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baffling blood work

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  • Posted By: bigred35
  • August 25, 2010
  • 04:57 AM

I've been feeling "yucky" for awhile (at least 3-4 months), and finally went for some tests, and bloodwork came back, said my white cells are down to 2 from the normal 4, platelets are also down...also having trouble with iron stores...so was told to go on iron...thyroid tests are ok I was told, all female exams came back "normal", when I expressed concern for leukemia cuz of internet research, he sid I shouldn't have done that, & that my bloodwork was fine, that my counts have been fluctuating like that, (but haven't ever been this low to date), throughout these past several years...PS this is a new doc to me who doesn't know me or my history, and I'm adopted & know nothing of family history. I have been diagnosed with severe migranes that are from auras, that I have to be on meds daily for so they don't make me black out or turn into seizures, and also have digestive disorders as well...IBS and the flap at the bottom of esophegus doesn't close...I go in for a second endoscopy next week for a re-check (second in 5 years to check it out). So...HELP!!! I'd really like a second opinion about the blood cells & not being worried about cancer....but how do I go about it and what do I do, or where do I go from here?!:confused:

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  • All right, good news first: You don't have leukemia. Although some of your symptoms could overlap with leukemia, you mention having a low white blood cell count. Leukemia patients have excessively high white blood cell counts (which actually leads to premature white blood cells displacing healthy bone marrow, leading to reduced platelets, but that's a different topic). It's more likely that something broader is affecting your blood work, and probably the rest of your body. It may sound cliched, but make sure you're eating and exercising properly, getting plenty of rest, etc. Bad news: I can't tell you any more since I don't have enough information to go off of. You mention a prior digestive condition(s), and the migranes. What's the history there? Also, you mention previous blood work. Are there any overall trends there? You mentioned the counts fluctuate. And the meds? What are you currently taking, and how long have you been taking it? Also, basic info about height/weight, any background you do know of (although in your case it may be limited to ethnicity, being adopted - I myself don't know much about my family history), any other major symptoms would be helpful for a better diagnosis.As far as "what to do next", I suggest sticking with your doctor for now (as long as things don't get worse), and seeking a second opinion if you feel that your doctor is flat-out wrong.Some less-likely causes:Mental health: Some problems can be tied to subtle mental health disorders, such as depression.The Environment: you might want to take a look around your environment for anything toxic. Every now and then you get a house that was used as a meth lab (actually happened to a distant cousin of mine) or countertops that emit radon gas, etc. Do you constantly microwave food in plastic dishes? How's the pollution where you live? Again, these are just suggestions. I'm not a medical professional, just a hobbyist.-Julia
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