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And we go to these people for help?

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  • Posted By: Amusedfall
  • January 22, 2010
  • 02:15 AM

Who knows where to start with their story? I am a single mother of four, just that is enough stress to make a person go crazy. My husband decided after 13 yrs he needed to go find HIS happy place. It just happened to be inside a chick named Jennifer..lol I have a interesting sense of humor. So now I am alone raising these children. I am not a cryer no need in feeling sorry for myself even though I now know crying isn't a weakness!! however last yr I just started crying one day and couldn't stop. It kinda freaked me out and all of the sudden the last 13 yrs caught up with me! I was so upset and tired of feeling like crap all the time that I finally relented and went to go "SEE SOMEONE" like everyone loves to tell you.
This is where my nightmare began on my second visit I got to take the mental assessment questionnaire (yay). Because I answered a question YES to sometimes I feel better than other times and overwhelmed a lot I got diagnosed with BIPOLAR. At this point I just wanted to feel better so I went with it. I started taking all these ridiculous strong drugs and got to the point where I couldn't remember my phone #. I read everything I could on Bipolar disorder and it just didn't sound like me. I asked family and friends and they agreed that I didn't have those symptoms. After 2 months on this crap I went to my next and last appt with him. I told him that I did not agree with this diagnoses and I wasn't going to take this stuff anymore. He told me that I was just in denial and that always happens in the beginning of therapy. Then he said " Well I am Bipolar and have been an alcoholic for 30 yrs" and I was in denial, I said well I'm not sure what that has to do with me? I said "I don't know if I am just over burdened by the situations in my life the past few years and my body and brain had had enough or if it might be something else, but I knew this wasn't it". I sat back a min and then I asked him " What happened to you right before you sought help and were diagnosed with Bipolar disorder?" He said " Well I went out on the porch to have some coffee and the pigeons were talking to me." I sat there for a min and then I said" Well if the ***n pigeons start talking to me I'll be back!"
I mean seriously it is such a crime that when we are down and we seek an intelligent professional for help we get this. A yr went by and I just continued to deal with everything until I went back to the Doc for one last attempt. After to listening to my story I was diagnosed with adult add. It never dawned on me because I'm not hyper so it was always overlooked and I guess I created such good cooping skills that no one ever picked on it. Whenever I would go to the doc previous to this nightmare they would just tell me that I was depressed because of the stress in my life, but I didn't feel truly depressed just fed up with not knowing why I could be so smart but never accomplish anything which made me feel like I was depressed. I mean even doing the laundry seems like I have to fight the devil to get to the washing machine..lol
What I don't understand is that when Doc's put you on meds of any kind they start you slow at the lowest dose, but they will start at the ceiling with a mental diagnoses?? and will keep you on a drug side effect roller coaster and overlook that these side effects can sometimes in fact give you symptoms you never had in the first place! I am new to this add stuff but everything I have read totally sounds like me, I used to think ADD was a title people used for their bratty kids who wouldn't listen, boy do I feel different now. I am so mad that the frustration I have always had could have been helped by something so easy to figure out. Is there anyone else that wants help but sometimes it feels like you will just get more trouble by going to "SEE SOMEONE"?

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