make sure that he has privacy, always knock - and postpone communications for appropriate times. I think his weird behaviours constitute artistic expressions. Attention deficit problems come from the fact that it is very hard to have ideas and strivings, but to have only been on earth for 8 years, and that without much useful input. Constipation comes from being unable to release the past, having nothing to move forward to.Never use artificial sweetener. Please read http://www.aspartamesafety.com/Transcript3.htm .. Once your grandson has found a reason to live, and has decided on tasty natural recipes, he then will become of normal weight - regardless of how much he eats. Dieting will be harmful and ineffective, with those conditions not met. This will even overcome allergies, as everything is make-belief. The challenge for you is, that you can't retire. To develop him you will have to develop yourself. Read books, gain more classical culture, try tastier recipes, etc. Look out for these books: "Never Be Sick Again" by Ray Francis, "Your Body Speaks Your Mind" by Deb Shapiro, and "You Can Heal Your Life" (or others) by Louise Hay. You may be surprised how soon he starts reading them. Warn him not to go on a crusade with it - crusades are not the way to win, as Mr. Bush can tell you.To see how often psychological errors are merely our unique blessings, get a book "The New Chinese Astrology" by Suzanne White. She will take your breath away, and will help your grandson immensely, if he lives long enough. He will have defiance and stress, as he is in a hurry to start living and doesn't know how. He is probably an old soul as he wants acceptance from others. You might explain that one needs something to offer. For success in business some things are required: knowing what we are doing, being set up and experienced with a system to do it, and being able to give good service. We need to soberly ask, what are we giving? Does it really help, and to whom do we give it? Do they want it? Poor or not, what he could offer is personality and knowledge. I'd say tell him this straight, like a business plan. Many books exist for failing adults - why wait until then?Sorry for the chaos, very little time, but you can email me on curlystooge at c9web.co.za if you want. Keep in mind I don't know the brands etc. in your country.
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  • with reference to "ten questions"-----thank you concerned grandmother,,for an exceptionally well observed and constructed reply.amid the fog of preconception and superstition here it is outstanding.------you must understand that f.a.s. is a coming together of signs and symptoms ,with no one indicator being necessary or decisive.------- .(while it is very helpful to know the exact history of maternal relationship with alcohol----and other drugs can be just as bad,please note,it is something which mum may want to keep to herself,very naturally,or she may not remember accurately.the situation is complicated by the fact that the amount of alcohol needed to do significant harm at the most dangerous time ,weeks six seven and eight give or take, of pregnancy,is very small indeed.) otherwise we must rely on three sorts of indication;1.facial /physical. 2neural, visible most usually as behaviour. 3.developmental. your summing up suggests lots of evidence for a positive diagnosis based on 1. (though a small cranium would be more usual,the odd shape still nags as a question.) and 2. here,but you report relatively little that could be described as appearing under 3.the random noises perhaps could be thought of as more appropriate for a much younger child,and his social isolation raises an eyebrow.perhaps we must look to general behaviour.the term "stretched toddler "is sometimes used,would it fit?if we can observe physical development more closely,we may see more .otherwise there is emotional,intellectual and behavioral immaturity to observe.are his interests"young"in the sense of being too young for his age?please observe this and reconsider his growth history for signs of slow development.if ye seek not ye shall not find!perhaps you could ask your family doctors opinion about this(and while you are about it ,since you have found one or two joint problems----these fingers----diagnostic !--ask to have his other joints examined closely for anything else out of the ordinary.might as well. i am concerned about this cranial assymetry.whose idea was this crib theory,and what evidence did he have? a caveat----bear in mind that it is early days in the history of our understanding of f.a .s./f .a.e., so many confusions are still present in the minds of many practitioners.it is common,perhaps usual ,for the condition to be misdescribed as autism,aspergers,a.d.h.d. o.d.d.and for all i know,old uncle tom cobleys syndrome as well.thats why we must stick with observation.i think fortunately that you are an ace observer,so i am quite confident that we will figure out accurately what is going on here.i am sorry to hear that you have been ill,and look forward to hearing from you.all my best wishes,"ten questions."
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  • http://www.adhdvideo.org/
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  • CKS - me again. Sorry for the bad English, no time. I forgot to mention that Vitamin-C (NOT the slow release type) is great for constipation, as a side effect. Eatafruit78 - thank you for the fine link, there are many more like this on the internet.About preconception - let me take my history as example (and no I'm not projecting): I have some cranial assymetry and had to wear braces around age 11. At 8 years old I still made random noises and heard voices (I still hear voices). I was often psychotic and taken to several white coats - none of whom I'd have wanted to become like. The local academic authorities of that time believed in severe canings, the Bible, white superiority, and fortunately not much else. You won't believe what they scientifically observed about the Black majority. About these doctors I, in turn, observed that they were more to be pitied than myself. I had no conscience as far as they were concerned. I didn't care for them as they clearly didn't care for me. Furthermore my interests were considered too young for my age. I have genetic mutations (some toes are fused together). I was large of body but considered a slow developer in every other way. I was lonely, no friends. Of course I resorted to lying and shrugged off admonition, considering whom it came from.During all that time I knew full well what I was missing in life, but could not articulate it. I was missing love, genuine humanness, and was missing the Western civilization that our brutal regime claimed to be protecting here in Africa. Nor would I have known how to respond appropriately, had I encountered it - that too was a major frustration. My sane and superstitious aunt eventually got a chance to start telling me what I was looking for and filling in the gaps. She and her friends also permanently cured my chronic respiratory and other problems, by a most impressive use of quackery. Today I have little to complain about, having fared better than many of my normal peers. I'm fairly sure I had no F.A.S.It is however a tragic fact that F.A.S. happens and is under-diagnosed. Tragic (as I said) that nobody informs mothers (especially in the third world) of this risk. And what to do then? We can hardly repeat the pregnancy. Equally tragic however, is "the insanity of normality", as Arno Gruen called it. Blind educators and psychologists who behave as if they have F.A.S. themselves, yet totally without the few endearing qualities. Against this dreadful and pointless poverty I recommend humility, open-mindedness, and a sincere investigation into spirituality - even if only as a cultural interest. I have seen F.A.S. cases (just about certain, but not too severe) improve beyond belief, after an introduction to this interest, in the same way that I myself came to life. A dead doctor who tries (through behaviourism) to train an F.A.S. sufferer into becoming a fellow dead citizen, can only destroy any hope there still might have been.What we strongly don't want to do, we effectively can't. It will not work to recommend the tired, heartless humanism we now all pursue. A core interest should rather be found and cultivated. Once there is something profound to live for, to desire, adapting becomes easier. No school or doctor is likely to nurture this, it is against their religion - they obey the laws and make the right noises, but they hate mankind. As someone once asked, "What profiteth it a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul?" Many adults believed that I had to be unwell, as they were so unwell themselves. My deluded aunt and her quack friends however presumed me to be well, and valued my friendship. They made humble and sincere efforts to seduce me into being their friend. From them I heard my name spoken with feeling and respect for the very first time. They invited me to live instead of to die - and that is why I am still here.:)
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