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breast discharg/ facial hair/ miscarriage/ hysterectomy

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  • Posted By: ddmayx
  • October 15, 2008
  • 02:02 AM

I am 27 years old. I had my first child when i was 20.I was considered to be high risk with that pregnancy due to frequent passing out spells that they guessed was a form of seizures after a boarderline EEG. The passing out ended at the end of the pregnancy. I went back on birth control after having her. 2 years later age 22 i was having severe pain with sex and periods. Had laproscopy and sure enough endometriosis and severe scar tissue from my C section. Age 23 we decided to have a second child. My progestrone levels were not rising as they should. My dr monitored my levels and at the beginning of the 4th month the levels had risen to where they should of been.By the end of the 4th month of the pregnancy i had started spotting and was cramping very badly. My dr sent me to the ER to be checked out. After the ultrasound found out he had no cardiac activity. I was put into hard labor and vaginally delivered the next day. I was unable to deliver the placenta and had to go to surgury. There was never a reason that could be given to me for the miscarriage. 6 months after delivering i had severe pain in my right breast and a massive lump with heat. The dr decided it was an infection. A year later age 24 found out i was pregnant again. Same issue with the progestrone levels. I began progestrone suppositories for the 1st three months. Went into preterm labor 3 xs, placenta previa, and amnio leaking. Finally delivered at 37 weeks. I was unable to breast feed. Tried to but he would never get satisfied. 2 weeks after delivery he had not gained any weight and had to start supplementing. He had swallowing dysfunction, aspiration, and a hernia that required surgury when he was 4 months old. My right breast dried up overnight basically. My left is a diffrent story. My son will be 3 in Dec. I had a tubal with my c-section when he was born. So no need for birth control pills. a year after he was born i began having very long periods. I was lucky to make it 3 days in a row with out having to wear a pad or tampon. Many days i had to have both. I had to go back on birth control pills they didnt help. Had another laproscopy last year then finally resorted to a hysterectomy 5 months later the bleeding was not slowing down. All i have now is my ovaries. It has been over a year now since the hysterectomy and any birth contol pills which my dr blamed for the milky discharge out of my left breast. I have had 2 mammograms and 1 ultrasound. Both were fine.My mothers mom has had to have a masectomy due to breast cancer and so has my mothers youngest sister at age 36. Since the birth of my daughter 8 years ago i have also struggled with facial hair. To the point the facial hair will get ingrown and infected and then scar because i end up having to dig the hair out. My thyroid levels have been fine when tested. I dont know what is going on but my dr just pretty much dismisses everything at this point. I have struggled with migraines since my daughter was born in 2000. I have the migraines under control more now than ever. I need any advice on what i need to ask my dr to test or what could be causing these issues. They are disrupting my life.

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