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"In need of immediate medical surgery!!" haha

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  • Posted By: Jason414
  • May 23, 2007
  • 09:32 PM

Wow, I got a doozy for ya.

For weeks, even months I was having bladder problems and pain in my abdomen. I saw my regular doc for two months every 2 weeks when the pain /problems did not go away. Each visit he told me "not to worry", did not perform ANY examination whatsoever, and gave me antibiotics.

Now, I know its the patient's responsibility to demand an examination, and I screwed up there, but I used to think this doctor was decent so I just took his advice.

Finally after 2 months I couldn't take it anymore. I saw another doctor (a female doctor), who DID examine me (testicles and more!) and was shocked. She said I needed IMMEDIATE HERNIA SURGERY and that it was LIFE THREATENING. Oh, and also gave me a catheder. What fun!! (Only "trace" samples of bacteria in my urine were found) The prospect of surgery of course, threw me into a panic. She said I needed it THAT DAY. After a hellish 2 hours to get to the other side of town to where the surgery was to take place, the surgeon examined me.

I was perfectly normal.


How does THAT happen?

He did refer me to a urologist and the following week I was finally given an exam and was told I had Prostatis. Was given antibiotics and although even after 2 months the symptoms were still there, it has gotten much better. I still have a few symptoms but money problems have prevented me from getting a re-check (no health insurance).

By the way the doctor who said I needed surgery was named
Lynn Stanco (stay away!!!)....

and my regular doctor was Michael VonRueden, both currently working at St. Mary's Medical Clinic in West Allis, Wisconsin.

I'm almost considering sueing their butts for emotional trauma (I have mental health problems) if I had any money.


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  • Wow, Jason, that is an insane story - sorry you went through all that!:confused: Just goes to show how beneficial it is to get a second opinion when it comes to surgery and diagnosis. Do you still have the pain in your abdomen? How is your urination currently - any burning, or irritation? Any diffculty urinating? Any problems with constipation or diarrhea? What antibiotic did they put you on? Please know that all antibiotics strip away your natural flora, and you need to be taking a PROBIOTIC, which is a product that contains healthy bacteria like acidophilus, b. bifidus, l. rhamnosus, b longum, b brevis and more. This will help rebuild your intestinal flora, which in turn will help keep your immune system strong. You can find a good PROBIOTIC at any healthfood store, or go to www.vitacost.com for good prices. Best wishesDOM
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  • Thanks for the reply.I've been doing much better lately, only occasional burning while urinating and occasional urgency. Nothing I can't handle at the moment.I did some research and noticed there is an "anxiety-triggered" Prostatis condition--and I'm pretty sure I have since it is more of a come-and-go nature of symptoms now...I've been struggling finding work and having other issues currently.Ah well. I stopped taking the antibiotics about 2 months ago so I probably don't need what you suggested, but will consider it if I ever need them again.Thanks,Jason
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  • Ah well. I stopped taking the antibiotics about 2 months ago so I probably don't need what you suggested, but will consider it if I ever need them again. Jason, I can't stress enough how important the probiotic is - even though it has been several months since you were on the antibiotic, the fact is that it has stripped away your intestinal flora. Your intestines are a very important component of your immune system...the probiotic will help rebuild your intestinal flora and will keep your immune system in check. This may also help your urinary symptoms, and will not harm your body. Also, look into Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin seed oil - these are two very helpful herbs for the prostate, and much research has been done on the efficacy of Saw palmetto and enlarged prostate... DOM
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