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Brown Recluse Bite diagnosed as Shingles

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 21, 2009
  • 11:54 AM

There IS a cure for brown recluse Spider Bites! In the fall of 2007 I suffered three brown recluse spider bites. One on the back of my arm, one near my eye, and a third on my foot. These bites seem like nothing at first then over the course of a few days become extremely inflamed and necrotic tissue can develop. For those who don't know, the brown recluse spider bite is among the most serious of spider bites. It usually causes tissue necrosis (death) resulting in huge gaping sores several inches across going down into the muscle tissue. Reports of amputations due to the bites are fairly frequent.

At first I didn't realize what the bites were. Although I will use commercial drugs, I prefer to try supplements first, due to well known drug side effects. This paid off for me big time with the bites, determining the effective diagnosis and cure as there is no cure for these bites in allopathic medicine that I am aware of after doing internet searches.

I awoke one morning with an itchy swollen eye. I tried taking a combination of curcumin, quercetin, and bromelain capsules. These three anti-inflammatory supplements worked to keep the swelling down but I had to take them frequently to keep it under control. The following afternoon, when the swelling had not gone down as quickly as I had hoped, I went to an urgent care clinic. The MD there tried to convince me that these were not bites but a case of shingles emerging and wanted me to start treatments for shingles with him. Fortunately, I disagreed with his diagnosis pointing out inconsistencies in the diagnosis, especially the lack of a rash elsewhere, and history of a previous bite. Eventually, he perscribed prednisone and Clarinex and a topical steroid.

I stopped the curcumin and bromelain and took the drugs instead. The next morning my eye was FAR WORSE nearly swollen shut! I returned to taking the curcumin and bromelain and made an appointment with an alternative medicine doc who specializes in stings and bites. He gave me an IV of Meyers cocktail (a vitamin and mineral mix) and said the severe swelling and bite would disappear in 7 hours and it did! Completely! This was no fluke. I had the same results a couple weeks later with the third bite on my foot.

I shudder to think what would have happened if I had accepted the urgent care doc's diagnosis of shingles and subsequent (mis)treatment. If the bites had not been intercepted by alternative means I could have been in really bad shape! And yes, I did find and identify brown recluse spiders in the house.

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  • You had a recluse bite on your foot for more than a week?!There is actually a very interesting alternative treatment for recluse bites:http://www.geocities.com/yosemite/forest/2021/recluse/intro.htmlI'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has exposure to this nitroglycerin patch therapy.
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  • Wow. I didn't know there was any treatment for brown recluse bites. I do know they are nasty and do cause necrosis and often chronic open wounds. I live in Ohio and they are present in my area, though not as common as in other parts of Ohio (you ought to see me when I have to go into our shed by the woods or in our little garden shed under our house. I grab what I need and throw it to the ground and inspect it before I'll pick it up. The brown recluse is not that big of a spider. I also found out there are 2 types of black widows - the northern black widow and the southern black widow - both have different markings. When I lived in SC, I used to hang my clothes to dry. Then, I came almost face to face with a southern black widow. Thankfully, we had nothing but Carolina pines in our back yard, so the grass didn't need cut there. My husband was out at sea a lot so I had to deal with ALL of the housework. Anyway, after seeing the BW in the back yard, I stopped hanging clothes back there. I have held snakes, owned and been bitten by iguanas but dang, get me within 10 feet of a spider and I freak out. (Shivering). Hope everything is working out for you!
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  • Hello.May I please get the name of the natural doctor, location, you saw about the brown recluse bite.?Pauline dpringer@cableone.net ( email me please )
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  • Brown Recluse Bite symptoms matched my symptoms precisely....however, I live in New England where we're not supposed to have any.Second misdiagnosis was MSRA and I was put on two days of intravenous broad spectrum antibiotics....and nothing happened.Finally diagnosed as Lyme and doxycycline started working WITHIN HOURS.If you live in New England, please keep asked for doxycycline even when your doctor tells you, as mine did, that my symptoms did not bear any resemblance whatsoever with LYMe....there is so much Lyme out there....Happy ending for me because I lost only 1 week and so have excellent prognosis.....but what a waste of time and money......Get doxy! it's cheap and fast acting and why isn't it given first is beyond me.
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  • Hello, I just saw an auction on Ebay for what might be a CURE for a Brown Recluse spider (BRS) bite. The auction began Dec 23, 2009 and end a few days of Jan 2010. The auction shows a BRS bite on Dec 23 and has continued updating the photos on a day to day display for the "cure". It is amazing that BRS bite is going away, so far in less than 6 days. I tried to figure out a way to search for the auction; so I came up with keywords: brown black recluse. Put these in the keywords and hit the box that says title and description. The last few photos show a date from a newspaper and so far these are all current dates. It says it is not a medical product; it just says that it will make the bite mark go away. I don't know, it looks to me that it is curing the bite right on auction! Let me know if anyone has seen this " Cure for Brown Recluse Spider Bite ". Anyway, hope this will help somebody. DeBucks.
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    • December 30, 2009
    • 10:04 PM
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  • I would like to just say that I suffered from a "verified" brown recluse bite (date of bite May 5th, 2010), which means that I presented the actual spider that bit me when seeking medical attention, there are a lot of myths and misinformation on the web regarding brown recluse envenomation. The first misinformation is that all bites will cause necrosis of tissue. This is definitely false! Necrosis by Loxoscelism is most often dependent on the host's neutrophil and platelet participation. That means NOT everyone will have necrosis! see link for more in depth info:(http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Brown+recluse+spider+bites+to+the+head:+three+cases+and+a+review-a0124261634)I happened to be one of the very few that suffered a bite on my neck (one of the rarest bite areas). My bite DID NOT involve necrosis, but I started having systemic symptoms 3 days post bite and continuing periodic symptoms at 2 weeks post bite (May 20th, 2010). I am one of the rare few that present with systemic effects from loxocelism. However, I am also one of the very few that was able to present my BR spider for positive identification."I am one of the country's experts on the misdiagnoses of brown recluse bites. Bites from recluse spiders are routinely diagnosed throughout the United States. One problem: the brown recluse doesn't LIVE throughout the United States. These wounds, when it is possible to figure out what they are, can be caused by about 30 different medical maladies including Lyme disease, tularemia, chemical burn, diabetic ulcer, pyoderma gangrenosum, bacterial infections, fungal infections (ringworm), viral infections (herpes), adverse drug reactions and thromboembolic phenomena (that cause microclotting in the blood system and hence, death of tissues) and many others." by: Rick Vetter (http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1964/how-likely-are-poisonous-spider-bites) Thanks to all that have read this post, I hope that I have been a help to at least one person!
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  • Im a nurse that has treated many many brown recluse bites. I live/work in north central florida and the little bugers seems to love cement buildings, much more active with heat--we see the most bite victims in August. They will nest in dark areas and if you see one, there are more. You can tell a brown recluse bite easily. It looks like a "volcano" area, very swollen but caved in the middle (like a volcano) , with a black or dark gray dot in the center--that is the poison core. A doctor MUST remove that core or you will re-experience symptoms of infection. When bitten the person will develop that volcano bite area and be extremely ill within 24 hours. The usual treatment is removal of that dark core and strong antibiotics.
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